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Torneo de Morelia/Linares 2008

6ª Ronda : Morelia, 22-2-2008

Topalov-Anand (6)

Era una partida interesante a priori, sobre todo para Topalov, que debía forzar si no quería quedarse descolgado del jugador hindú de cara a la clasificación final del torneo.

La partida transcurrió por los cauces de la Defensa Nimzoindia, con la idea de fianchetto de Rubinstein, una de las líneas favoritas de Topalov.

Como era de esperar Anand vino bien preparado para la ocasión y aunque Veselin hizo todos los esfuerzos posibles para quedarse con la ventaja, ésta poco a poco se fue diluyendo ante el juego preciso del maestro hindú que terminó por arrancar un empate.

Anand parece muy en forma y se vislumbra como el campeón final de esta primera fase mexicana del evento.

Topalov,V (2780) - Anand,V (2799) [E20]
Morelia/Linares Morelia (6), 22.02.2008

MightyViking (IM) : Anand has won all his Black games so far. Another one today when Topa is groggy? MightyViking (IM) : 1.d4 Nc6! and Topa is in horror! :) MightyViking (IM) : It is at least equal for White. Ng5 (IM) : handshake ? Ng5 (IM) : slav Nxf7 1.d4 040 1...Cf6 043 2.c4 043 2...e6 043 3.Cc3 0422 3...Ab4 043 4.Cf3 043 4...c5 043 5.g3 0411 Ng5 (IM) : unusual from Anand 5...b6 044 Ng5 (IM) : looks interesting Ng5 (IM) : you dont play Nimzo with Anand either 6.Ag2 04153 6...Ab7 0421 7.0-0 0475 7...cxd4 0421 8.Dxd4 04127 8...Cc6 043 Ng5 (IM) : looks a bit dull to me Ng5 (IM) : these 2 always fight so it should get tasty later (C DM) : the Move! me your before each move. Ng5 (IM) : white is OK Ng5 (IM) : Qh4-h3-g2-h1 will happen 9.Dd3 04323 (C DM) : 9.Qd3: zeigmata MasterPeru KingofHearts1 wizardbar Stroustrup Toniolo78 Sandstone BrotherJohn ( your ) 9...0-0 04301 (C DM) : 9...O-O: wizardbar Sandstone ( your ) 10.b3 04220 Cancun (IM) : b3 looks normal and good StarkL (IM) : who said only inigent people are watching here :)? [10.Ad2 Tc8 11.Tac1 Aa6 12.Cb5 Axd2 13.Cxd2 d5 14.cxd5 1/2-1/2 Gulko,B (2618)-Seirawan,Y (2653)/Salt Lake City 1999/CBM 073] 10...d5 04336 (C DM) : 10...d5: BrotherJohn KAPPA2000 ( your ) MightyViking (IM) : Chess is a racist game. It teaches us that it is better to be White than Black. StarkL (IM) : hehe mighty StarkL (IM) : white always wins MightyViking (IM) : Anand has always been content with draw as black. Maybe he has learned something in this tournament. 11.cxd5 04500 (C DM) : 11.cxd5: BrotherJohn IamGod wizardbar Fork KingofHearts1 zeigmata ( your ) 11...Ce7 Diagram

0440 (C DM) : 11...Ne7: BrotherJohn ( your ) liebre (IM) : 12- Bb2 12.Ad2 04158 (C DM) : 12.Bd2: BrotherJohn KingofHearts1 francesco75018 ( your ) [12.Ab2 Axc3 13.Axc3 Cexd5 14.Ab2 h6 15.Ce5 De7 16.Dd4 Tfd8 17.Dh4 Tac8 18.Tac1 Df8 19.Cc4 b5 20.Axf6 gxf6 21.Axd5 Txd5 22.Ce3 Tdc5 23.Txc5 Dxc5 24.Dxf6 Dg5 25.Dd4 Dc5 26.Dxc5 Txc5 27.Td1 Tc3 28.Rf1 a5 29.Re1 a4 30.bxa4 bxa4 31.Tb1 Ad5 32.Cxd5 exd5 33.Td1 Tc2 34.a3 Ta2 35.Txd5 Txa3 36.Ta5 Ta2 37.f4 a3 38.Rf2 Ta1 39.h4 Rg7 40.Rg2 a2 1/2-1/2 Lesiege,A (2525)-Leitao,R (2550)/San Felipe 1998/CBM 067 ext] 12...Tc8 04190 porkito (IM) : hi smallville Celine (IM) : this is just crazy man... Ng5 (IM) : used to be Speelman MMCMiranda (FM) : I understand less than nothing in this game... 13.e4 041816 (C DM) : 13.e4: Muni108 francesco75018 savante mightymax sallie kalorn ( your ) MMCMiranda (FM) : very difficult game 13...Axc3 0476 (C DM) : 13...Bxc3: BrotherJohn ( your ) 14.Axc3 043 14...Cxe4 043 Drahacik (FM) : Did you say Topalov is wired? octavia (IM) : anand doesn't play the Nimzo often and topa has been playing this line recently anand must have prepared this Shakhmaty (IM) : 15.Bg7 Nf2 16.Rf2 Kg7 17.Qd4+ Kg8 18.de6 Qd4 19.ef7+ Rxf7 20.Nd4 with a pawn up for White 15.Axg7 04274 (C DM) : 15.Bxg7: bfritz BrotherJohn sharkmeister GrandPatzer zeigmata GearsofWar savante manutd bjoernchess Goodtimes paperinik jesterday smarks Shakhmaty Plattenslager Fork clio Crackdel-29 ( your ) 15...Rxg7 043 Drahacik (FM) : Being a 2300 isn't so good.... you just wish you were 2400 then :) 16.Dxe4 0446 (C DM) : 16.Qxe4: BrotherJohn Fork jesterday ( your ) 16...Axd5 043 (C DM) : 16...Bxd5: Fork ( your ) Drahacik (FM) : Qd4 f6 Drahacik (FM) : yes, tesuji on the knight Ng5 (IM) : white has some play but with accurate defence black should hold 17.Dg4+ 04513 (C DM) : 17.Qg4+: jesterday Fork petofi99 fishhead ( your ) 17...Cg6 0417 18.h4 04155 (C DM) : 18.h4: ALEM fishhead riktig gnom HLecter MeatGrinder ( your ) Neveris (GM) : why is this 1-0? bizarre AZ79 (IM) : Kasparov thought for an hour after 10...e3!? against Karpov in the second game of the 1987 match if I recall correctly, a game he lost Celine (IM) : 1- 0 ------------ 18...Axf3 04472 (C DM) : 18...Bxf3: BrotherJohn PaintDryer ( your ) Stungar (IM) : LOL Stungar (IM) : qh5? 19.Dxf3 04234 (C DM) : 19.Qxf3: BrotherJohn GrandPatzer ( your ) Neveris (GM) : qf6 qb7 Drahacik (FM) : B vs N and slightly better pawn structure Drahacik (FM) : Fischer won a lot of B vs N endgames (with rooks) where people thought he had nothing. 19...Df6 Diagram

04323 (C DM) : 19...Qf6: BrotherJohn GrandPatzer Neveris zeigmata Metaphysician Stroustrup Fork Kaninchen ( your ) 20.Db7 0495 (C DM) : 20.Qb7: BrotherJohn riktig gnom Kaninchen ( your ) 20...De7 0448 (C DM) : 20...Qe7: GrandPatzer BrotherJohn Metaphysician Kaninchen ( your ) 21.De4 0433 (C DM) : 21.Qe4: Metaphysician ( your ) Neveris (GM) : looks likely to be drawn 21...Dc5 04517 22.Tad1 04337 22...Tfd8 04294 (C DM) : 22...Rfd8: Metaphysician SirJohn BrotherJohn Fork patzerforlife GrandPatzer ( your ) AZ79 (IM) : of course white is better, but not by much probably 23.Tfe1 0435 (C DM) : 23.Rfe1: BrotherJohn ( your ) 23...Txd1 04277 (C DM) : 23...Rxd1: BrotherJohn GrandPatzer Fork aj2008 kalorn ( your ) 24.Txd1 043 (C DM) : 24.Rxd1: BrotherJohn ( your ) 24...Tc7 0498 (C DM) : 24...Rc7: BrotherJohn ( your ) ChessMaestro (FM) : brother john, you predict or your fritz predicts? 25.Af3 04252 (C DM) : 25.Bf3: widowmaker GrandPatzer ( your ) 25...De5 0465 (C DM) : 25...Qe5: BrotherJohn ( your ) ChessMaestro (FM) : LOL ChessMaestro (FM) : damn that brother john MMCMiranda (FM) : who is playing for a win here? 26.Db4 04647 26...Dc3 04115 (C DM) : 26...Qc3: anan ( your ) playlikestevie (IM) : Qe4 the best move! Drahacik (FM) : Somehow I get the idea that Anand wants to trade queens 27.Dg4 04274 (C DM) : 27.Qg4: easyking atimco wizardbar GrandPatzer ORIENT-EXPRESS moorthy ( your ) playlikestevie (IM) : f4 Qg4! playlikestevie (IM) : f5 Qh5 Qc2 Qg5! 27...f5 04268 (C DM) : 27...f5: BrotherJohn kkkkk wizardbar Fork SirJohn playlikestevie ( your ) 28.Dh5 0462 (C DM) : 28.Qh5: wizardbar BrotherJohn ( your ) 28...Df6 04144 29.Ag2 0442 (C DM) : 29.Bg2: KAPAMA3OB BrotherJohn ( your ) playlikestevie (IM) : Bg2 29...e5 0471 (C DM) : 29...e5: BrotherJohn Sabalero AlphaOmega ( your ) playlikestevie (IM) : Rd5 with Qd1 following 30.Ah3 04122 (C DM) : 30.Bh3: SirJohn ( your ) 30...Tf7 043 Drahacik (FM) : Topa is soon going to wish he traded queens when it was offered 5 times. 31.De2 04113 (C DM) : 31.Qe2: gnom GrandPatzer ( your ) 31...e4 0444 (C DM) : 31...e4: IRA BrotherJohn SirJohn wizardbar ( your ) 32.Td5 04170 (C DM) : 32.Rd5: wizardbar PaintDryer ( your ) 32...f4 04209 (C DM) : 32...f4: BrotherJohn SirJohn wizardbar GringoEJS zyclon89 patzerforlife Stroustrup ( your ) Drahacik (FM) : bye bye Topalov, 3 losses in a row Drahacik (FM) : and 2 in a row with white playlikestevie (IM) : something on f5! Celine (IM) : the russians fix it , .. always have, always will playlikestevie (IM) : bf5! Celine (IM) : i am drinking jack daniels - with alot of ice - alot of ice 33.Tf5 04124 (C DM) : 33.Rf5: spinal874 ProzacDefence BrotherJohn ( your ) Drahacik (FM) : What is Black's score in this tournament so far? More than 50 ? 33...Da1+ 043 34.Rh2 0422 playlikestevie (IM) : well predicted! :) 34...fxg3+ 0425 (C DM) : 34...fxg3+: BrotherJohn ( your ) Drahacik (FM) : Anand is blowing the game wide open when Topalov has one minute per move 35.fxg3 043 35...Txf5 043 Neveris (GM) : nh4 coming 36.Axf5 Diagram

0431 (C DM) : 36.Bxf5: mwu2007 BrotherJohn ( your ) Neveris (GM) : then back and a draw 36...Cxh4 043 (C DM) : 36...Nxh4: BrotherJohn ( your ) 37.Axe4 043 37...De5 0433 (C DM) : 37...Qe5: BrotherJohn zyclon89 ( your ) Celine (IM) : draw. Celine (IM) : yes. Celine (IM) : anand is quick. Celine (IM) : he is a computer 38.Dg4+ 0439 (C DM) : 38.Qg4+: mwu2007 GrandPatzer ProzacDefence spinal874 JFernandez macdre ( your ) 38...Cg6 043 Celine (IM) : bg6 - hg6 - qd7 draw. 39.Axg6 0443 (C DM) : 39.Bxg6: Fork mwu2007 Celine raimundo ( your ) 39...hxg6 043 Celine (IM) : anal is happy with draw. Celine (IM) : anand playlikestevie (IM) : Topy is slightly better 40.Dd7+ 0431 (C DM) : 40.Qd7+: Fork mwu2007 ProzacDefence BrotherJohn ( your ) 40...Rh6 043 41.Dxa7 043 Celine (IM) : qe2 draw 41...De2+ 0435 (C DM) : 41...Qe2+: Celine spinal874 Fork macdre Stroustrup ( your ) 42.Rh3 043 Celine (IM) : g5 0-1 Celine (IM) : :) Celine (IM) : boooooooo Celine (IM) : yees Drahacik (FM) : Topalov 0.5 out of 2 with White last 2 rounds Drahacik (FM) : why does he need a mike? Drahacik (FM) : he only needs to hear, not talk playlikestevie (IM) : good game despite the result! Drahacik (FM) : that should work, morse code to the tooth vibrator playlikestevie (IM) : Topa missed Qg4 earlier +0.55 Fritz 10 playlikestevie (IM) : Yes! Cancun (IM) : still .... total remis Cancun (IM) : ob 2 playlikestevie (IM) : on 22. move Rac1! Fritz sacrafising the two rooks (+1 if are taken) 1/2-1/2

Ivanchuk-Shirov (6)

El desafortunado en este su torneo, el GM Vasily Ivanchuk, seguidor acérrimo del Real Madrid club de fútbol y en particular de su capitán Raúl, jugó un duelo contra uno de sus rivales de antaño, el español de origen letón, el GM Alexei Shirov.

La partida lució poco para las blancas. Las negras optaron por un rápido cambio en "f6" dentro de la Defensa Semieslava. La novedad de Shirov llegó muy pronto.

En el decimotercer movimiento, tras unas jugadas dudosas de las blancas con su dama, las negras se hicieron con la iniciativa.

Por fin se intercambiaron y poco a poco se fueron igualando los acontecimientos hasta llegar a un fácil empate final.

Ivanchuk,V (2751) - Shirov,A (2755) [D43]
Morelia/Linares (6), 22.02.2008

1.d4 040 1...d5 0456 2.c4 0410 2...c6 0411 3.Cf3 0410 3...Cf6 0410 4.Cc3 0411 4...e6 0410 5.Ag5 0410 5...h6 0410 6.Axf6 0410 6...Dxf6 0410 7.e3 0410 7...Cd7 0410 8.Dd2 Diagram

0410 [8.Db3 Dd8 9.Ad3 Ae7 10.0-0 0-0 11.Tad1 Da5 12.Ab1 Td8 13.Dc2 Cf8 14.Ce5 Ad7 15.e4 dxc4 16.Cxc4 Dc7 17.e5 b5 18.Ce3 Tac8 19.Ce4 Ae8 20.Cc5 Axc5 21.Dxc5 Db6 22.b4 Tc7 23.Ae4 Cg6 24.Dc3 Tcd7 25.Dxc6 Txd4 26.Dxb6 axb6 27.Axg6 fxg6 28.a3 Td3 29.h4 Rf7 30.Txd3 Txd3 31.Ta1 Re7 32.Rf1 Td4 33.g3 Te4 34.Tc1 Txe5 35.Tc7+ Ad7 36.Tb7 g5 37.hxg5 Txg5 38.Txb6 h5 39.Re2 Tg6 40.Cd5+ Rf7 1/2-1/2 Langeweg,K (2445)-Kortschnoj,V (2645)/Leeuwarden 1977/EXT 98] 8...g5N 04674 [8...De7 9.Ad3 g6 10.0-0 Ag7 11.e4 dxc4 12.Axc4 e5 13.d5 0-0 14.Tac1 Cb6 15.Ab3 Ag4 16.De3 Db4 17.h3 Axf3 18.Dxf3 a5 19.dxc6 bxc6 20.Ca4 Cxa4 21.Tc4 Db6 22.Txa4 Tad8 23.Dc3 Td4 24.Dxa5 Dxa5 25.Txa5 Txe4 26.Tc1 Te2 27.Txc6 Txb2 28.Ta7 e4 29.Te7 Ad4 30.Txg6+ Rh8 31.Txh6+ Rg7 32.Th5 Txf2 33.Rh2 e3 34.Td5 Ab6 35.a4 Tg8 36.Tdd7 Rh8 37.Ad5 Ac5 38.Te5 Tg6 39.Te8+ Rg7 40.Af3 Ad6+ 41.Txd6 Txd6 42.Txe3 Ta2 43.Te4 1/2-1/2 Grigoriants,S (2568)-Harikrishna,P (2680)/Canada de Calatrava ESP 2006/The Week in Chess 598; 8...Dd8 9.0-0-0 (9.Tc1 Ae7 10.Ad3 dxc4 11.Axc4 0-0 12.0-0 b5 13.Ad3 Ab7 14.a3 b4 15.axb4 Axb4 16.Dc2 c5 17.Ca2 Axf3 18.gxf3 a5 19.Cxb4 cxb4 20.Da4 Cb6 21.Db5 Cd5 22.f4 a4 23.Ae4 a3 24.Axd5 exd5 25.Dxb4 a2 26.Ta1 Dd7 27.f3 Tfb8 28.Dc3 Db5 29.Tf2 Tc8 30.Txa2 Tab8 31.Dd2 Tb6 32.Ta1 Tbc6 33.Taf1 Db3 34.De1 Te8 35.Te2 Tce6 36.Dd1 Dxd1 37.Txd1 Txe3 38.Txe3 Txe3 39.Rf2 Tb3 40.Td2 Rf8 41.Te2 Td3 42.b4 Txd4 43.Tb2 Txf4 44.b5 Tc4 45.b6 Tc8 46.b7 Tb8 47.Re3 Re7 48.Rd4 Rd6 49.f4 Rc6 50.Tc2+ Rxb7 51.Rxd5 Te8 52.f5 f6 53.Tg2 Te5+ 54.Rd6 Txf5 55.Txg7+ Rb6 56.Th7 Th5 57.Re6 f5 58.Re5 Rc6 59.Tf7 Txh2 60.Txf5 Rd7 61.Rf6 Rd6 62.Rg6 Re6 63.Th5 Tg2+ 64.Rxh6 Rf6 65.Th1 Tf2 66.Th3 1/2-1/2 Dautov,R (2602)-Dreev,A (2680)/Frankfurt 2000/CBM 076 ext) 9...Ab4 10.a3 Ae7 11.Ce5 Cxe5 12.dxe5 Ad7 13.f4 Dc7 14.Rb1 0-0-0 15.Ad3 Rb8 16.Dc2 Ac8 17.The1 f6 18.exf6 Axf6 19.g3 g5 20.Ce2 Dg7 21.e4 dxe4 22.Axe4 Txd1+ 23.Txd1 Td8 24.Txd8 Axd8 25.Dd2 Af6 1/2-1/2 Ivanchuk,V (2729)-Vallejo Pons,F (2650)/Monte Carlo MNC 2006/The Week in Chess 595] 9.Ad3 04275 9...Ag7 041021 ilves (IM) : g5 ilves (IM) : strange move 10.0-0 0496 10...0-0 0472 11.Dc2 04805 Drahacik (FM) : What's the point of Qd2 and then Qc2? 11...dxc4 04447 12.Axc4 0426 12...c5 0450 Celine (IM) : qd2-qc2...hmmmm 13.Tfd1 04879 13...g4 Diagram

04654 Drahacik (FM) : say that out loud 14.Ce1 041207 14...cxd4 0459 15.exd4 0410 15...Cb6 0422 16.Ae2 0420 16...h5 0410 17.Ce4 041001 Cancun (IM) : looks comfortable for black 17...Dg6 04792 18.Cc3 04506 18...Dxc2 04118 19.Cxc2 Diagram

0432 19...Ad7 041044 20.Td2 0410 20...Ah6 04227 21.Ce3 0434 21...f5 0410 22.g3 0446 22...f4 04157 23.gxf4 0410 23...Axf4 04111 FERARI (GM) : today there are few strange games Celine (IM) : you are a strange games 24.Te1 04285 24...Ac6 04409 25.Ab5 0442 25...Af3 0455 26.Ae2 0410 26...Ac6 04189 27.Ab5 0424 1/2-1/2

Radjabov-Carlsen (6)

Apertura Española. Variante Berlinesa, pero con Radjabov jugando muy sólido. Carlsen ante el esquema adoptado por su rival rápidamente quiso hacerse con la iniciativa con 6…d5. Luego el GM noruego evitó el cambio de damas, para cederla más tarde a costa de debilitar el flanco de rey del jugador azerí. Lo cierto es que las blancas a cambio, quedaron con su pareja de alfiles.

Para Radjabov el primer fallo de Carlsen fue retirarse con su caballo a "e7" en su jugada trece, porque posibilitó 14.f4 activando los alfiles.

Las blancas ofrecieron un peón a costa de actividad. Rybka no encontró ningún plan para las negras que le dieran ventaja. Así hasta llegar al fatídico movimiento veinticinco en donde Magnus jugó pésimamente, cuando tenía el empate en su mano.

A partir de ahí, Radjabov jugó el final resultante con mucha precisión y maestría que le llevó directamente a un merecido triunfo final.

¡Entre jóvenes anda el juego!. Magnus abandonó el escenario con cara de pocos amigos... .

Radjabov,T (2735) - Carlsen,M (2733) [C65]
Morelia/Linares (6), 22.02.2008
[ICC/Rybka 2.3.2a mp 32-bit]

MightyViking (IM) : Tate 'r tots MightyViking (IM) : They only eat whale and seal meat in Norway, so no name for anything else. MightyViking (IM) : whale kebab MightyViking (IM) : I see. MightyViking (IM) : Carlsen killing Kramnik's Cat-alan MightyViking (IM) : Did so in Wijk aan Zee MightyViking (IM) : May be. What was the opening in Wijk? MightyViking (IM) : That's a formation, not an opening. MightyViking (IM) : Found it. It was a Symmetrical English. 1.e4 %040 MightyViking (IM) : Radjabov is old. 1...e5 %04151 2.Cf3 %042 2...Cc6 %042 3.Ab5 %0411 3...Cf6 %042 4.d3 %0495 MightyViking (IM) : Ne7 is a move here. MightyViking (IM) : c6, Ng6, nice development. MightyViking (IM) : Nxe5 c6 MightyViking (IM) : It was a recent SOS, but I don't know much about it. 4...Ac5 %04192 5.c3 %04341 5...0-0 %0422 6.0-0 %042 Ng5 (IM) : pgn 2 [6.Axc6 bxc6 7.Cxe5 d5 8.d4 (8.Ag5 Te8 9.f4 dxe4 10.d4 Ab6 11.Cd2 c5 12.dxc5 Axc5 13.De2 h6 14.Ah4 g5 15.fxg5 hxg5 16.Ag3 e3 17.Cb3 Ab6 18.Df3 Ae6 19.Td1 g4 20.De2 De7 21.Cc6 Df8 22.Cbd4 Dc5 23.Ce5 Ch5 24.Cxe6 Txe6 25.Dxg4+ Cg7 26.Cxf7 Tf8 27.Cg5 e2 28.Td4 Tg6 29.h4 Df5 30.Dxf5 Cxf5 31.Af2 Cxd4 32.cxd4 Te8 33.a3 Tc6 34.Rd2 Tf6 35.Cf3 Tg6 36.Cg5 Td6 37.Cf3 c5 38.Te1 Aa5+ 0-1 Ivanchuk,V (2717)-Kramnik,V (2772)/Wijk aan Zee 2001/CD PDR) 8...Ab6 9.0-0 dxe4 10.Cxc6 Dd6 11.Ce5 Aa6 12.Te1 c5 13.Ca3 cxd4 14.Cac4 De6 15.Cxb6 axb6 16.cxd4 Cd5 17.f3 exf3 18.Cxf3 1/2-1/2 Anand,V (2792)-Topalov,V (2801)/Monte Carlo MNC 2006/The Week in Chess 595; 6.Ag5 h6 7.Ah4 g5 8.Ag3 d6 9.Cbd2 a6 10.Axc6 bxc6 11.0-0 Aa7 12.d4 g4 13.Ah4 gxf3 14.Dxf3 Rg7 15.Dg3+ Rh7 16.Df3 Rg7 17.Dg3+ 1/2-1/2 Anand,V (2788)-Topalov,V (2788)/San Luis ARG 2005/The Week in Chess 570] 6...d5 Diagram

%04431 MightyViking (IM) : The Berlin Marshall. octavia (IM) : I don't think so this is theory and a lot of the lines feature ..dxe4 tedium 7.Cbd2 %04229 nataf (GM) : this move is very bad , I mean d5 nataf (GM) : just exd5 was better for white nataf (GM) : anyway after Nbd2 white is still better nataf (GM) : Nbd2-Re8 Qe2 nataf (GM) : white has a better worral nataf (GM) : but exd5-Qxd5 Bc4 was great 7...dxe4 %04256 8.Cxe4 %04221 [8.dxe4 De7 9.h3 Ad7 10.b4 Ab6 11.Ad3 Tad8 12.Cc4 Axh3 13.gxh3 Dd7 14.Cxb6 axb6 15.Ce1 Dxh3 16.De2 Ch5 17.Ag5 Td6 18.De3 Dg4+ 19.Rh2 Cf4 20.Axf4 exf4 21.Dh3 Dg5 22.Tg1 De5 23.Cf3 Dxc3 24.e5 Dxd3 25.exd6 Dxd6 26.a3 Cd4 27.Tad1 Cxf3+ 28.Dxf3 Dh6+ 29.Dh3 Df6 30.Tge1 g6 31.Td7 f3 32.Txc7 h5 33.Tc8 Df4+ 34.Rh1 Txc8 35.Dxc8+ Rg7 36.Dh3 Dd2 37.Tf1 Dd3 38.Rg1 Dxa3 39.Dh4 Dd3 40.Te1 Df5 41.Te3 Rh6 42.Rh2 g5 43.De4 Dxe4 44.Txe4 g4 45.Tf4 Rg6 46.Rg3 f5 47.Rh4 b5 48.Td4 Rf6 49.Td5 f4 50.Rxh5 g3 51.Rg4 gxf2 52.Td1 Re5 53.Rxf3 f1T+ 54.Txf1 Rd4 55.Tc1 1-0 Santo Roman,M (2485)-Marciano,D (2455)/Toulouse 1995/EXT 1998] 8...Cxe4 %0467 9.dxe4 %0437 9...Df6 %04442 Drahacik (FM) : what draw, Black should play on Celine (IM) : i think magnus is ok here.. Celine (IM) : thx :) Drahacik (FM) : Seems like Black is just a tempo up in development, and everything else is equal. Nice play by White. Drahacik (FM) : (sarcasm) 10.De2 %041326 Celine (IM) : i like this carlsen kid... good to have a western hope like this. Celine (IM) : in a game dominated with eastern spoiled stuff. Ng5 (IM) : no best move, several good ones Celine (IM) : carlsen don't play like a computer, computer play like carlsen 10...Ag4 %04125 Ng5 (IM) : b4 Bxb4 11.h3 %04228 Ng5 (IM) : all of you 11...Axf3 %04106 12.Dxf3 %042 12...Dxf3 %042 13.gxf3 Diagram

%042 Celine (IM) : ne7 13...Ce7 %0429 Celine (IM) : this is still - ... maybe... DEAD DRAW Drahacik (FM) : Funny how Carlsen keeps forcing White to fight for a draw from the opening. Celine (IM) : these guys are with over 2700 hundred, and don´t get anything out of the opening with white! Celine (IM) : strange, and pathetic Celine (IM) : sure, why not Celine (IM) : you don't want a position like that, with white after 13. movers. Celine (IM) : moves Celine (IM) : knight is heading for f3 alright Tim (DM) : Handshake time Celine (IM) : be3 - bd6... Celine (IM) : i think black has all chances here. 14.f4 %04575 14...c6 %04253 Drahacik (FM) : and 4 years later, a quad computer is probably faster than those 2000 computers 15.Ac4 %04199 15...exf4 16.Axf4 %0441 16...Cg6 %042 17.Ag3 %0452 smeets (GM) : maybe Kh8 and f5 17...Tfe8 %0498 smeets (GM) : or maybe not:) 18.Tfe1 %04155 Celine (IM) : kramnik, carlsen, mamedaryov 18...Tad8 %04135 Celine (IM) : tal, fischer, kasparov Celine (IM) : hillary, mcaine, jenna jameson Celine (IM) : Carlamagnus 19.Tad1 %041048 Neveris (GM) : whats wrong with taking the pawn Neveris (GM) : this is above my level Neveris (GM) : lmao Neveris (GM) : thanks 19...Txd1 %04167 20.Txd1 2 ChessMaestro (FM) : that's absurd Pliskin (IM) : why white went into such position? Black played some strong novelty in this game? ChessMaestro (FM) : i thought it was re4 rd7 Pliskin (IM) : Rxe4 Rd8 Nf8 b4!? maybe Pliskin (IM) : 8. Nxe4 was a bad move, de4 more logical Pliskin (IM) : Re4 Rd7 Rc4 0-1 ChessMaestro (FM) : you'd think maggie would've know his move by now since the last move was forced ChessMaestro (FM) : haha ChessMaestro (FM) : i liked that pair of ChessMaestro (FM) : the alphaomega comment followed by slavicfrench's thus spoke... Drahacik (FM) : there's no penalty for touching a piece that can't move, but if you do it a lot, the arbiter can take time off your clock Cancun (IM) : bb6 idea rd8 ChessMaestro (FM) : slavic french: it will happen Celine (IM) : my cat likes fish and milk. ChessMaestro (FM) : i don't know but it shall come to pass Celine (IM) : radja has 2 bishops , but MC has one horse and bishop. Celine (IM) : thanks nataf (GM) : I prefer white here nataf (GM) : just black can't take on e4 Celine (IM) : i am just 5 years old, my father is on toilet Celine (IM) : i am learning chess nataf (GM) : due to Rd8+ and then Bd3 nataf (GM) : and then b4 nataf (GM) : in practice nataf (GM) : it's unpleasant nataf (GM) : I think that black can't take on e4 nataf (GM) : and id he doesn't he is worsse nataf (GM) : I garantie nataf (GM) : if Rxe4 nataf (GM) : it's 1-0 Celine (IM) : i don´t know what the horse can do nataf (GM) : long term it's just unplayable nataf (GM) : yes but on the board Celine (IM) : yeah, take on e4 nataf (GM) : it's another story knallo Drahacik (FM) : what is so horrible about Rx? nataf (GM) : well really , after Rxe4 Rd8+-Nf8 Bd3-Re1+ Kg2 next is b4 nataf (GM) : good luck nataf (GM) : guys , you saw nataf (GM) : I said 3 days ago nataf (GM) : faust would win aeroflot :) nataf (GM) : hein , you see who won ? ;) nataf (GM) : maybe it was four days ago ! nataf (GM) : you remmeber majo ? nataf (GM) : well b7 is weak majo nataf (GM) : so when I go Rd7 Celine (IM) : this is some position guys.. nataf (GM) : pawn on b7 will likely fall I think nataf (GM) : well personnaly I would rather play white here nataf (GM) : especially if Rxe4 is forced nataf (GM) : look nataf (GM) : one line nataf (GM) : for instance very unpleasant is Celine (IM) : faust won - that is good performance. nataf (GM) : Rxe4 Rd8+-Nf8 (forced) Bd3!-Re1+ Kg2-g6 b4!-Bb6 Rb8-Rd1 Be4!-Rd7 and now just a4-a5 for white nataf (GM) : with lasting pressure 20...Txe4 Diagram

%042145 21.Td8+ %042 21...Cf8 %042 Celine (IM) : yeesss Celine (IM) : alright nataf (GM) : ok for me nataf (GM) : it's clear nataf (GM) : magnus will suffer like hell here nataf (GM) : after Bd3 nataf (GM) : soon some GF coming , so I can't stay for long :) Drahacik (FM) : some? how many? nataf (GM) : here just Bd3 Celine (IM) : lol nataf (GM) : of course piti ! I am just a girl non-grata :) nataf (GM) : I don't hate magnus!!! nataf (GM) : pff nataf (GM) : only problem nataf (GM) : is that you see me commented nataf (GM) : magnus game nataf (GM) : when playing vs radji ! nataf (GM) : haha JustgiveUP (FM) : The killer B's and the active rook are much more valuable than the pawn nataf (GM) : if you see me on magnus vs others Celine (IM) : nataf is great here , hehe nataf (GM) : I will like magnus nataf (GM) : yes majo I will remember Celine (IM) : i like the french , i really like the french. nataf (GM) : guys really , i have nothing vs magnus, and even I have good relations with the kid, it's just that all the time I am commenting magnus game it's versus radji, and radji is my close friend , that's it 22.Ad3 %04183 nataf (GM) : you will see same enthousiasm from me in other radji games too Celine (IM) : re7 nataf (GM) : now it will be hard nataf (GM) : for black nataf (GM) : b4 after Re7 nataf (GM) : I 22...Te1+ %0441 23.Rg2 %042 Celine (IM) : easy pawn up nataf (GM) : yes mrvugg nataf (GM) : so you see it's nothing personal vs magnus 23...a5 %0446 nataf (GM) : of course some players I don't like at all, but magnus is okay, he is a good guy nataf (GM) : a5 probably the best nataf (GM) : now Ra8 nataf (GM) : but still not easy nataf (GM) : Ra1 and a3 next nataf (GM) : here Ra1 to prevent any a4 nataf (GM) : and then a3 and b4 24.Ta8 %04438 24...Td1 %0470 Celine (IM) : nataf doesn't know anything. 25.Ac4 Diagram

%04250 25...Ab6? %04153 [25...b6!?= Rybka. 26.a3 g5 27.b4 axb4 28.cxb4 Ae7 29.Te8 Td7 30.Ae2 Ad8 31.a4 Rg7 32.Af3 Ce6 (32...c5? 33.a5 bxa5 34.Ag4 Td2 35.bxc5 Cg6 36.c6 a4 37.c7 Axc7 38.Axc7 f5 39.Ah5 (39.Axf5? Ch4+-/+) 39...a3 40.Ta8 a2 41.Ta6+/-) 33.Axc6=] 26.Tb8 %0450 26...Td7 %0476 27.Aa6 %0475 27...bxa6 %04279 28.Txb6 %042 28...f6 %0468 Smallville (GM) : This is winning for white, but it is not easy Smallville (GM) : lol majo Smallville (GM) : Bf4 Ng6 Celine (IM) : is magnus losing Celine (IM) : or drawing. 29.Txa6 %04688 [29.Txc6 Td2 con clara ventaja de las blancas. Rybka.] 29...Td2 %0495 30.b4 %0433 Cancun (IM) : this looks aful for black Celine (IM) : x-gonna give it to you.. 30...axb4 %04179 31.cxb4 %042 31...Tb2 %04153 Cancun (IM) : carlsen is really tough player though very young 32.Ad6 %04220 32...Ce6 %042 33.a4 %0430 Ng5 (IM) : not even Ng5 can save Magnus R-Ponomariov (GM) : What about Ng5? Ng5 (IM) : Ng5 cant help 33...Tc2 %04518 34.a5 %0434 Neveris (GM) : complete 1-0 now Ng5 (IM) : I used to work out 34...Rf7 %0476 Smallville (GM) : Rb6 should be winning R-Ponomariov (GM) : Poor Magnus. So good position after opening and now in such troubles R-Ponomariov (GM) : Probably after beating Topalov he is so optimistic R-Ponomariov (GM) : But let's see. Game not finished yet! I believe in Magnus! 35.Ac5 %04158 Smallville (GM) : Bc5 !?!?! Ng5 (IM) : nice, Nxc5 Rxc6 Nd3 Rcx2 Ne1 and a pawn queens Smallville (GM) : Nf4 and Nd3 Smallville (GM) : Nf4 Kf3 Nd3 Neveris (GM) : they should rename linares blundersville 35...Cf4+ %04132 36.Rf3 %042 Smallville (GM) : Nd3 now and its dead = Smallville (GM) : No one knows how to play endgames besides Kramnik Finegold (IM) : Kramnik plays endings pretty well Neveris (GM) : nd3 ra7 might still be tricky Finegold (IM) : Karpov played endings well 25 years ago.... 36...Cd5 %0480 Smallville (GM) : Ra7? Smallville (GM) : Doesn't Ray, Bf8 just win Smallville (GM) : Ra7 LucianoMaia (FM) : 1-0 ... no defense to A pawn LucianoMaia (FM) : ra7-b7 37.Tb6 Diagram

%04100 Smallville (GM) : LucianoMaia (FM) : wowwwwww !!!! Smallville (GM) : Radjabov better be careful and not get too cute Smallville (GM) : lol@traignulator Finegold (IM) : Radjabov not doing well this event... but his homies agree he looks good in black, fool! Drahacik (FM) : Sananab you are 1499 Finegold (IM) : think you're really righteous? Think you're pure oat heart? Well I know I'm a million times more humble than thou art! times more Diadematus (GM) : 1-0 easy Diadematus (GM) : Kg6 a6 LucianoMaia (FM) : a6 next ! Finegold (IM) : time for Henrik to steal Radjabov comp LucianoMaia (FM) : clear 0-1 here ! 37...Tc4 %04350 Diadematus (GM) : Rb7 LucianoMaia (FM) : Rb7 and a6 LucianoMaia (FM) : a6 loose R-Ponomariov (GM) : 1-0 38.Tb7+ %0479 Finegold (IM) : set 1-0 = 1 LucianoMaia (FM) : PONO is hereeeeeeee !!! Finegold (IM) : only Pono and Bar could lose with white here (sorry, Pono, could not resist!) :) LucianoMaia (FM) : resigns time .... PapMisa (IM) : Rc6 Nb4 38...Rg6 %0495 PapMisa (IM) : hi Finegold (IM) : Anand played like Anand today PapMisa (IM) : game over.... 39.a6 %0464 39...Tc3+ %042 Finegold (IM) : Finegold predicted Pono would win match against Ivanchuk...much to my friends surprise LucianoMaia (FM) : forced mate for black now Celine (IM) : ke2. Finegold (IM) : Finegold spells surprise , much to everyone's surprise... Drahacik (FM) : why Rh3, instead of Rc1 mate Finegold (IM) : I I will set Finegolf = 1 40.Rg2 %0486 40...Cf4+ %042 Celine (IM) : kfi Finegold (IM) : yes Finegold (IM) : friendz LucianoMaia (FM) : resign little kid time ... LucianoMaia (FM) : he didnt saw Ba6 sequence ... Celine (IM) : hehe Celine (IM) : kg1 LucianoMaia (FM) : why the kid dont resigns ? 41.Rg1 %04207 Drahacik (FM) : a7 Rb8 1-0 Finegold (IM) : 8.5-0.5?? Only if he was on steroids Finegold (IM) : you can't compare Moro to Sophia she got 8.5-0.5! 41...Cxh3+ %04169 Finegold (IM) : Naka was sitting in his room crying...afraid of other players.... Finegold (IM) : Kamsky and Oni are pretty good R-Ponomariov (GM) : I can't see any chances for Carlsen now (: 42.Rh2 %0488 42...Cf4 %042 LucianoMaia (FM) : b5 ! Drahacik (FM) : Caruana has US and Italian citizenship, was born in the US, lived in the US first 13 years or so. Neveris (GM) : 4-0 Finegold (IM) : I played Fabiano when he was like 4 or something SilikonaPub (FM) : caruana was living already in Spain when he was 12 Celine (IM) : lol hopfrog Finegold (IM) : you left out a q Hop-Frog manest (IM) : Nepomniachtchi won yes Stefanov (IM) : 1.a7 Rh3 2/.Kg1 Ne2 3.Kf1 Nf4 manest (IM) : he won today lol Stefanov (IM) : 4.Ke1 Ra3 5.b5 Ndr and N:c5 SilikonaPub (FM) : 2...Nf4 f3 Rh1 Kf2 Nd3 Kg2 +- SilikonaPub (FM) : even Rh1 Bg1 Stefanov (IM) : 2...f3 3. R:f3 SilikonaPub (FM) : Bf2 SilikonaPub (FM) : or Ke1 SilikonaPub (FM) : everything wins :) Drahacik (FM) : Rg7 and Rb5 might not win. SilikonaPub (FM) : even Rf7 :) 43.Ae3 %04635 1-0

Aronian-Leko (6)

Esta partida fue sin duda la más disputada de la sexta ronda. Aronian de nuevo puso en práctica la Apertura Inglesa. Sobre el tablero se produjo la Variante Simétrica con las blancas rápidamente apuntando hacia el centro.

La novedad del GM armenio vino en la jugada nueve, que hizo pensar casi una hora a su rival. Las blancas habían entregado su peón de "f2" que Leko hizo bien en no tomar. Rybka encuentra compensación por el material entregado para las blancas.

Siguió una complicada lucha de maniobras en donde parecía que las blancas tenían ventaja de desarrollo. Sin embargo la computadora halló una respuesta muy buena para Leko que le hubiera dado mucha actividad.

De cualquier forma el camino seguido por el maestro magiar resultó ser lo suficientemente seguro, como para gozar de la oportunidad de lograr la igualdad en dos jugadas, primero en la treinta y uno y luego en la treinta y tres, cosa que lamentablemente no hizo.

A partir de ahí el maestro armenio logró una clara ventaja posicional que mantuvo firmemente hasta el movimiento cuarenta y cinco donde devolviendo el favor a su rival, falló.

Lo que ocurrió en aquellos momentos es que la posición resultó ser lo suficientemente complicada como para que el resultado final no pudiera pasar del empate, cosa que por lo que opina Rybka, las blancas pudieron haber sacado más tajada en posibles continuaciones resultantes.

Fue sin duda una apasionante partida por ambas partes.

Aronian, campeón de Corus 2008 se vislumbra como el único jugador que parece hacerle frente a Vishy Anand.

Veremos a ver que sucede… . De momento hoy sábado se disputa la última ronda de la fase de Morelia, capital del Estado de Michoacán.

Aronian,L (2739) - Leko,P (2753) [A33]
Morelia/Linares Morelia (6), 22.02.2008
[ICC/Rybka 2.3.2a mp 32-bit]

1.c4 040 1...c5 0442 2.Cf3 045 2...Cf6 045 3.Cc3 0421 3...Cc6 045 4.d4 045 4...cxd4 0411 5.Cxd4 045 5...e6 045 6.g3 0411 6...Db6 045 7.Cdb5 0421 7...Ce5 0474 8.Af4 045 8...Cfg4 04107 9.Da4N Diagram

045 Ng5 (IM) : comp seems to like black so far Ng5 (IM) : Qxf2, a6, Bc5 all good for black according to shredder Ng5 (IM) : really ? Ng5 (IM) : g5 is a nice safe move octavia (IM) : Holy cow; is this theory? It's not in my books - huge novelty if so. Ng5 (IM) : could be hotel prep Cancun (IM) : the8 board is on fir8e Ng5 (IM) : I like g5 Ng5 (IM) : Qxf2 is too tactical, not Leko Ng5 (IM) : Leko wont risk Qxf2, too dangerous and risky when he hasnt analysed it Ng5 (IM) : comp says Qxf2 or a6 ilves (IM) : isnt this just bad for white?? Cancun (IM) : Leko must be very careful Ng5 (IM) : g5 ! forces Bxe5 so black must be OK there MightyViking (IM) : What's this? Ng5 (IM) : just looks like a bluff to me MightyViking (IM) : It's not what Leko wanted. Ng5 (IM) : Aronian knows Leko will bail out and not try to win MightyViking (IM) : Right. MightyViking (IM) : There might be a psychological reason for playing something like this against Leko. MightyViking (IM) : Against Leko specifically. MightyViking (IM) : indeed, butte! MightyViking (IM) : Let's see if Leko can find his clarity in Aronian's comp prep... MightyViking (IM) : More time wouldn't help much against Rybka preps. Ng5 (IM) : dont think we will see this again, g5 Bxe5 Nxe5 Ne4 f5! Nxg5 Be7 is better for black Ng5 (IM) : but maybe Leko will panic MightyViking (IM) : Leko is in panic already. Cancun (IM) : black position very disorganized - only good point is xf2 RLH2 (IM) : wat happens after qxf2+ kd2 qa5? RLH2 (IM) : **qb6 RLH2 (IM) : not qa5 RLH2 (IM) : h3 RLH2 (IM) : wow RLH2 (IM) : whtie has serious attack here Ng5 (IM) : white is worse Ng5 (IM) : g5 just seems to be a simple plus for black MightyViking (IM) : This is the new chess. Playing unsound but complicated comp lines in one game only. Ng5 (IM) : like Topa's Nxf7 MightyViking (IM) : Yes, Ng5, like Topa's Nxf7 Ng5 (IM) : what does Rybka say about g5 ? Ng5 (IM) : Qxf2 and a6 both complicated, g5 easy to play Cancun (IM) : 1-0 :) Cancun (IM) : I am liking Lev's recipe here ..... Silluger (FM) : WoW Silluger (FM) : aronians on steroids MightyViking (IM) : tic toc tic toc MightyViking (IM) : Leko knows that whatever he plays he goes into Aronian's comp-checked lines. Celine (IM) : what is this MightyViking (IM) : A Polish IM spent two hours on a move once. Is was on move 3! MightyViking (IM) : 1.e4 c5 2.Sf3 a6!? MightyViking (IM) : At that time they had 21/2 hours for 40 moves. Drahacik (FM) : that isn't against the rules, atia. They could make a rule for that, but there isn't one now. So it's not cheating. Drahacik (FM) : of course MightyViking (IM) : GM Naiditsch was caught cheating. Drahacik (FM) : Leko is being forced to make an attacking move, Qxf2+, and he DOESN'T like it! Drahacik (FM) : Leko is being forced to calculate lots of tactics. That's his weakness. Drahacik (FM) : Leko has 52 minutes?? This game is over. 1-0 MightyViking (IM) : lol PM! Cancun (IM) : danilov is making faces staring at Leko :)))) Cancun (IM) : HGH !!! Cancun (IM) : Da4 is a Kortchnoi type move .... Ng5 (IM) : i still think g5 is a safe move MightyViking (IM) : Yes, Rc8 MightyViking (IM) : But Chucky vs Aronian was worse. MightyViking (IM) : Or Chucky vs Lucky. MightyViking (IM) : Soon one minute per move. Celine (IM) : aronian is soooo lucky Drahacik (FM) : Is Leko really still thinking?? Drahacik (FM) : 40 minutes left? Drahacik (FM) : 40 minutes for 31 moves in a complicated position -> 1-0 MightyViking (IM) : Aronian is on move 30 in his analysis. Leko is on move 9. MightyViking (IM) : haha, PM MightyViking (IM) : Leko has a past as a future hope. morsa (FM) : 38 mins for leko morsa (FM) : morsa (FM) : see real time game in FrozenShade (GM) : well its entirely new concept probably, i wouldnt call good preparation luck FrozenShade (GM) : besides its phychologically very clever, while it may objectively be equal its very difficult to calculate everything on board and leko is unlikely to be prepared for something like this morsa (FM) : 34 mins for leko now Drahacik (FM) : Is there some medical condition where you are concious, but you just cannot move? Drahacik (FM) : he changed the title, Chess after 75. Drahacik (FM) : What's the record for time used on one move? Drahacik (FM) : Bronstein took an hour once, MightyViking (IM) : IM Bednarski 2 hours. Drahacik (FM) : how can you use 2 hours, there aren't any tourneys now with time control more than 2 hours [9.e3 a6 (9...Dc6 10.h3 Cf3+ 11.Re2 Cge5 12.b3 g5 13.Ag2 gxf4 14.exf4 a6 15.fxe5 axb5 16.Axf3 Dc5 17.Cxb5 Dxe5+ 18.Rf1 Ag7 19.Rg2 Dxa1 20.Cc7+ Rd8 21.Dxa1 Axa1 22.Cxa8 Ad4 23.b4 b6 24.Td1 e5 25.a4 Tg8 26.c5 bxc5 27.b5 Tg6 28.b6 Tf6 29.Tb1 c4 30.b7 Axb7 31.Txb7 d5 32.Tb8+ Rd7 33.Ag4+ Rc6 34.f4 c3 35.a5 c2 36.a6 Ac5 37.Tc8+ Rb5 38.Cc7+ Rc4 39.Ae2+ Rb3 40.Ce6 c1D 41.Cxc5+ Ra3 42.a7 Ta6 43.a8D 1-0 Kortschnoj,V (2635)-Greenfeld,A (2570)/Beersheba 1995/CBM 051) 10.Cc7+ Dxc7 11.Dxg4 Dxc4 (11...d6 12.De2 Ad7 13.Axe5 dxe5 14.Ag2 Ae7 15.0-0 0-0 16.Tac1 Tac8 17.Tfd1 Tfd8 18.c5 f5 19.e4 Ag5 20.Tb1 g6 21.b4 Ac6 22.Dc4 Df7 23.a4 Af6 24.b5 axb5 25.axb5 Ae8 26.Txd8 Txd8 27.c6 Tc8 28.Ca4 bxc6 29.b6 Tb8 30.Cc5 Ae7 31.Dc3 Ad6 32.exf5 gxf5 33.Ca6 Ta8 34.Dd3 De7 35.b7 Td8 36.Dc2 e4 37.b8D Axb8 38.Cxb8 Dd6 39.Ca6 Dd4 40.Dc1 Dd2 41.Cc7 Dxc1+ 42.Txc1 Ad7 43.Td1 Rf7 44.Ca6 Re7 45.Cc5 Ac8 46.Txd8 Rxd8 47.Rf1 Re7 48.Re1 Rd6 49.Ca4 c5 50.Af1 Ab7 51.Rd2 Ad5 52.Cb6 h6 53.Re3 Rc6 54.Ca4 1-0 Anand,V (2725)-Leko,P (2625)/Wijk aan Zee 1996/CD PDR) 12.Dd1 Dc6 13.e4 Ab4 14.Axe5 Dxe4+ 15.De2 Dxh1 16.0-0-0 Axc3 17.Axc3 Dxh2 18.Axg7 Tg8 19.Ac3 d5 20.Txd5 Ad7 21.Th5 Dg1 22.De1 0-0-0 23.Txh7 Ab5 24.Axb5 Dxe1+ 25.Axe1 axb5 26.Txf7 Tgf8 27.Txf8 Txf8 28.Rd2 Rd7 29.Re3 Tc8 30.Ac3 Tc4 31.a3 Re7 32.f4 Rf7 33.g4 Rg6 34.Rf3 Rf7 35.Re3 Rg6 1/2-1/2 Smirin,I (2671)-Holzke,F (2492)/Port Erin IOM 2004/The Week in Chess 517] 9...g5!= 045031 Ng5 (IM) : yes Drahacik (FM) : 80 minutes for g5 MightyViking (IM) : It was around 1980 when they had 21/2 hours for 40 moves. MightyViking (IM) : Aronian thinking. Maybe it wasn't prep and he just missed tha f2 was hanging... randomo (FM) : so how many moves deep do you think Aronian has this line analyzed? AZ79 (IM) : impressed that Leko found the computer 1st choice AZ79 (IM) : Shredder wants Bxe5 and 0-0-0 giving +0.06 which means nothing Ng5 (IM) : Bxe5 Nxe5 Ne4 F5! Nxg5 Be5 is the idea MightyViking (IM) : Aronian thought he didn't have to analyze any further, because Leko would lose on time. Ng5 (IM) : Bxe5 Nxe5 Ne4 F5! Nxg5 Be7 is the idea israpu (GM) : haha,nothing?? israpu (GM) : after B:e5 and 0-0-0 for humans is +- israpu (GM) : for comp is igual,jaja israpu (GM) : B:e5 and 0-0-0 where black K will find his safety?? Drahacik (FM) : Wretched, 1 israpu (GM) : nice joke of engine to castle short after g5,hahaha MightyViking (IM) : Well, via transposition there can be more than one TN. israpu (GM) : open your eyes and close engines,is better for your brains :-) Drahacik (FM) : actuall, you could play a TN, then transpose to a known variation, and play another TN israpu (GM) : I bet 2000 euros on Aronian israpu (GM) : great play by both sides here! just one is more sleepy thats all :-) israpu (GM) : keep lala guys,I got to sleep...early morning swimming was too much for me:-) Ng5 (IM) : Bxe5 Nxe5 Ne4 f5 c5= israpu (GM) : SR JOHEN IS RIGHT israpu (GM) : B:e5 Q:f2+! israpu (GM) : and N:e5 israpu (GM) : Nc7 Kd8! and Qd4 check with N:c4 and attack! olala TRADE (IM) : ouch, 9.Qa4 was something, wasn't it? Just got in here.. Ng5 (IM) : Bxe5 Nxe5 Ne4 f5 c5 Bxc5 Nxc5 Qxc5 Rd1= israpu (GM) : B:e5 Q:f2+! Drahacik (FM) : If Leko wins this, Short will complain that people can't take an hour on one move. [9...Dxf2+ 10.Rd2 Dc5 11.Ce4= Rybka. 11...Dc6 12.Ag2 Rd8 13.Ag5+ Ae7 14.Axe7+ Rxe7 15.Db4+ Rd8 16.b3 con compensación por el material entregado.] 10.Axe5 04864 10...Cxe5 045 israpu (GM) : booooooooooooooooooooooooo israpu (GM) : 1-0 israpu (GM) : now deserved lose israpu (GM) : no balls to play Q:f2! :-(( israpu (GM) : sac the R on a8 and attack! Drahacik (FM) : Qf2 just hangs c7 israpu (GM) : this is like resign Ng5 (IM) : black is fine here israpu (GM) : to think 80 min to play this is better go home and eat a carrot :-) israpu (GM) : practicaly black is lost here after 0-0-0 israpu (GM) : no time and many problems to solve for black,mainly Bc8 and Ke8... israpu (GM) : comp has no ideas here israpu (GM) : ofcourse Sir John israpu (GM) : is just normal to play it for attacking players,but not for Leko... Drahacik (FM) : Leko doesn't sack rooks. That's why he didn't play Qf2 israpu (GM) : trust my intution guys that Q:f2 was the macho way to play:-) Cancun (IM) : ?? g5 and no development and its more logical ? 11.0-0-0 04350 Ng5 (IM) : 0-0-0 Be7 Ne4 0-0 Ncd6 ? f5 AZ79 (IM) : yes it does look great for white, but try playing it against the computer Ng5 (IM) : Be7 forced and = Cancun (IM) : .5 to 1 pan plus for hite eval Drahacik (FM) : Black is not lost at all. Cancun (IM) : bc8 / ra8 = o AZ79 (IM) : comp will play Be7 0-0 and then generate all sorts of counterplay, possibly with d5 and Bd7 depending on what white does, and it isn't clear at all. White's pieces aren't that optimally placed, on the wrong side of the board in many lines Drahacik (FM) : Black will lose, but he is not lost :) Drahacik (FM) : f4 Nf4 threatening Nf2 fork, what's so good about f4? Drahacik (FM) : Ng4, I mean Drahacik (FM) : f4 does nothing for White, except weaken the dark squares when Black has a dark-squared bishop Drahacik (FM) : during his 80-minute think, Leko didn't prepare a move for 0-0-0? 11...a6 04453 Cancun (IM) : Leko is very strong - Kramnik type style - drfends like a frigging genius 12.e3 0434 Drahacik (FM) : Aronian seemed to expect a6 Drahacik (FM) : a6 means the White queen cannot move Cancun (IM) : if black can survive and develop the Da4 ill look stupid ... big if Drahacik (FM) : a6 didn't waste time. Now White can't move his queen. MightyViking (IM) : 21 minutes on 29 moves. Wow. MightyViking (IM) : The times may be wrong. Leko might actually have 22 minutes. Cancun (IM) : a6 is best on principle the dangerous knight must be challenged immediately Cancun (IM) : rb8 Cancun (IM) : ob 1 MightyViking (IM) : Leko so doesn't want to be where he is now. 12...Tb8 04433 13.Cd4 045 13...Dc7 0442 Drahacik (FM) : f4 Ng4 ... f4 is a bad move Drahacik (FM) : getting close to 30 seconds per move for Leko Drahacik (FM) : If both sides had an hour, I would take the Black side if I had a choice. Morda (IM) : why not Be2 and then f4 Drahacik (FM) : Leko psent more than 80 minutes on 9...g5 Drahacik (FM) : f4 is bad Drahacik (FM) : you have to cover g5 before playing f4 Drahacik (FM) : g4 I mean Drahacik (FM) : Kb1 just allows Black to catch up in development 14.Ae2 04516 Drahacik (FM) : f4 Ng4 AZ79 (IM) : Be2 followed by f4 looks strong 14...Ae7 0425 Drahacik (FM) : yes, White needs to do something, not play moves like Kb1 Drahacik (FM) : this is boring? Drahacik (FM) : ljg Cancun (IM) : f4 MightyViking (IM) : The position is far from Leko's worst problem. MightyViking (IM) : lol modern 15.Rb1 04463 Drahacik (FM) : how do you know Kb1 was best? 15...Cc6 0461 Drahacik (FM) : Nxc6 is horrible MightyViking (IM) : Anything that gets Leko to think some more. Mataleo (FM) : Aronian is playing the strongest moves, which is exactly what he should do, instead of playing for complexity or time 16.Tc1 04276 16...De5 0465 Neveris (GM) : weako in trouble 17.Thd1 04360 17...h5 045 MightyViking (IM) : But White doesn't have any particular threats. MightyViking (IM) : yes, riktig. Perhaps he can make it after all. MightyViking (IM) : It was the piece closest to the clock! :) Drahacik (FM) : White's queen is kind of doing nothing MightyViking (IM) : The lack of a black-squared bishop is felt in white's position. 18.Ra1 04269 MightyViking (IM) : Gets out of potential checks. 18...g4 0464 19.Af1 045 19...f5 045 Drahacik (FM) : Aronian really used his lead in development with Kb1 Ka1 Be2 Bf1 Drahacik (FM) : Bc8 is the only Black piece not doing something. Even the Rb8 stops Nxc6. Ng5 (IM) : draw agreed soon, its too interesting Drahacik (FM) : h4 with Rh2 coming Ng5 (IM) : cant play on here, something might happen 20.Ag2 Diagram

04170 20...Rf7 046 [20...h4!?= Rybka. 21.Cde2 b5 22.cxb5 axb5 23.Dc2 b4 24.Ca4 b3! con actividad.] 21.h3 045 21...Af6 0426 Drahacik (FM) : central queen, bishop pair, Black looks good Ng5 (IM) : Magnus the Dane sounds like a dog in a kids book Drahacik (FM) : mostly dark-bishop, not bishop pair MightyViking (IM) : He is a kid. Drahacik (FM) : b5 sack coming, everything pointing at b2 Drahacik (FM) : h4 makes sense, shut down the Rh8, control some dark squares MightyViking (IM) : h4 and then knight to f4 targeting h5. 22.Dc2 04199 Drahacik (FM) : +1.15 is a joke 22...Ce7 04260 Drahacik (FM) : Public service announcement: ICC's Bubacik has won Slovak Boys 10 Championship with one round to go, with an 8-0 score :) 23.Cce2 04568 23...b5 0447 24.cxb5 0416 24...axb5 045 25.Cf4 0451 (C DM) : the Move! me your before each move. 25...d5 0472 Blitz-King (IM) : Qc7 Rb7 Celine (IM) : this is a strange game.. Blitz-King (IM) : Nc6 Qc7 Celine (IM) : leko deserves to win this - besides he makes me horny. Corrector (IM) : Qc5 with idea Nd3 Celine (IM) : did i say this.. Celine (IM) : aronian is so lucky . leko is never lucky. MMCMiranda (FM) : Clint Eastwood said: to deserve is nothing! (Unforgivable) 26.Dc5 04328 (C DM) : 26.Qc5: BrotherJohn Corrector GrandPatzer Stroustrup ( your ) Celine (IM) : i love life , and i love suffering. 26...Tb7 0445 Celine (IM) : so what is going on here.. SilikonaPub (FM) : celine, luck is not a proerty, you gotta seek it Celine (IM) : Nietzsche , what a man - what a man SilikonaPub (FM) : property* Celine (IM) : dinamate ElJeffe (FM) : I'm waiting for the Tate is Buddha comment ElJeffe (FM) : tx reg MightyViking (IM) : What about Leif Jones? ElJeffe (FM) : Stroustrup are u programmed in C++? 27.Db4 04198 27...Ad7 045 ElJeffe (FM) : tx Stroustrup 28.Cd3 0436 (C DM) : 28.Nd3: BrotherJohn chessboy ( your ) 28...Db8 045 29.Cc5 045 (C DM) : 29.Nc5: BrotherJohn modern ( your ) 29...Dd6 045 MightyViking (IM) : I don't think Carlsen will leko. Drahacik (FM) : Leko is outplaying Aronian at 30 seconds per move, the past 15 moves MightyViking (IM) : No. Polydamas (IM) : Leko is best when he does not think. MightyViking (IM) : He thought it all out at move 9. MightyViking (IM) : He's just following his move 9 analysis. malbi (IM) : is leko still vegetarian??... malbi (IM) : does he eat or smoke vegetables?? MightyViking (IM) : So if Leko draws, you will shut up about his boring play? gringo (FM) : e4! 30.Da5 04311 (C DM) : 30.Qa5: BrotherJohn sharkmeister ( your ) MMCMiranda (FM) : Leko is very short in time. malbi (IM) : smoke fo any kind is fine... 30...Tc7 0432 (C DM) : 30...Rc7: BrotherJohn ( your ) malbi (IM) : of any kind... 31.Cxd7 Diagram

0442 MightyViking (IM) : He's miles from being short. 31...Txd7 045 TIGRANO (GM) : bad move TIGRANO (GM) : have to take on c1 first TIGRANO (GM) : Nb5 TIGRANO (GM) : simply TIGRANO (GM) : +0.60 rybka R-Ponomariov (GM) : I think would be 0-1. Aronian is playing nervous now [31...Txc1+! 32.Txc1 Dxd7 33.hxg4 hxg4 34.Af1 a) 34.Dxb5? Dxb5 35.Cxb5 Th2 36.Tg1 Cc6 37.Rb1 Cb4 38.a4 Ad8 con ventaja de las negras.; b) 34.Cxb5 Th2 35.Tg1 f4 36.gxf4 (36.exf4? Dc6 37.Cc3 Txg2 38.Txg2 d4-+) 36...Ah4=/+; 34...Tc8 35.Td1 Axd4 36.exd4 Dc6 37.Ad3 Ta8 38.Dxb5 Ta4= Rybka.] 32.hxg4 04163 kava (IM) : black is better 32...hxg4 045 R-Ponomariov (GM) : Bf1!? 33.Af1 045 TIGRANO (GM) : rybka second line 33...b4 0426 R-Ponomariov (GM) : Rh2!? R-Ponomariov (GM) : Qa5 out of play now TIGRANO (GM) : Nb5 and Qb4 ElDuke (FM) : awesome to have Ponomariov commenting here [33...Axd4 34.exd4 b4= Rybka. 35.Tc5 Tb7 36.Ab5 Thb8 37.Th1 (37.Dxb4? Txb5-+) 37...f4=] 34.Cb5+/- Rybka. 0464 (C DM) : 34.Nb5: TIGRANO ( your ) Blitz-King (IM) : I dont agree;) kava (IM) : si Celine (IM) : and i love him god damn it!! Celine (IM) : :) 34...De5 04107 (C DM) : 34...Qe5: atimco king-lear PaintDryer ( your ) 35.Dxb4 046 35...Ta8 045 Celine (IM) : pornomariov can beat naka, of course he can. MBelli (IM) : any compensantion ? MBelli (IM) : maybe ... Blitz-King (IM) : this is a strong Volga TIGRANO (GM) : Bd3 and Rh1 36.Td2 0457 36...Db8 045 Drahacik (FM) : It's a Benko where White castled queenside. MBelli (IM) : of course he got MBelli (IM) : its dangerous MBelli (IM) : for white MightyViking (IM) : Leko making the time control with time to spare. SilikonaPub (FM) : just 4 blitzing moves for leko MightyViking (IM) : He could have thought a bit more on move 9! :) 37.Rb1 04106 (C DM) : 37.Kb1: Stroustrup ( your ) 37...Ae5 045 Drahacik (FM) : Aronian has long-term problems with his King... Leko has compensation for the pawn. MBelli (IM) : ya, now I think is easier to play with black MBelli (IM) : Well the problem is to make something with the knight ... thats the blacks task Neveris (GM) : lot of rubbish being said on this game Drahacik (FM) : us the truth, Neveris Drahacik (FM) : Volga = Benko MightyViking (IM) : Pal Volga 38.Tdc2 04266 (C DM) : 38.Rdc2: ElScorcho Fork drstrangemove ( your ) Drahacik (FM) : White never castles queenside in the Benko Gambit, but he did here. 38...Tda7 0453 (C DM) : 38...Rda7: blogmasterAGH ( your ) SilikonaPub (FM) : I don't see any conection with benko, just that black has a pawn less like there kava (IM) : a3 Drahacik (FM) : Leko low on time turns into a crazy attacking player 39.a3 0444 (C DM) : 39.a3: kava the-monster ( your ) 39...Ta4 045 MightyViking (IM) : you're right, RegicideX LucianoMaia (FM) : 0-1 ?????? lol , lol , lol 40.Db3 0454 (C DM) : 40.Qb3: BrotherJohn Stroustrup GrandPatzer ( your ) Celine (IM) : leko with alot of time = passive , leko with no time = aggressive 40...Db6 0468 (C DM) : 40...Qb6: BrotherJohn ( your ) Polydamas (IM) : Even if he could teleport the knight I don't see a particularly tasty square. Polydamas (IM) : Not too impressive either... kava (IM) : tc6!? Polydamas (IM) : No threat from there. Drahacik (FM) : Rc6 Qxc6 Polydamas (IM) : :-) Polydamas (IM) : Looks good but allows Rc6. Drahacik (FM) : why would Aronian give two rooks for the queen? 41.Tc5 04407 Polydamas (IM) : Nd4 is an option now. kava (IM) : R4a5!? kava (IM) : R4a5 with the idea of Nd4 Qxc5! kava (IM) : Ad6? Tc6! kava (IM) : i think yes kava (IM) : Qxc6 Rxc6 Blitz-King (IM) : R4a5 almost only move;) Blitz-King (IM) : lol kava (IM) : Rc5 bad move better Ka2 Blitz-King (IM) : maybe R4a5 Ka2? Blitz-King (IM) : R4a5 Ka2 Rb8.. Blitz-King (IM) : ?! Blitz-King (IM) : how kapa kava (IM) : how? Blitz-King (IM) : lol kava (IM) : yes Blitz-King (IM) : yeah Blitz-King (IM) : so what after R4a5 Polydamas (IM) : How long is Leko going to think this time? Blitz-King (IM) : 1 hour for 20 moves now? Polydamas (IM) : (wonders what the longest think in GM practice was) Polydamas (IM) : One of my opponents once managed to spend 85 minutes for one move but that's certainly not a record. Blitz-King (IM) : did he play the best polydamas?:) Finegold (IM) : nope Polydamas (IM) : Well... second best. But he was lost anyway. Blitz-King (IM) : ah Ok SilikonaPub (FM) : kasparov's f3 against karpov was 1:30 I think LucianoMaia (FM) : aronian is waiting a leko mistake Neveris (GM) : draw? Neveris (GM) : lol 41...T4a5 04891 (C DM) : 41...R4a5: NJSKing kava Blitz-King ( your ) LucianoMaia (FM) : when b3 .. ra3 wins R-Ponomariov (GM) : Well, maybe black must just wait here and don't exchange queens 42.Ae2 04242 R-Ponomariov (GM) : It's not so easy for white to use extra pawm R-Ponomariov (GM) : But probably advantage of white that they have more active piecea R-Ponomariov (GM) : But for black it's good to exchange one pair of rooks R-Ponomariov (GM) : What about Rh8 ? 42...Tb8 04179 (C DM) : 42...Rb8: NJSKing mrgolem ( your ) R-Ponomariov (GM) : Well, Rb8 also looks very logical R-Ponomariov (GM) : Qb4? Coffeehouse (GM) : how bot assesses this position? SilikonaPub (FM) : pono, do you think are being more mistakes on this tournament than in the average? R-Ponomariov (GM) : This tournament is so nice: everybody can be first, and everybody can be last 43.Db4 04222 (C DM) : 43.Qb4: NJSKing sharkmeister ( your ) R-Ponomariov (GM) : Well, in this situation probably only Anand can?t be last. But do you remember how Topalov started or last year result of Morozevich? R-Ponomariov (GM) : Maybe Kf6 and no more check by knight? MMCMiranda (FM) : Kf6, my prediction 43...Rf6 04180 (C DM) : 43...Kf6: BrotherJohn MMCMiranda ( your ) R-Ponomariov (GM) : tel Rivaldo - I really enjoy Carlsen, but hate Leko LucianoMaia (FM) : a4 ? MMCMiranda (FM) : I dont see how white can make any progress ninguno (IM) : why do people have so much hate in their lives. I bet Leko didn't do anything to this guy R-Ponomariov (GM) : Well my opinion depends only chess not life. And it's my opinion, probably somebody have different SilikonaPub (FM) : leko has not many fans despite his 2753 ninguno (IM) : I wouldn't say hate but I do preffer to watch Anand's or Topalov's games and not Leko's or Kramnik's. MMCMiranda (FM) : Bd6 is a threat? MMCMiranda (FM) : not really.. 44.T1c2 04718 PapMisa (IM) : .. bulletmaster (FM) : Bting Kramnik in a match will be difficult bulletmaster (FM) : gtg, bye! 44...Th8 Diagram

04632 (C DM) : 44...Rh8: BrotherJohn ( your ) Celine (IM) : walter ? Celine (IM) : browne ? Celine (IM) : ok ok Celine (IM) : hehehe Celine (IM) : everybody can win everbody here... Celine (IM) : forkert riktig MMCMiranda (FM) : Qe1 45.e4? 04740 [Es mejor 45.Ad3+/- Rybka. 45...Taa8 46.Ra2 Thb8 47.De1 Ad6 48.Dc3+ Ae5 49.Cd4 Db4 50.Dxb4 Txb4 51.Cb5+/-] 45...fxe4 0475 (C DM) : 45...fxe4: Bardem ( your ) 46.Axg4 Diagram

045 ChessMaestro (FM) : sí, donde está alejo? Smallville (GM) : heee haw Smallville (GM) : I am either going to be just short or at 27 Smallville (GM) : Kamsky is going to get forfeited in his match if he doesn't stop the shenanigans ChessMaestro (FM) : what shenanigans smallville MMCMiranda (FM) : position has changed. Now, black is in danger. MMCMiranda (FM) : f3 or f4 coming.. Speelman (GM) : I think Rc8 now Smallville (GM) : Kramnik is world champion of course 46...Tha8 04614 Smallville (GM) : f4 looks very strong here Smallville (GM) : You guys don't understand the art of chess, if you say Kramnik is boring MMCMiranda (FM) : Smallville, why ICC do not show your 1-min rating (Best 1-min command)? Smallville (GM) : f4 Bd6 Qd4! Smallville (GM) : lol deathrattle Smallville (GM) : Ok, I gotta head back out, later boys and girls Smallville (GM) : Be safe! [46...Th1+! 47.Ra2 (47.Tc1? Txc1+ 48.Rxc1 Cc6-+) 47...Ad6= Rybka. 48.Dc3+ Ae5 49.Db4 (49.Cd4? Dxc5 50.Dxc5 Txc5 51.Txc5 Axd4-+) 49...Ad6 50.Dc3+=] 47.Tc1 04359 ChessMaestro (FM) : aronian's amazing Celine (IM) : this is a heavy game [47.f4 exf3 48.Axf3+/- Rybka. 48...Th8 (48...Axg3? 49.Dd4+ con ataque. 49...Rf7 50.Ah5+) 49.g4 Th2 50.Txh2 Axh2 51.Ae2+/-] 47...Ta4 04106 (C DM) : 47...Ra4: eron007 NJSKing ( your ) Mincho (IM) : Qe1 48.Dd2 04127 (C DM) : 48.Qd2: avenger64 pachacutec1970 Morphydasilva IvanTheTerrible drstrangemove zdrakec schostak chessboy WryLopez riktig wuffle shred Freja-Odin GrandPatzer dartiz ( your ) Celine (IM) : i like leko's position. [48.Db3!?+/= Rybka. 48...Ad6 49.T5c3 Ae5 50.T3c2 T4a5 51.Ae2 Tb8 52.f4 Ad6 53.Dc3+ d4 54.Dxd4+ Dxd4 55.Cxd4 Txa3 (55...Axa3 56.Ac4+/-) 56.Cb5 Txb5 57.Axb5 Txg3 58.Tc4 Te3 59.T4c3 Txc3 60.bxc3 Rf5 61.Rc2+/=] 48...Txa3 04233 (C DM) : 48...Rxa3: shred Freja-Odin Elddir fishhead Chesslord Knallo patzerforlife BrotherJohn schostak luar1609 brj4 riktig ( your ) Celine (IM) : leko is cool Speelman (GM) : does Nx Rx Rc6 Nx Qh6+ lead to perpetual? humanoid (FM) : what do the comps say here? Celine (IM) : cool that leko , sacked a rook though...even though he gets down in flames. Shakhmaty (IM) : What a waste, to run to check engine evaluations in such a rich fascinating position LittlePeasant (GM) : no engine, but avengers line seems completely winning for black LittlePeasant (GM) : that ra1+ kc2 nc6 thing crotexan2210 (IM) : pacha.. 51.. Qb2 checkmate :)) LittlePeasant (GM) : this is not a bluff, i'm hard pressed to see how to play as white Ng5 (IM) : shredder says = crotexan2210 (IM) : ok.maybe bxa3 Rxa3 Qb4 LittlePeasant (GM) : just Ra1+ Kc2 Nc6 dado crotexan2210 (IM) : lol LP ok 49.Cxa3 04538 (C DM) : 49.Nxa3: brj4 BrotherJohn avenger64 zdrakec NJSKing drstrangemove Stroustrup ( your ) 49...Txa3 045 ninguno (IM) : Rc6 Ng5 (IM) : maybe Bd1 Mataleo (FM) : got to respect Leko in this tourney. He lost yes but he made me a fan again Ng5 (IM) : Bd1 and its a game but black has enough play Ng5 (IM) : Rc6 just forces a draw ninguno (IM) : wasn't bxa3, Rxa3, Qb4 good? Ng5 (IM) : f4 is silly Ng5 (IM) : comps like f4 ef Rc6= but he will just play Rc6 nowif he wants that crotexan2210 (IM) : he'll play it safe, Rc6 50.Tc6 04506 (C DM) : 50.Rc6: NJSKing ninguno lapataaa riktig Knallo zdrakec ardientewj patzerforlife mightymax ( your ) Ng5 (IM) : draw jacosta (IM) : ok = Ng5 (IM) : gg [50.Tc6 Cxc6 51.Dh6+ Re7 52.Dxe6+ Rf8 53.Dh6+ Re7=] 1/2-1/2

En honor al pueblo mexicano que con tanto orgullo y pasión colabora en la continuidad de este mágico evento, finalizaremos esta crónica con una opinión de uno de sus polifacéticos artistas:

"El ajedrez es la forma de conformarse del hombre para saciar su sed, su nostalgia de infinito, conformarse en hacer la guerra allí en un espacio limitado pero al mismo tiempo capaz de alojar al infinito.

El ajedrez es el único juego que vale la pena jugar porque nos sobrepasa, como las piezas de Shakespeare.

El ajedrez es un duelo de un hombre contra otro, donde lo que es la personalidad del hombre queda comprometida. Cada jugador lucha contra su enemigo interior, que es su torpeza o sus hallazgos".

Juan José Arreola (1908-2001)- Escritor, académico y editor mexicano -.

Recibid un cordial saludo!,

Angel Jiménez Arteaga

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