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Torneo de Morelia/Linares 2008

5ª Ronda : Morelia, 20-2-2008

Leko-Anand (5)

El actual campeón del mundo, el GM hindú afincado en España,Vishy Anand merecidamente se encumbra tras la quinta ronda celebrada el miércoles como líder en solitario de esta XXV edición del Torneo de Linares, desde hace varios años conocido como Morelia/Linares.

Tras una Defensa Siciliana, Variante Najdorf los jugadores fueron intercambiando piezas hasta entrar en un final de torre y alfil para Leko frente a torre y caballo para Anand.

Las impresiones eran favorables para Leko, al existir peones en ambos flancos (en donde el alfil se hace más efectivo que el caballo). Sin embargo Vishy Anand jugó muy activo con su rey, pasó un peón y con la ayuda de su rey y de su caballo forzó el abandono de Leko.

Rybka antes de que el ICC señalara clara ventaja de Leko, encuentra una posible continuación para Anand, tras la que el programa indica igualdad.

En el movimiento número treinta y cuatro vino el lamentable error de Leko, que pudo remediar en parte cuatro jugadas más tarde, por lo menos para no perder de inmediato, algo que el GM húngaro no hizo. A partir de ahí quedó totalmente inferior y poco pudo hacer ante la fenomenal técnica intuitiva de Anand.

Leko,P (2753) - Anand,V (2799) [B90]
Morelia/Linares Morelia (5), 20.02.2008

1.e4 040 1...c5 043 2.Cf3 0421 2...d6 043 3.d4 043 3...cxd4 043 4.Cxd4 0422 4...Cf6 043 5.Cc3 043 5...a6 043 6.Ae3 0411 6...e5 043 7.Cb3 043 7...Ae6 0421 8.Dd2 043 8...Cbd7 0464 9.f3 0421 9...b5 0421 10.0-0-0 0421 10...Ae7 043 11.Cd5 0421 [11.g4 b4 12.Cd5 (12.Ce2 a5 13.Rb1 h6 14.Cg3 a4 15.Cc1 d5 16.Cf5 Axf5 17.gxf5 d4 18.Af2 0-0 19.Tg1 Rh8 20.Ab5 Cc5 21.Cd3 a3 22.Cxe5 axb2 23.Axd4 Txa2 24.Rxa2 Da5+ 25.Rxb2 Dxb5 26.Txg7 Rxg7 27.Cg4 Th8 28.Cxf6 Axf6 29.Tg1+ Rh7 30.Axf6 Ca4+ 31.Rc1 1-0 Svidler,P (2735)-Sutovsky,E (2697)/Calvia ESP 2004/The Week in Chess 520) 12...Axd5 13.exd5 Cb6 14.Dxb4 Cfxd5 15.Axb6 Cxb6 16.f4 0-0 17.fxe5 dxe5 18.Txd8 Axb4 19.Txa8 Txa8 20.a3 Ae7 21.Ca5 Ag5+ 22.Rb1 e4 23.Ae2 Cd5 24.Td1 Cf4 25.Ac4 e3 26.Te1 Te8 27.Axa6 Cg2 28.Te2 Cf4 29.b4 Cxe2 30.Axe2 Te4 31.c3 Tf4 32.Rc2 Tf2 33.Rd3 Txh2 34.a4 f5 35.gxf5 h5 36.Cc6 h4 37.a5 h3 38.a6 Txe2 39.Rxe2 h2 40.a7 h1D 41.a8D+ Rh7 42.De8 Dg2+ 43.Rd3 Dd2+ 44.Rc4 e2 45.Dg6+ Rh8 46.De8+ 1/2-1/2 Anand,V (2779)-Sutovsky,E (2607)/Rishon Le Zion ISR 2006/The Week in Chess 618] 11...Axd5 0474 12.exd5 043 12...Cb6 0443 13.Axb6 0421 13...Dxb6 043 14.Ca5 0422 tnedev (GM) : ==== 14...Tc8 04127 Lapinews (IM) : nc6 nd5 not rc6 tnedev (GM) : nc6 nd5,ne7 ne7,qd6 = 15.Cc6 04148 15...Cxd5 0454 16.Cxe7 043 16...Cxe7 043 17.Dxd6 0411 17...Dxd6 043 18.Txd6 043 tnedev (GM) : nc6-ke7 18...Cc6 0442 19.c3 0432 19...Re7 Diagram

0421 20.Td1 0422 Kingway (IM) : white stands better, but it's a meaningless better unless black gets outplayed. Which won't happen... tnedev (GM) : draw Leko theory [20.Td2 Thd8 21.Txd8 Txd8 22.Ae2 f5 23.a4 bxa4 24.Axa6 Ca5 25.Ab5 Cb3+ 26.Rb1 Cc5 27.Rc2 Tb8 28.Ac4 Td8 29.Td1 Txd1 30.Rxd1 Rd6 31.Rd2 g5 32.Ag8 h6 33.Ah7 Re6 34.Ag8+ Rd6 35.Af7 Re7 36.Ag6 Rf6 37.Ae8 Re7 38.Ab5 Rd6 39.Ac4 e4 40.fxe4 Cxe4+ 1/2-1/2 Mecking,H (2570)-Evans,L (2545)/San Antonio 1972/CD PDR] 20...f5 04310 Ng5 (IM) : very limp leko 21.Ad3 04567 21...g6 0453 Drahacik (FM) : I doubt spectators are allowed to walk close to the boards in this tournament Drahacik (FM) : these guys are better than pocket fritz 22.The1 04606 Neveris (GM) : zzzzzzzz Celine (IM) : no more leko ----------- Neveris (GM) : +cens leko 22...Thd8 04762 Eisenhein (GM) : fen 1 23.Af1 041351 Drahacik (FM) : Be2 blocks the Re1 Drahacik (FM) : f3 doesn't need protection Drahacik (FM) : Kf6 is obvious Drahacik (FM) : Leko's a vegetarian, you expect him to go hunting for meat? Drahacik (FM) : he plants his pieces so they grow 23...Txd1+ 04433 Drahacik (FM) : R+B versus R+N is the "Fischer endgame". Drahacik (FM) : Fischer won a lot with the R+B 24.Txd1 04171 24...Ca5 0499 Sweere (GM) : Leko is on chess welfare 25.a4 04488 25...Cc4 0446 26.axb5 04137 Neveris (GM) : 1-0 26...axb5 04100 Cowboystiefel (FM) : draw Neveris (GM) : errr.... Neveris (GM) : rd5? Neveris (GM) : thought that won a pawn Neveris (GM) : maybe not Neveris (GM) : yeah ok draw Neveris (GM) : can i change:-) Cowboystiefel (FM) : dont think just drink Neveris (GM) : but b4 def loses a pawn Neveris (GM) : take the knight, take the e pawn then go back to e3 syaherr (IM) : Re1 and b3 Cowboystiefel (FM) : we saw it yes Cowboystiefel (FM) : give the pawn and hold the rokk ending - no problem for a world champion lentejov (IM) : rd5 ke6 rxb5 be3 rb6+ kd5 be2 nxg2 Sweere (GM) : Ba6 anyone? Sweere (GM) : I mean the line offered above lentejov (IM) : perhaps rd5 kf6 is better than ke6 with the same line rxb5 ne3 rb6 kg5 ba6 rd8 -en d1 mate 27.Td5 04423 27...Rf6 0453 28.Txb5 04112 Drahacik (FM) : Darnoc 2615 blitz: what toun is this? :) 28...Ce3 0436 Kingway (IM) : Races are a pain to calculate:rb6 kg5 ba6 rd8 b4 and the white queenside pawns races against the black kingside invasion. Could be wild and fun... 29.Tb6+ 04189 29...Rg5 0433 Kingway (IM) : one fun line is ba6 rd8 b4 ng2 c4 ne1 c5 nf3 c6 and c7 is a big threat with bc8 already covering c8 Sweere (GM) : no matter if Leko wins 100 games in a row he;s still Peter Leko the Drawmeister lentejov (IM) : i din't like rb6+ it activates black's king ...wasn't it better simply be2 nxg2 c4 Kingway (IM) : I like rb6/ba6 since speed of the white c pawn is the critical factor Sweere (GM) : I prefer Black Celine (IM) : black pawns are faster than white pawns, i have heard. 30.Aa6 04262 Kingway (IM) : Qaule, I disagree. Black loses time chomping pawns on the kingside. White is just pushing, pushing. He seems to win most races when you calc them out. I think black is in some danger here. Kingway (IM) : A typical result to my mind is black goes up a few pawns, but white's pawns reach the promised land faster. Celine (IM) : horsepower.. 30...Td8 04135 Celine (IM) : b4 force. Kingway (IM) : the black king doesn't matter much here (if at all). It won't be helping to queen pawns and it can't get back to defend either. 31.b4 Diagram

0478 Celine (IM) : the impossible is happening, Drawko - ... is maybe winning. Celine (IM) : this is good sex Celine (IM) : chess Celine (IM) : can he golde, ? can he ? 31...Rf4 04231 Kingway (IM) : black's problem here is that c4/c5/c6/c7/c8 (q) is 5 moves. Obvious chess like nxg2/ne1/nxf3/e4/e3/e2/e1 is 7 (more really, since ba6 covers the e2 square slowing black down more). Vishy I'm sure has something cool planned, can't wait to see his idea. Celine (IM) : b5 , or c4 dont work, nice. Celine (IM) : rc6 maybe lentejov (IM) : Rc6 and b5 b6 b7? Kingway (IM) : Vishy! the quiet move that slows white down...sure didn't see that coming. lentejov (IM) : it is Rc6 or Kb2 Kingway (IM) : MiCrooks: funny I think this is a position that computers with power do great, they calc the lines in race positions much better than even top humans if they have sufficient power. Too little power and they can get killed on the horizon issue Celine (IM) : he can offer draw first. [31...Cxg2!? 32.Tc6 Ce1= Rybka.] 32.Tc6+/- 04329 tnedev (GM) : = Celine (IM) : b5 -b8 tnedev (GM) : ng2 ,b5 ra8 Celine (IM) : i love endgames like this, with a race. lentejov (IM) : this might be a clear example why bishop is stronger than knight in certain type of endgames Celine (IM) : who is leedo ? Ng5 (IM) : if Leko is better they will agree a draw soon 32...Cxg2 04385 Celine (IM) : ok ok , lets's see Celine (IM) : i would plau b5 spontant. 33.b5+- 0444 33...Ta8 Diagram

043 SilikonaPub (FM) : Ng5, when did you see Leko giving a draw in a better ending? israpu (GM) : b6!!! israpu (GM) : b6 R:a6 Rc4!!! Ng5 (IM) : Leko takes the safe line and his advantage fades away tnedev (GM) : b6 ra6 rc4 e4!! klaras (GM) : b6 rxa6 rc4 kxf3 b7 rb6 rb4 rxb7? israpu (GM) : ok,is not good:-) israpu (GM) : was joke klaras (GM) : was olala? :) israpu (GM) : almost lala klaras:-) SilikonaPub (FM) : Rc4 looks good tnedev (GM) : rc4 abd rb4 = israpu (GM) : Nedev is more lala klaras (GM) : whats abd? (: klaras (GM) : like abc murders smth? tnedev (GM) : haha tnx israpu (GM) : fire on the board israpu (GM) : nedev just feel the lala spirit:-) klaras (GM) : we have any computer evaluation here? israpu (GM) : draw for sure :-) Celine (IM) : this might be draw, or black or white will win. tnedev (GM) : += Neveris (GM) : come on vish! Shakhmaty (IM) : Anand must be sweating out like never before israpu (GM) : time to Vish the Lego man israpu (GM) : Lego is playing with no fear this time klaras (GM) : at least no boring draw israpu (GM) : yeahh Ng5 (IM) : shredder says Rc4 +, seems about = klaras (GM) : they put some olala spirit in their board israpu (GM) : he didnt want to be vished away... tnedev (GM) : rc8 ra7,rc4+ kf3,ra4... israpu (GM) : some olala today indeed:-) Celine (IM) : nobody. israpu (GM) : incredible gulasch position Celine (IM) : bb7 - rb8 , rc4 - e4 !! Celine (IM) : rc4-ke3 Neveris (GM) : yeah rc8 TRADE (IM) : No need at all for 34.b6 ... TRADE (IM) : 34.Rc8 seems winning. klaras (GM) : nedevs idea has a point TRADE (IM) : Rc8 Ra7 Rc4+!! followed by Ra4 and b6 next lentejov (IM) : rc8 ra7 c4 kxf3 c5 e4 b6 TRADE (IM) : Rybka convinced that white has a decisive plus klaras (GM) : so maybe kf4 was overconfident klaras (GM) : maybe just nxg2 TRADE (IM) : you guys like to use CAPS when writing names, don't you? lentejov (IM) : rc8 the c4 c5 and b6 and rxa6 b7 queen for a knight TRADE (IM) : I think Leko will win it convincingly also TRADE (IM) : against 34.Rc8 Ra7 35.c4 also wins, after 35...Ne1 36.Rd8 let's say 34.Ab7?? 041097 TRADE (IM) : ouch [34.Tc8 Txc8 35.Axc8+-] 34...Tb8= 0423 35.Tc7 043 Neveris (GM) : i gotta admit TRADE (IM) : Now this is so sad Neveris (GM) : bb7 puzzles me TRADE (IM) : agreed, Neveris 35...Ce1 0457 israpu (GM) : Vishi will vish him out now Neveris (GM) : bb7 is lekos rg3 Drahacik (FM) : Of course Leko "saw" Rc8, question is how he evaluated it. israpu (GM) : Lego lost his way... SilikonaPub (FM) : it looks a draw with b6 Nxf3 Bxf3 b7 and pawns running Neveris (GM) : looks winning for black Mataleo (FM) : people make me laugh... it's a VERY complicated position, not easy at all to find your way unless you use rybka (which, I should remind you, is not allowed in actual play......) SilikonaPub (FM) : I don't see how does black win, e4 c4 e3 Te7 Mataleo (FM) : who is Energie? 36.Txh7 04230 klaras (GM) : now definitely looks more plesant for black Mataleo (FM) : well neo, you should play at linared then israpu (GM) : who cares about h7 Klaras? klaras (GM) : his pawns n king r more olala 36...Cxf3 0432 israpu (GM) : hhehe 37.c4 043 klaras (GM) : not even h7 cared about being eaten :) SilikonaPub (FM) : I can't understand Rxh7, israpu (GM) : for sure:-) israpu (GM) : e pawn to be president of USA! klaras (GM) : e4 c5 israpu (GM) : E pawn cant be worse than Bush right? :-) Drahacik (FM) : yeah, Carlsen klaras (GM) : maybe then nd4? 37...e4 Diagram

0466 klaras (GM) : even h2 is better than bush israpu (GM) : haha Blitz-King (IM) : lol israpu (GM) : Klaras in olala form SilikonaPub (FM) : c5 and very hard to evaluate SilikonaPub (FM) : maybe is not a matter of evaluation, just calculation :) israpu (GM) : Kc1 on the playa in sitges now:-) Mataleo (FM) : still very complicated klaras (GM) : c5 nd4 c6 nxb5 c7 lentejov (IM) : c5 nd4 ..b6 nb3+ and nxc5 israpu (GM) : Kf4 in salou:-) klaras (GM) : and probably a draw? israpu (GM) : maybe draw,but minimum for black see klaras (GM) : anand again playing way 2 fast israpu (GM) : he is too quick Vish israpu (GM) : nerves klaras (GM) : son of the wind israpu (GM) : Wind of the sun Morfius (IM) : were did leko missed the win Morfius (IM) : ok thx israpu (GM) : as usualy Vish is afraid to be late for dinner,so he plays quicker klaras (GM) : wife is waiting israpu (GM) : always waiting:-) klaras (GM) : maybe hes afraid she wont be always waiting (: israpu (GM) : hehe 38.Rc2?? 04239 Drahacik (FM) : Kc2 looks useless klaras (GM) : he was afraid of c5 israpu (GM) : Kc2 is out of the playa to the disco:-) klaras (GM) : but thats some 2 slow israpu (GM) : slow is not a word israpu (GM) : super slow SilikonaPub (FM) : white K wants to travel to cornella klaras (GM) : its like replay klaras (GM) : how rivaldo is running nowadays israpu (GM) : Kc2 seem a joke israpu (GM) : Maradona with 70 years running klaras (GM) : maradona on drugs israpu (GM) : esoo klaras (GM) : maybe its pele on samba israpu (GM) : no need for engine to notice that Leko got a strange hair cut today... israpu (GM) : :-) klaras (GM) : maybe kc2 was mouseslip lentejov (IM) : why not e3 now? israpu (GM) : the one that can my next comment is a millionair for sure:-) Drahacik (FM) : Anand taking time now, wondering what the silly Kc2 does. israpu (GM) : random olala mode always:-) israpu (GM) : Kc2 cat slip Neveris (GM) : e3 israpu (GM) : Kc2 in fact is a mouse sleep :-) Neveris (GM) : in chess, its not important to be able to calculate ahead, all you have to do is find the best next move! klaras (GM) : maybe he intends e3 kd3 klaras (GM) : but then he cant push c-pawn klaras (GM) : cz of rd8+ israpu (GM) : Kd3 make sence,but not for this game Klaras:-) Drahacik (FM) : the only way to play the best move without calculating is to have tablebases :) klaras (GM) : maybe was for topalovs game then israpu (GM) : Kd3 will be better in topalov game lentejov (IM) : e3 re7 [Es mejor 38.c5 Cd4 39.c6 Cxb5 40.c7 Cxc7 41.Txc7=/+] 38...e3-+ 04351 israpu (GM) : 0-1 official klaras (GM) : e3 re7 e2? klaras (GM) : making use of banana king on c2 Drahacik (FM) : Black doing better than white in this tourney? israpu (GM) : ok,time to slip...sorry to sleep:-) Grettir (IM) : jau israpu (GM) : gute nacht israpu (GM) : malakias Drahacik (FM) : maybe chess is a win for Black. Anand winning now, Carlsen now, Aronian yesterday. klaras (GM) : kalinixta malaka :) 39.Rd3 04104 israpu (GM) : jeje israpu (GM) : kalinka malaka:-) tnedev (GM) : re8 rh3 !? klaras (GM) : ne5 ke2 nxc4 rh4 and 2v1 in the end klaras (GM) : a draw SilikonaPub (FM) : maybe g5 avoiding any Rh4 Mataleo (FM) : i like g5 klaras (GM) : cz white cannot push c5 klaras (GM) : he wont have bd5 to cover rd8+ 39...g5 04169 klaras (GM) : id say re8 n if rh3 re4! klaras (GM) : but probably anand knows better SilikonaPub (FM) : klaras that idea is cool :) klaras (GM) : cool but maybe not enough klaras (GM) : after b6 then e2 bxe4 e1Q rxf3 why should white lose? Silluger (FM) : ANAND OWNS Silluger (FM) : hes inspiring me to play sicilian najdorf klaras (GM) : in the end b6 was falling klaras (GM) : but maybe im calculating smth stupid anyway SilikonaPub (FM) : I agree klaras klaras (GM) : anand played g5! :) SilikonaPub (FM) : ith the first sentence, not about stupidity :) klaras (GM) : nothing wrong with stupidity either :) 40.Re2 04286 SilikonaPub (FM) : g4 looks evident klaras (GM) : rd8 klaras (GM) : rd8 bd5 nd4 klaras (GM) : and nxb5 klaras (GM) : simplest klaras (GM) : and 0-1 klaras (GM) : rd8 bxf3 rd2 must also be over klaras (GM) : anand rulezzz Drahacik (FM) : how leedo 40...Cd4+ 04168 Drahacik (FM) : Anand has 2 hours, he can go out to dinner and come back Drahacik (FM) : Anand go for a swim, take a shower, go to dinner, then come and win this. 41.Re1 04139 SilikonaPub (FM) : black power! tnedev (GM) : rd8 0-1 Drahacik (FM) : Black has a plus score in this tourney so far? Fishman (FM) : ohh if Re8 then Bc6 Fishman (FM) : not so easy lentejov (IM) : Rd8 ? tnedev (GM) : rd8 nc2/rd2... tnedev (GM) : rd8 bd5 nb5... klaras (GM) : rd8 bd5 nxb5 klaras (GM) : and peach lentejov (IM) : Rd8 or Ke5 gilah (FM) : re8 Fishman (FM) : 34. b6 was good? 41...Td8 04299 Fishman (FM) : rc8 hmmmmm Garpun (IM) : young Radjabov and Carlsen after successful 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 f5 !? and 1.e4 Nf6 !? can play something like 1.e4 Nc6 !? or 1.d4 b5 !? :-) Garpun (IM) : or 1.a3 !? any other ideas? :-) Fishman (FM) : 34. Rc8 Ra7 35. b6 Rxa6 36. b7 Rb6 37. b8=Q Rxb8 38. Rxb8 Kxf3 is good enough for white to win? Ng5 (IM) : good to see Leko lashed after his limp opening Cobra-King (WIM) : 34.Rc8 was winning, and 38.c5 (instead of Kc2) Re8 39.b6 e3 40.Ba6 Nd4 41.Kd1 Rd8 42.b7 Nb3+ 43.Ke1 Nxc5 44.Bc4 was the last remi by Rybka 2.4 Ng5 (IM) : it aint now Ng5 (IM) : time to resign MightyViking (IM) : Leko didn't play the winning line because he is programmed to find drawing lines. Sweere (GM) : chess without th4 \e Cold War politics isn't fun Sweere (GM) : something like that Sweere (GM) : How many times we watched Anad and Lekjo play each other Sweere (GM) : we know Anand is better Sweere (GM) : why play more? Sweere (GM) : agree Sweere (GM) : chess needs strong personalities chess needs drama Sweere (GM) : this is hack job Sweere (GM) : they drift from Wijk to Linares to Dortmund to collect paycheck 42.Te7 04772 42...Cc2+ 0434 43.Rf1 0422 43...Td1+ 0432 44.Re2 043 44...Td2+ 043 45.Rf1 0445 45...Cd4 043 PapMisa (IM) : idea is clear Nf3.... PapMisa (IM) : black wins.. MightyViking (IM) : Those mighty passed white pawns. Why hasn't Leko moved them in 10 moves?? klaras (GM) : anand da man MightyViking (IM) : No draw for Leko today. 0-1

Topalov-Carlsen (5)

Si Topalov pierde con Carlsen no pasa nada (!?)… .

El Mozart del ajedrez optó por innovar en la apertura en el ajedrez de élite. Como hiciera también Teimour Radjabov en este torneo, esta vez le tocó salirse de los típicos esquemas al GM noruego que introdujo la siempre interesante Defensa Alekhine (Aliejin).

Topalov puso sobre el tablero una línea contra la que Carlsen ha jugado con frecuencia.

El joven jugador noruego, ganó un peón tras un planteo que no fue demasiado favorable tras la apertura para Veselin.

Todo lo que vino a partir de ahí fue la puesta en escena de una excelente técnica de Magnus Carlsen, hasta conseguir el punto completo. El noruego tras la partida declaró que esta victoria le va a venir muy bien para recuperar confianza de cara al resto del torneo. Ahora se encumbra en el tercer lugar de la clasificación (!?) y con energías renovadas.

Topalov,V (2780) - Carlsen,M (2733) [B04]
Morelia/Linares Morelia (5), 20.02.2008

1.e4 040 1...Cf6 0432 2.e5 043 2...Cd5 043 3.d4 0411 3...d6 043 4.Cf3 043 Ng5 (IM) : suicide 4...dxe5 0421 5.Cxe5 043 5...c6 043 Ng5 (IM) : die young stay pretty Ng5 (IM) : Topalov may have prepped it for Kamsky Smallville (GM) : Nxf7 is going to be played in a few moves 6.Ad3 04328 6...Cd7 0421 Smallville (GM) : Alekhine wins for black Smallville (GM) : Though I don't know why Magnus feels like copying my signature opening Smallville (GM) : lol Smallville (GM) : Nxf7 is always possible.The question is whether its any good Smallville (GM) : Topalov will either play Nxd7 and draw quickly StarkL (IM) : Nxf7 Smallville (GM) : Or he will pull out pocket Fritz and play Nxf7 7.Cxd7 04466 Smallville (GM) : now its a draw [7.Cf3 C7f6 8.h3 Cb4 9.Ac4 Af5 10.Ca3 e6 11.c3 Cbd5 12.Cc2 Ae7 13.Ce3 Ag6 14.Ce5 0-0 15.0-0 Cxe3 16.Axe3 Cd5 17.Ad2 c5 18.Cxg6 hxg6 19.dxc5 Axc5 20.De2 Cf6 21.Tad1 Dc7 22.Ab3 Tad8 23.Ac1 Txd1 24.Txd1 Td8 25.Txd8+ Dxd8 26.g3 Db6 27.Rg2 Dc6+ 28.Df3 Dd7 29.Ac4 a5 30.Ae2 Cd5 31.Dd3 Dc7 32.Af3 Cf6 33.h4 Db6 34.De2 Rf8 35.b3 Cd5 36.Dd2 Cf6 37.Dc2 Cd5 38.a3 Dc7 39.Dd3 Cf6 40.b4 Ae7 41.Ae3 Rg8 42.Ad2 b6 43.Ae3 e5 44.Rg1 Af8 45.Ad1 Dc6 46.Ad2 De6 47.Ae3 Ae7 48.Ae2 Cd5 49.Dc4 Cxe3 50.Dxe6 fxe6 51.fxe3 e4 52.Rf2 Rf7 53.Af1 Rf6 54.g4 g5 55.h5 Re5 56.Re2 Rd5 57.Rd2 Af6 58.Rc2 Ae5 59.Aa6 Rd6 60.Ab7 Ag3 61.Axe4 Ae1 62.Rd3 Re5 63.Af3 Rd6 64.Rc4 Ad2 65.Rd3 Ae1 66.Rd4 Ad2 67.Rd3 1/2-1/2 Adams,M (2729)-Carlsen,M (2714)/Moscow RUS 2007/The Week in Chess 681; 7.0-0 Cxe5 8.dxe5 Cb4 9.Ae4 Dxd1 10.Txd1 f5 11.a3 Ca6 12.Af3 g6 13.Cd2 Ae6 14.Ae2 Cc7 15.Cf3 Ad5 16.Cd4 Ag7 17.c4 Af7 18.f4 Ce6 19.Cf3 Td8 20.Ae3 0-0 21.b4 a6 22.g3 Txd1+ 23.Txd1 Td8 24.Txd8+ Cxd8 25.Cd4 Ae8 26.Cb3 Ad7 27.Cc5 Ac8 28.b5 axb5 29.cxb5 cxb5 30.Axb5 Af8 31.Rf2 Rg7 32.Cd7 Rf7 33.a4 Axd7 34.Axd7 e6 35.Ab6 Ae7 36.a5 g5 37.Re2 h5 38.Ac8 h4 39.Axb7 1-0 Sutovsky,E (2639)-Carlsen,M (2385)/Rethymnon GRE 2003/The Week in Chess 465] 7...Axd7 0464 8.0-0 04159 8...g6 04106 VerdeNotte (GM) : Alekhine wow 9.Cd2 04416 Smallville (GM) : zzz equal 9...Ag7 0464 Smallville (GM) : c3 0-0 Nf3= Ng5 (IM) : Re1 Bxd4 Ne4 Rf8 Celine (IM) : i have never seen alekhine on this level. 10.Cf3 04265 10...0-0 Diagram

0454 Smallville (GM) : zzzzz Smallville (GM) : This is equal MMCMiranda (FM) : very slow game 11.Te1 04204 Celine (IM) : Drawko and Drawnand are making draw i think. Celine (IM) : moro would wipe out naka. Drahacik (FM) : Is Karjakin on vacation from chess? No Corus, no Linares, no Gibraltar .. has he played this year? Drahacik (FM) : when was that? Drahacik (FM) : ok Kingway (IM) : bg4 is pretty normal here with white having a slight advantage forever, but black being very solid. [11.Dd2 a5 12.a3 a4 13.Dg5 Tc8 14.Td1 b5 15.Dh4 e6 16.Ag5 f6 17.Ad2 Tf7 18.De4 c5 19.c3 cxd4 20.cxd4 Af8 21.h4 Ad6 22.Tac1 Txc1 23.Txc1 De7 24.Ab1 Dd8 25.Aa2 Da8 26.Ce1 Te7 27.Cd3 Ac6 28.Dg4 Cc7 29.Ab4 Axb4 30.Cxb4 Ad5 31.Cxd5 Cxd5 32.Tc5 Cc7 33.Df4 Ce8 34.Txb5 Rg7 35.Tb6 e5 36.dxe5 Txe5 37.Tb4 Ta5 38.Tb8 Dc6 39.Txe8 De4 1-0 Kulaots,K (2530)-Heim,S (2379)/Gausdal 2003/EXT 2004] 11...Ag4 04623 12.c3 043 Kingway (IM) : Glad to see Magnus can read my mind ... lol ... Drahacik (FM) : yeah, and what is Svidler doing? No Corus, No Linares. Kingway (IM) : This is a really well known middlegame that has been played hundreds of time, comes up out of French too. Kingway (IM) : Black usually plays an early e6 and then develops. Sometimes will aim for c5, sometimes b5/a5/a4, sometmes qa5. h4 by white is always answered by h5. Drahacik (FM) : Topalov wants his two bishops, so h3 soon. Kingway (IM) : ful: c5/e5 usually rebound against black, but can occasionally be played. Kingway (IM) : this is a middlegame that must have been played 500+ times in GM games, it's very well known territory. Kingway (IM) : kismate: while the general middlegame is really well known, the specific tactics always vary a little. here I think an early e6 makes sense. Kingway (IM) : Fahraeus: white is better, black is super solid 12...c5 04467 Kingway (IM) : lol...Magnus goes for the sharpest solution, should have known. Kingway (IM) : but in principal I don't like c5, opens things up for the white bishops. 13.Ae4 04804 MightyViking (IM) : Norway with Agdestein was better. 13...cxd4 0470 Celine (IM) : h3 Celine (IM) : billy the kid MightyViking (IM) : Kid Ory was called a kid into his 80s. Celine (IM) : h3, and lot of exchanges, and .... you know it, big , fat draw. 14.cxd4 04303 MightyViking (IM) : It has become a general ICC saying. Like "BLACK IS WINS!". funnybird (FM) : e6 MightyViking (IM) : This can not be anything for White. MightyViking (IM) : White is better because he has access to Rybka feeds. 14...e6 04127 15.Db3 Diagram

0461 funnybird (FM) : bf3 mishel (IM) : Bf3 Bf3 Qd7= 15...Axf3 0486 16.Axf3 0435 16...Axd4 0446 tnedev (GM) : rd1 qf6 and? FERARI (GM) : black is okkkkk MightyViking (IM) : VB is the best. FERARI (GM) : okkk, means white should fight to draw :) atalik (GM) : bad play by Topalov MightyViking (IM) : As someone said: Danailov hasn't paid the phone bills. 17.Axd5 04297 MightyViking (IM) : I play Rfe8 after Rd1. Drahacik (FM) : Topalov is over the hill. MightyViking (IM) : That may be an idea, riktig. Not helping the king out MightyViking (IM) : That may be an idea, riktig. Not helping the king out. MightyViking (IM) : Sorry about double kib. Krasapa (IM) : this position better for black MightyViking (IM) : The cell phone reception will work again in Linares. TheMove (C DM) : the Move! me your before each move. Krasapa (IM) : manutd : Topalov can play like a complte patzer sometimes - right! [17.Te2 Db6=/+] 17...Dxd5-/+ 04339 TheMove (C DM) : 17...Qxd5: macdre VacuumCleaner HelgeStrand pedersen ( TheMove your ) 18.Dxd5 0422 TheMove (C DM) : 18.Qxd5: pedersen macdre ( TheMove your ) 18...exd5 043 TheMove (C DM) : 18...exd5: HelgeStrand ( TheMove your ) Sweere (GM) : Toppa sinking mishel (IM) : lol, topalov without opening book is not much mishel (IM) : 18 moves and he is slightly worse with white StarkL (IM) : yes topalov without opening book not a great see this here..what has white achieved?? an endgame with a pawn less Mataleo (FM) : weird how topalov decided to go for an inferior endgame for no reason Mataleo (FM) : no draw at all Mataleo (FM) : lots of ignorance here Neveris (GM) : lol dont u just love all these MightyViking (IM) : Is Black simply winning a pawn here? Neveris (GM) : hard to say Neveris (GM) : prob draw zstardust (GM) : m 19.Td1 04252 TheMove (C DM) : 19.Rd1: pedersen mwu2007 macdre VacuumCleaner gamlinginn good-2 Yoda2006 SeriousOnion alec-805 appel slavicfrench HelgeStrand ( TheMove your ) Neveris (GM) : certainly not win for white.. 19...Ag7 043 MightyViking (IM) : And Topalov is normally feared for his opening play. Drahacik (FM) : it's opposite bishops, one is white, one is black Neveris (GM) : what was wrong with re8 last move Neveris (GM) : yeah kf1 MightyViking (IM) : Re8 helps the white king out. VerdeNotte (GM) : eww horrible position mishel (IM) : now Rd5 Rad8 and white still has problems MightyViking (IM) : Great opening choice from Magnus. Unlike against Anand. VerdeNotte (GM) : Rd5 Rad8 Rxd8 Rxd8 Be3 should hold draw though SilikonaPub (FM) : Be3 Bxb2 MightyViking (IM) : Kasparov was hit with a chess board in the head. It was filmed. israpu (GM) : World champion without his openings is 200-300 Elo points less now :-) syaherr (IM) : Bxb2 Rb1 b6 verdenotte VerdeNotte (GM) : maybe it's winning StarkL (IM) : this is def. not the position you want to have with white.. VerdeNotte (GM) : yeh Drahacik (FM) : how does Black keep the pawn? Txe5 Rd8 Rd8 Rd8 Be3 Bb2 Rb1 VerdeNotte (GM) : horrible position as I said Drahacik (FM) : Rxd5 I mean mishel (IM) : drahacik b6 in the end, back rank mate Drahacik (FM) : ok SilikonaPub (FM) : Be3!? now MightyViking (IM) : Yes, maybe Be3 now. 20.Rf1 04255 mishel (IM) : hmm wimpy play MightyViking (IM) : Rxd5 Rd8 mishel (IM) : now topa is simply a pawn down Kingway (IM) : now the white king goes to d3 and it's very hard to beat the blockade SilikonaPub (FM) : anyway very hard situation to defend this position in just 20 moves and as white... 20...Tfd8 04138 TheMove (C DM) : 20...Rfd8: Morrowind pedersen ( TheMove your ) SilikonaPub (FM) : Ke2 I Drahacik (FM) : Cheparinov won that game for Topalov MightyViking (IM) : Nxf7 was a Cheparinov invention that had been analyzed for three years. MightyViking (IM) : People began to watch Danailov. Cowboystiefel (FM) : very poor play by Topa la bomba MightyViking (IM) : I wonder what the other players are thinking when they are seeing this position. 21.Ag5 04234 Celine (IM) : the kid bent topa over, and had his way with him. SilikonaPub (FM) : Kramnik said he would be very happy if someone plays the alekhine against him :) Ng5 (IM) : This is so bad from Topalov Ng5 (IM) : black had no threats and he still won a pawn SilikonaPub (FM) : Rd2 and Rad1 coming, it should be a draw MightyViking (IM) : Everything is playable these days. Radjabov playing the Jänisch against Anand for example. 21...Td7 04164 TheMove (C DM) : 21...Rd7: HelgeStrand Morrowind riktig widowmaker Jadwin pedersen ( TheMove your ) 22.Td2 04140 TheMove (C DM) : 22.Rd2: Morrowind ( TheMove your ) Celine (IM) : this is won for black, or draw. . . MightyViking (IM) : Not an easy win to be sure. King should be put on d3 at some point. MightyViking (IM) : True that. MightyViking (IM) : Shirov was a hero yesterday. Celine (IM) : great endgame techniqe from shirov yesterday. Celine (IM) : flawless MightyViking (IM) : Chucky was +5 yesterday and lost. horrible. 22...h6 04517 TheMove (C DM) : 22...h6: Fahraeus Kismate taurus RegicideX ( TheMove your ) MightyViking (IM) : "kain ikje" - OK, that's not bokmål. 23.Ae3 04304 TheMove (C DM) : 23.Be3: HelgeStrand taurus Kismate Morrowind ( TheMove your ) MightyViking (IM) : "æ e" - that's funny! MightyViking (IM) : There's a Swedish dialect saying with only wovels: "Ä ä e ö i åa." MightyViking (IM) : vowels 23...d4 04258 TheMove (C DM) : 23...d4: Quale Morrowind Kismate zeigmata lanceloet Jadwin ( TheMove your ) 24.Td3 04148 MightyViking (IM) : Re8 Rad1 dxe3 would be fun. 24...Tc8 0472 TheMove (C DM) : 24...Rc8: pedersen ( TheMove your ) MightyViking (IM) : lol 25.Ad2 0488 MightyViking (IM) : Yes, his watch - it looked suspicious! 25...Tc2 04128 TheMove (C DM) : 25...Rc2: hitud jonina Mossingen gnom Morrowind ( TheMove your ) MightyViking (IM) : Nimzowitsch used to say that rooks are strong on the 7th rank... muppet (FM) : bc3 dxc3 rxd7 cxb2 rb1 rc1+ rdd1 maybe ok muppet (FM) : no need for dxc3 tho 26.Tb1 04100 26...Te7 0473 TheMove (C DM) : 26...Re7: pedersen Halsau Morrowind Barfly66 deppis ( TheMove your ) 27.a4 043 muppet (FM) : f5 and K to d5 maybe Drahacik (FM) : Does white have anything to do? Can't Black leisurely move the King to d5, then think about what to do? MightyViking (IM) : White should try to get his king to d3. MightyViking (IM) : Nice blockade with the king on d3. MMCMiranda (FM) : I dont understand why Topalov gave up d pawn. Drahacik (FM) : well, you can't play Kf8 Blitz-King (IM) : not easy for Black MightyViking (IM) : He will beat his own record then, I suppose. Blitz-King (IM) : lool Drahacik (FM) : topalov is an old man now, on the downside of his career. MightyViking (IM) : lol, you're on a roll, tgg! 27...f5 04615 TheMove (C DM) : 27...f5: thareak Sac pedersen muppet Sven taurus Mossingen ( TheMove your ) Drahacik (FM) : wow, he should go for the Norwegian under-18 title :) MightyViking (IM) : move b-pawn, play Re1, and then get the king to d3. Blitz-King (IM) : nice, to give space for the King Celine (IM) : krakkinn nauðgar honum líklega. MightyViking (IM) : Now that must be Icelandic and not Norwegian. Shakhmaty (IM) : It's hard to believe how poorly Topalov is playing this game. Blitz-King (IM) : Now King is going to d5 Drahacik (FM) : Isn't Icelandic language just 1000-year-old Norwegian? :) MightyViking (IM) : Yes, pretty much. MightyViking (IM) : They have preserved everything while Norwegian has gone down the drain. Celine (IM) : hehe 28.b3 04165 TheMove (C DM) : 28.b3: pedersen ( TheMove your ) MightyViking (IM) : Icelandic is the greatest language in the world. 28...Tec7 0432 FrozenShade (GM) : it sounds great in english too if you want to kill people MightyViking (IM) : What is "heavy knife" in Icelandic? Blitz-King (IM) : Ke2 Ra2 maybe? Drahacik (FM) : Now I know why Kasparov took off his watch every game: to prove he wasn't receiving wireless signals and the watch vibrating. Greysky (FM) : wow Greysky (FM) : magnific magnus :) 29.Ae1 04364 MightyViking (IM) : "o^ungur hnífur" - OK, thanks. 29...Rf7 04143 TheMove (C DM) : 29...Kf7: Morrowind Fahraeus pedersen Marchelino Piti Barfly66 Young-Sun ( TheMove your ) 30.Td2 04293 MightyViking (IM) : And Khuzman. MightyViking (IM) : Yes, we should. MightyViking (IM) : There is no game of Ruy Lopez actually playing the Ruy Lopez. 30...Tc1 04926 TheMove (C DM) : 30...Rc1: Hordamaster SpartanKing camchess ( TheMove your ) 31.Txc1 04292 TheMove (C DM) : 31.Rxc1: pedersen Lattas Young-Sun ( TheMove your ) 31...Txc1 043 32.Re2 043 32...Tb1 0435 33.Td3 043 33...Re6 043 34.h4 04116 MightyViking (IM) : 20.Rxd5 Rd8 Drahacik (FM) : h4 puts a pawn on black to be a target later for Black's bishop 34...Rd5 04265 TheMove (C DM) : 34...Kd5: hamish thareak ( TheMove your ) 35.Ad2 04139 35...Re4 Diagram

04229 TheMove (C DM) : 35...Ke4: cramp Young-Sun grunts Hordamaster Kismate Sticko ( TheMove your ) Drahacik (FM) : f3+ is bad? Drahacik (FM) : K not in zug Drahacik (FM) : not if Rb2 MightyViking (IM) : Alburt is dead? 36.Tg3 04309 TheMove (C DM) : 36.Rg3: ljg jonina deppis ( TheMove your ) 36...f4 0465 TheMove (C DM) : 36...f4: Sticko jayes ( TheMove your ) 37.Td3 0433 TheMove (C DM) : 37.Rd3: blogmasterAGH ( TheMove your ) MightyViking (IM) : So he hasn't played Alekhine all his life then. At least not yet. 37...Ae5 0436 38.f3+ 043 38...Rd5 043 39.Ae1 0413 Drahacik (FM) : of course Topalov saw he could not take on g6 when he played Rg3. Drahacik (FM) : before he played Rg3, I mean. 39...Ad6 04132 Kingway (IM) : still very tricky to finish this off...white is setting up a pretty decent white square blockade. Drahacik (FM) : topa has class .... one below Kramnik :) Kingway (IM) : been looking at b6/a5/bb4 for black as one possible way to make progress, the h4 pawn tends to drop after the bishops trade. Drahacik (FM) : I was making a joke based on Topa's quote a couple years ago that he is a whole class better than Kramnik. 40.Ad2 04132 Greysky (FM) : carlsen is already in the elite group. 40...g5 04107 TheMove (C DM) : 40...g5: mwu2007 grunts ( TheMove your ) Greysky (FM) : i can remember 2'without' in Linares (2007) and 1'without'-2'without' in corus 2008. 41.hxg5 043 41...hxg5 0422 TheMove (C DM) : 41...hxg5: pedersen ( TheMove your ) 42.Ae1 0456 Drahacik (FM) : I don't get why people are suggesting g4. White just takes it. toerag (GM) : rb2 kf1 g4 toerag (GM) : i one or two ways to win 42...g4 04435 TheMove (C DM) : 42...g4: Young-Sun mwu2007 TimmyC riktig PhishMaster DrLipschitz fremman Sticko ( TheMove your ) Ng5 (IM) : shredder,s first choice 43.fxg4 0464 Drahacik (FM) : I love the phrases "He found it" or "He didn't see it". These guys find and see everything. It's a question which move they choose. 43...Re4 043 Drahacik (FM) : savante doesn't seem to talk much during games like this. toerag (GM) : i white will resign pretty soon MightyViking (IM) : Second loss in a row for Topalov. Neveris (GM) : the alekhine lives! Ng5 (IM) : Amazing, TOPALOV never had a threat Ng5 (IM) : never seen Topa lose without a fight Drahacik (FM) : Topalov with opening prep, 2800. Without prep, 2600 Neveris (GM) : i think he missed that he couldnt go rd1 instead of bxd5 Neveris (GM) : much earlier Neveris (GM) : because of qh4 Drahacik (FM) : he's not 2780 after Corus Drahacik (FM) : Kamsky needs to search the playing hall carefully for little blinking lights.... signals to topalov Drahacik (FM) : A laser pointer position way off in a dark corner visible only to Topalov who knows where to look Drahacik (FM) : Topalov had a threat after 2.e5!! Fishman (FM) : gotta trade and kf1 or something... it's real ugly MightyViking (IM) : Topalov only 11 Elo points ahead of Carlsen now. MightyViking (IM) : 2754 MightyViking (IM) : Only 11 points from 4th place. MightyViking (IM) : Fischer's 2785 was more than today's 2852. MightyViking (IM) : 2785 in 1971. MightyViking (IM) : The World Champion Spassky was 125 points behind at 2660. MightyViking (IM) : Elo was introduced in 1970 I think. MightyViking (IM) : I have the early Informants. I'll check. 0-1

Aronian-Shirov (5)

Apertura Inglesa entre estos dos rivales. Tablas en 18 movimientos, con Shirov declarando tras finalizar la partida que no pudo recordar esta línea de apertura que había preparado hace diez años y que ahora tuvo que innovarla sobre el tablero.

Al final, lo dicho, pocas ganas de lucha por parte de ambos y Aronian al darse cuenta de que había perdido su ventaja (sobre todo tras su décimo movimiento anodino) decidió repartir el punto.

No obstante, los aficionados clamamos porque se instaure las Leyes de Sofía en estos torneos del Grand Slam.

¡Queremos ver lucha hasta que sólo queden los dos reyes sobre el tablero! (como en tiempos de Bobby Fischer).

Aronian,L (2739) - Shirov,A (2755) [A21]
Morelia/Linares Morelia (5), 20.02.2008

1.c4 040 1...e5 0464 2.Cc3 042 2...Ab4 0432 3.Cd5 042 3...Ae7 042 4.d4 042 4...d6 0453 5.e4 042 MightyViking (IM) : I have prepared if not played this, but I can't remember the move here. Nf6 perhaps. MightyViking (IM) : There was something with f3 exd4 Dxd4, but I can't remember the specifics. MightyViking (IM) : My memory obviously isn't of super GM quality. MightyViking (IM) : OK, thanks. MightyViking (IM) : Actually, the 2...Bb4 line only came in vogue in the early 90s, so it's not surprising that a lot of moves are fairly recent. 5...Cf6 04912 6.Cxe7 0421 6...Dxe7 0421 7.f3 042 MightyViking (IM) : It had been played before but often with 3...Ba5. In the 90s came new ideas with 3...Be7 and even 3...Bd6!? MightyViking (IM) : Now I think exd4, Nc6-e5, c6 and then d5 eventually. White has a solid center and the bishop pair, but Black is ahead in development. MightyViking (IM) : 2...Bb4 not so rare in 90s and 00s. I have played it myself several times. VerdeNotte (GM) : I've played 2..Bb4 Drahacik (FM) : Was Aronian prepared for Bb4? He's used only one minute if the clocks are right. MightyViking (IM) : Compared to a KID Black doesn't have a bad Bg7, and he is ahead in development. MightyViking (IM) : Shirov is associated with this line, so it can not have come as a complete surprise for Aronian. MightyViking (IM) : As far as I remember, Black should play exd4 here. MightyViking (IM) : He wonders where Aronian has a TN. MightyViking (IM) : I don't think Shirov is calculating knight sac. MightyViking (IM) : He is probably choosing between different continuations, wondering what Aronian might have in store for him. 7...Ch5 041374 MightyViking (IM) : Nc6-e5, c6, d5 is the general idea I seem to remember. MightyViking (IM) : Shirov beat Topalov yesterday. FrozenShade (GM) : yeah he clearly wants quick f5, not very easy to stop that either MightyViking (IM) : Leko the fighter. VerdeNotte (GM) : g4 isn't ?? just horrible positionally VerdeNotte (GM) : stop being stupid savante ljbernal (IM) : Viva Kramnik! Celine (IM) : incredible lucky this aronian guy. MightyViking (IM) : Kramnik had the highest performance Elo in both 2006 and 2007. He was the only one over 2800 both years. SilikonaPub (FM) : lucky is for the one who seeks it MightyViking (IM) : And performs over 2800! MightyViking (IM) : Kramnik has been over 2800. MightyViking (IM) : For an extended time? Neither has Anand. [7...exd4 8.Dxd4 c5 (8...Cc6 9.Dc3 0-0 10.Ce2 Ch5 11.g4 Dh4+ 12.Rd1 Cf6 13.Cg3 Ae6 14.Ae3 Cd7 15.Ae2 a5 16.Rd2 Cc5 17.b3 Tfe8 18.Tag1 f6 19.Rc1 Ta6 20.Rd1 Tb6 21.g5 a4 22.gxf6 g6 23.Ag5 Dxg5 24.Cf5 Dxf5 25.exf5 Axf5 26.Tg5 Rf7 27.Txf5 axb3 28.Th5 gxh5 29.axb3 Txb3 30.Dc2 Rxf6 31.Dxh7 Ta3 32.Dh6+ Re7 33.Dg7+ Rd8 34.Tg1 Ca4 35.Df6+ Rc8 36.Tg8 Txg8 37.De6+ Rb8 38.Dxg8+ Ra7 39.Dg7 Rb6 40.h4 Cc5 41.f4 Th3 42.Axh5 Txh4 43.Ag4 Ca5 44.Dc3 Cab3 45.Df3 Cd4 46.Dg2 Th8 47.f5 Tf8 48.Df2 Cc6 49.f6 Ce5 50.Ah5 Cxc4 51.f7 c6 52.Df4 Ce5 53.Dh6 Txf7 54.Axf7 Cxf7 55.Df6 Ce5 56.Dxd6 Ccd3 57.De7 c5 58.Rd2 Cc6 59.Dg7 Cde5 60.Rc3 Ra6 61.Df8 b6 62.Da8+ Rb5 63.De8 c4 64.Dg8 1/2-1/2 Lalic,B (2530)-Shirov,A (2740)/Moscow 1994/CBM 045) 9.Dd2 Ae6 10.Ad3 Cc6 11.Ce2 0-0 12.0-0 a6 13.b3 Tab8 14.Cc3 Cd4 15.Ab2 b5 16.Cd5 Axd5 17.cxd5 Da7 18.Tad1 c4 19.Df2 Cxf3+ 20.gxf3 Dxf2+ 21.Rxf2 cxd3 22.Tg1 Ch5 23.Re3 Tfc8 24.Rxd3 f6 25.Aa3 b4 26.Ab2 Rf7 27.Tc1 Cf4+ 28.Re3 g5 29.Ad4 Re7 30.Tc6 Txc6 31.dxc6 Tc8 32.Tc1 Ce6 33.Ab6 Cc5 34.c7 Ce6 35.Tc4 Rd7 36.Txb4 Cxc7 37.Tc4 Ce8 38.Txc8 Rxc8 39.Rd4 Rb7 40.Aa5 Rc6 41.Rc4 Rd7 42.Ac3 h5 43.a4 Re6 44.Ad4 f5 45.exf5+ Rxf5 46.Rd5 Rf4 47.b4 Rxf3 48.Rc6 g4 49.b5 axb5 50.a5 Re4 51.a6 1-0 Karpov,A (2740)-Illescas Cordoba,M (2590)/Dos Hermanas 1994/CD PDR] 8.Ae3 04694 MightyViking (IM) : Fischer even had 2785. MightyViking (IM) : Listen to SirJohn. Drahacik (FM) : Fischer has the record for biggest gap between #1 and #2 since FIDE ratings started. MightyViking (IM) : So it turns out that of Kramnik and Anand, Kramnik is the only one to have been over 2800 for an extended period! MightyViking (IM) : I get it. Savante is only joking. MightyViking (IM) : Difficult to play top level chess and not have Russians near you sometimes. Drahacik (FM) : SirJohn, I see Topalov having 2800 for only 4 rating lists 8...f5 04416 [8...0-0 9.Ce2 f5 10.exf5 exd4 11.Dxd4 Cc6 12.Dd2 Axf5 13.0-0-0 Tae8 14.Ag5 Df7 15.g4 Ce5 16.Dc3 h6 17.gxf5 hxg5 18.Cd4 Cf4 19.h4 Df6 20.c5 d5 21.hxg5 Dxg5 22.Rb1 Cc6 23.Ad3 Cxd4 24.Dxd4 Cxd3 25.Dxd5+ Tf7 26.Txd3 Dxf5 27.Dxf5 Txf5 28.Td7 Tf7 29.Th8+ Rxh8 30.Txf7 Tc8 31.Rc2 Rh7 32.Rd3 Rg6 33.Td7 Rf6 34.Rd4 g5 35.Rd5 Rf5 36.Tf7+ Rg6 37.Td7 Rf5 38.Tf7+ Rg6 39.Re6 a5 40.Tf6+ Rg7 41.Tf7+ Rg6 42.Te7 Tf8 43.Txc7 Tf6+ 44.Rd5 Tf5+ 45.Rd6 Tf6+ 46.Rd5 Tf5+ 47.Rd6 Tf6+ 48.Rd7 Tf7+ 49.Rd8 Txf3 50.Txb7 g4 51.Td7 g3 52.Td1 g2 53.Tg1 Tf2 54.c6 Rf7 55.b3 Re6 56.Rc8 Txa2 57.c7 Tb2 58.Te1+ 1-0 Lautier,J (2625)-Shirov,A (2705)/Las Palmas 1994/CD PDR] 9.exf5+/= Diagram

0421 Drahacik (FM) : you said Jan 06 to Oct 07, that's 8 rating lists Drahacik (FM) : he was 2800 for 4 lists, and one list he had no games Drahacik (FM) : 2 years in a row with over 2800 performance, anyone else besides Kramnik and Kasparov done that? 9...Cf6 04160 MightyViking (IM) : Lautier - there's a name from the past. He used to play in the top tournaments. Beat Kasparov a couple of times I think. teamglud (IM) : bd3 exd4 StarkL (IM) : 8....f5!? is it new?? StarkL (IM) : I browsed a bit...Shirov played a lot this line..but not with such a good score 10.Ce2 041219 StarkL (IM) : yes vs Lautier I saw as well in my cb :) [10.g4 exd4 11.Dxd4 Cc6+/=] 10...exd4= 04239 11.Axd4 04449 11...Axf5 0471 12.Dd2 042 12...Cc6 0470 13.0-0-0 0433 13...0-0-0 0442 14.g4 04617 14...Ag6 04210 15.Cf4 0426 15...Cxd4 04724 16.Dxd4 042 16...Rb8 042 17.h4 042 17...Af7 04463 18.Ad3 04635 SilikonaPub (FM) : why? 1/2-1/2

Radjabov-Ivanchuk (5)

Defensa Siciliana, Variante Paulsen que luego por trasposición llevó a una Defensa Francesa Clásica.

La novedad teórica llegó en el décimoquinto movimiento, por parte de Ivanchuk, con el que consiguió una posición cómoda, pero siempre con algo de ventaja para las blancas que no fue suficiente para romperla a su favor.

Al final los jugadores optaron por el reparto del punto.

Radjabov,T (2735) - Ivanchuk,V (2751) [B46]
Morelia/Linares Morelia (5), 20.02.2008

1.e4 040 1...c5 043 2.Cf3 043 2...e6 0415 3.d4 0424 3...cxd4 043 4.Cxd4 043 4...Cc6 044 5.Cc3 0470 5...a6 043 6.Ae3 04228 6...Cf6 043 7.f4 04309 7...d5 043 8.e5 043 8...Cd7 043 9.Dd2 0424 9...Ac5 043 Sweere (GM) : French funnybird (FM) : c5!? funnybird (FM) : sorry wrong game 10.0-0-0 04247 10...0-0 0427 11.Df2 04141 11...De7 043 VerdeNotte (GM) : this is a french now yeh [11...Cxd4 12.Axd4 Dc7 13.Ad3 b5 14.Dh4 h6 15.Ce2 f6 16.Dg4 Axd4 17.Cxd4 Cc5 18.Dg6 Cxd3+ 19.Txd3 Dc4 20.Thd1 Ta7 21.Rb1 Dc7 22.f5 Db6 23.Th3 fxe5 24.Txh6 Tf6 25.De8+ Tf8 26.Th8+ Rxh8 27.Dxf8+ Rh7 28.Cf3 Dc7 29.fxe6 e4 30.Cg5+ Rh6 31.h4 Rh5 32.Df5 g6 33.g4+ Rxh4 34.Th1+ Rg3 35.Tg1+ Rh4 36.Df6 1-0 Kramnik,V (2807)-Radjabov,T (2624)/Linares ESP 2003/The Week in Chess 434] 12.Rb1 0420 nataf (GM) : radji will outplay him I think , he just know this structure from black side nataf (GM) : he used to play french a lot in the past [12.Ad3 f6 13.exf6 Cxf6 14.h3 Ad6 15.Thf1 Ad7 16.Tde1 Cb4 17.Dd2 Cxd3+ 18.cxd3 b5 19.Rb1 b4 20.Cce2 a5 21.Cf3 a4 22.Ced4 b3 23.a3 Axa3 24.bxa3 Dxa3 25.Ce5 Tfb8 26.f5 b2 27.Cc2 Dd6 28.Cxd7 Cxd7 29.Tf4 a3 30.Ra2 e5 31.Tb4 d4 32.Axd4 exd4 33.Txd4 Df6 34.Dc3 Dxf5 35.Cb4 Rh8 36.Te7 Df1 37.Te1 Df2 38.Txd7 Dxg2 39.Tb1 h6 40.Tc7 Tf8 41.h4 Dg4 42.Tc4 Dg2 43.Tc7 Dg4 44.Tc4 Dg2 45.Tc6 Rh7 46.d4 Dg4 47.d5 Tf4 48.Dc2+ Rh8 49.Cd3 Tf5 50.Tc4 Df3 51.Cb4 Tff8 52.Dc3 Df5 53.Dd3 Dd7 54.Dc3 Tf7 55.Tc6 Rg8 56.Dc4 Df5 57.d6 Rh8 58.Tc5 Dg6 59.Cd3 Tfa7 60.Td5 Ta4 61.h5 Dxd6 62.Txd6 Txc4 63.Td5 Rh7 64.Td7 Tg4 65.Tc7 Ta5 66.Cc5 Ta8 67.Cd7 Tf4 68.Cb6 Ta5 69.Cc4 Txh5 1/2-1/2 Jakovenko,D (2710)-Morozevich,A (2755)/Moscow RUS 2007/The Week in Chess 685] 12...Cxd4 04174 13.Axd4 043 13...b5 043 Shakhmaty (IM) : I second that, Pobble. It's the weirdest thing, but oftentimes true. Shakhmaty (IM) : But Korchnoi doesn't play 1.e4, MindRide StarkL (IM) : hey pobble you are right :) 14.Ad3 04217 14...b4 0448 StarkL (IM) : but why is that? Shakhmaty (IM) : True that, bu4sleep. Most French Defense players are of positional style, ergo they (we) typically prefer queen's pawn openings better, as White. Shakhmaty (IM) : White now has to decide between 15.Na4, controling 'c5' and blocking Black's queenside pawns, and 15.Ne2, heading for the ideal 'd4' sooner than later. 15.Ce2 Diagram

04235 Shakhmaty (IM) : You're welcome, moschi :) 15...a5 043 Shakhmaty (IM) : Whatever White does, Black will always play Ba6 to exchange off his bad bishop. MMCMiranda (FM) : I prefer white here, but game even, I think. Shakhmaty (IM) : Ivanchuk's queen on 'e7' is not a coincidence, by the way: the 11.Qf2 plan is known to create Black problems on the queenside after Qf2-Qh4 ideas (see Kramnik-Radjabov in the Linares tournament where Radjabov beat Kasparov with Black) Shakhmaty (IM) : on the kingside after Qf2-Qh4* Shakhmaty (IM) : Yes, Kasparov had a much better position, although the position was so complicated that he himself was not fully understanding it. Shakhmaty (IM) : I'm quite familiar with this type of position. White's chances here are closely related to his ability of pushing f4-f5 (without dropping e5) Shakhmaty (IM) : I think Kasparov would still be #1, as neither Anand, Kramnik or Topalov made substantial progress after his retirement. Shakhmaty (IM) : We saw a lot of improvement from youngsters who are now nearly as strong as these three. But nobody is playing 2800 chess. Shakhmaty (IM) : Yes. And Kramnik and Topalov do sometimes as well :) tnedev (GM) : bc5-nd4!? Shakhmaty (IM) : I would say so, fischerreborn. But it's impossible to imagine Kasparov without an ultra-deep opening preparation. Shakhmaty (IM) : Kasparov always took competition more seriously than anybody else. He's obsessed with work and that's what made the difference in his career. Shakhmaty (IM) : You can notice, for example, that he had occasional poor results (like losing to Huzman and Akopian, for example) when he was unprepared. Shakhmaty (IM) : So, I'm not sure Kasparov was such a genious. He needed his preparation. But then again, at that level, nothing is more important than hard work. [15...Ab7 16.The1 a5 17.f5 exf5 18.Axf5 Axd4 19.Cxd4 Cc5 20.Te3 g6 21.Df4 Ce4 22.Axe4 dxe4 23.Cf5 De6 24.Ch6+ Rg7 25.Cg4 Tad8 26.Tee1 Rh8 27.Cf6 Rg7 28.Cg4 Rh8 29.Cf6 Rg7 30.g4 h6 31.h4 Txd1+ 32.Txd1 Tc8 33.b3 Dc6 34.Td2 Dc3 35.g5 hxg5 36.Dxg5 e3 37.Ch5+ Rh7 38.Cf6+ Rg7 39.Ch5+ Rh7 40.Cf6+ Rg7 1/2-1/2 Berg,E (2583)-Ni Hua (2680)/Gibraltar ENG 2008/The Week in Chess 690] 16.The1 04743 Shakhmaty (IM) : Kasparov is amazing indeed, dark-bishop. The man is freaking inspiring. The best of all time, I have no doubt. 16...Aa6 0436 Shakhmaty (IM) : My point is that Kasparov is such a legend now because working 12 hours a day was commonplace to him. Shakhmaty (IM) : 16.Rhe1, playing for the f5-advance, the most typical plan for White in such positions Shakhmaty (IM) : White does not want to take on 'a6' because in the future Black can play Nc5-Ne4. White typically wants to await ...Bxd3 so he can recapture with the pawn and thus keep 'e4' under his control. 17.f5 04215 mishel (IM) : i used to play this way with white, never got the attack through mishel (IM) : then switched to 11. Nb3 17...Axd3 04895 Diadematus (GM) : Bc2 Diadematus (GM) : hi to all Diadematus (GM) : then just Qd8 Diadematus (GM) : u r welcome Diadematus (GM) : just Rd3 Diadematus (GM) : with better position 18.Txd3 04943 Diadematus (GM) : not looks this is frech :) Diadematus (GM) : french* Diadematus (GM) : Teimour played this line with black many times Diadematus (GM) : now he is white Diadematus (GM) : no Diadematus (GM) : Teimour knows this variation well mishel (IM) : what now on exf5? Diadematus (GM) : Qf5 mishel (IM) : then Qe6 Diadematus (GM) : Qh5 18...exf5 04190 mishel (IM) : is that so great for white? Diadematus (GM) : not great Diadematus (GM) : but good Diadematus (GM) : black has some problems with d5 pawn mishel (IM) : actually I think that the Qf2 plan is better when black plays Qc7; in the game line, 11.Nb3 is more promising mishel (IM) : Qf2 kind of loses point when Qh4 is not possible 19.Cf4 0482 Neveris (GM) : 1-0, poor chukky must be demoralised mishel (IM) : why is everybody burying chucky already? mishel (IM) : Rac8 or something MMCMiranda (FM) : yes. it is legal.. israpu (GM) : anybody is on youtube this days israpu (GM) : me,you and even Paris... israpu (GM) : and with higher elo Drahacik (FM) : Ivanchuk, remember to save a couple extra minutes for moves 36 to 40. 19...Axd4 043067 20.Dxd4 0461 20...Cf6 0428 tnedev (GM) : re21 21.Tf1 041142 FrozenShade (GM) : knight back to d7 deserves attention i think FrozenShade (GM) : not sure if any other knight move is even possible 21...Cd7 04482 Greysky (FM) : Qxd7 Greysky (FM) : Qxe7 sorry Greysky (FM) : pawn down :) Greysky (FM) : f5 no... g6 MMCMiranda (FM) : e3 Re7 e2 22.Te1 04825 22...Cf6 0423 MMCMiranda (FM) : Leko offered no resistance MMCMiranda (FM) : Ne5+ simple Drahacik (FM) : If you have less time and a better position, repeat 2 times. 23.Tf1 04250 23...Cd7 0423 24.Cxd5 0451 Neveris (GM) : really? Neveris (GM) : why? 24...Dxe5 0434 25.Txf5 043 25...Dxd4 043 26.Ce7+ 043 26...Rh8 043 27.Txd4 043 27...g6 0416 Drahacik (FM) : Chucky going to draw this now? 28.Tb5 0435 Neveris (GM) : rb5 28...Cf6 043 Neveris (GM) : nc6 Drahacik (FM) : White still better, but Black improved his position from a few moves ago 29.Cc6 04107 29...Tfe8 043 30.b3 0434 Drahacik (FM) : Re2 and it's going to be a race of 3 against 3? Drahacik (FM) : I lost a race of 3 against 2, only one rook each, cause the 2 were faster Drahacik (FM) : by one tempo 30...Te2 041032 31.Cxa5 043 31...Txg2 Diagram

043 32.h4 043 32...Cg4 043 33.Cc4 041 Drahacik (FM) : somehow I think the moves weren't actually played that fast Tim (DM) : Yes, that's Drahacik's point Tim (DM) : Perhaps. I think White has serious winning chances here. He gets the last pawn out of the way of his connected passers a bit faster than Black does, and White's pieces are better centralized. Still, very interesting. Tim (DM) : So ...h5 here? Garpun (IM) : what about ...Rg1+ Kb2 Nf2? 33...Tg1+ 04255 34.Rb2 043 34...Cf2 0422 Tim (DM) : Garpun has ESP! Tim (DM) : Right, perpetual threat here Garpun (IM) : i turned from Anand's game 1 minute ago! Garpun (IM) : just a fresh mind! Garpun (IM) : I begin to doubt about draw for white here... Garpun (IM) : can anybody say about Rybka's evaluation? Garpun (IM) : hey, friends, run Rybka!!! 35.Txb4 04391 35...Cd1+ 043 36.Rb1 043 Tim (* DM) : Drawn Tim (* DM) : uh Tim (* DM) : Wasn't there *anything* better for White? Hmm klaras (GM) : nd1+ rxd1 olala 36...Cc3+ 0473 37.Rb2 043 37...Cd1+ 043 38.Rb1 043 klaras (GM) : rybka always says =,0.00 for any position Garpun (IM) : ok, close Rybka!!! Garpun (IM) : Qb2+!! Garpun (IM) : where is my secret queen? Drahacik (FM) : Great job by Ivanchuk to draw this. Drahacik (FM) : He probably saw the draw when he played 32...Ng4 1/2-1/2

Hoy jueves es jornada de descanso, con las dos últimas rondas programadas de la fase mexicana previstas para el viernes y el sábado.

¿Ha perdido motivación Vishy Anand tras la conquista del preciado título de campeón del mundo?.

¡Parece que no!.

"Uno se encuentra desorientado después de conseguir el título por el que tanto ha luchado. No se sabe muy bien cuál es el siguiente paso, cuál debe elegirse como próximo objetivo, así es que se tiende a relajarse y a perder motivación".

Viswanathan Anand.

Recibid un cordial saludo!,

Angel Jiménez Arteaga

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