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Torneo de Morelia/Linares 2008

7ª Ronda : Morelia, 23-2-2008

Carlsen-Aronian (7)

Apertura Española. De nuevo el sistema Anti-Marshall con 8.a3. Aronian introdujo como respuesta 8…Ac5, esquema parecido al de la Variante Arcángel donde Magnus, con negras es un experto.

La lucha se inició por el control del centro, con Carlsen ejerciendo una gran iniciativa a cambio de un peón.

En otra época todo el mundo hubiera dicho que el joven noruego había cazado con su estrategia de la apertura a su gran rival, pero ahora en pleno S. XXI, con el apoyo de las computadoras apreciamos como este tipo de posiciones a veces se vuelven contra sus propios supporters.

Lo cierto es que Rybka encuentra una jugada (18…c6!) que rompe absolutamente el bello plan ideado por el joven Carlsen, que le llevó directamente en la partida a la ganancia de una pieza, a cambio de varios peones, pero sin compensación; algo que condujo directamente a la derrota al jugador armenio después de una fina técnica mostrada por Carlsen.

Carlsen,M (2733) - Aronian,L (2739) [C88]
Morelia/Linares Morelia (7), 23.02.2008
[ICC/Rybka 2.3.2a mp 32-bit]

1.e4 e5 2.Cf3 Cc6 3.Ab5 a6 4.Aa4 Cf6 5.0-0 Ae7 6.Te1 b5 7.Ab3 0-0 8.a3 MightyViking (IM) : Pretty amazing, huh? MightyViking (IM) : He is Swedish. Played in the Swedish national team in mid-60s to mid-70s. Talked with Fischer. MightyViking (IM) : Sweden. ChessMaestro (FM) : mexico is not the worst ChessMaestro (FM) : mexico is not a bad country at all 8...Ac5 04522 9.c3 042 MightyViking (IM) : lol AwfulHangover MightyViking (IM) : I heard there's a new mexico now. ChessMaestro (FM) : i you can only judge a country by the people who live there ChessMaestro (FM) : i think the scandinavian countries have the highest suicide rates, so..... MightyViking (IM) : Just do some Anschlusses and there will be fewer countries. MightyViking (IM) : One Anschluss, several Anschlusses! :) MightyViking (IM) : Aryans would dominate the Olympics. ChessMaestro (FM) : hitler sucked [9.d3 d6 10.Ag5 h6 11.Ah4 g5 12.Ag3 Ag4 13.c3 Ab6 14.Cbd2 Ae6 15.Cf1 Ch5 16.Ce3 Axe3 17.Txe3 Axb3 18.Dxb3 Dd7 19.Td1 Tae8 20.d4 exd4 21.cxd4 Ca5 22.Dc3 Cc4 23.Tee1 f5 24.exf5 Txe1+ 25.Txe1 Txf5 26.h4 Cxg3 27.fxg3 g4 28.Cd2 Cxd2 29.Dxd2 Tf6 30.De3 Df5 31.Rh2 Rg7 32.De8 c5 33.dxc5 dxc5 34.Te5 Dg6 35.De7+ Tf7 36.Dxc5 Df6 37.Dd4 Rh7 38.De3 Dg6 39.Te6 Tf6 40.Da7+ Rg8 41.Db8+ Rh7 42.Dc7+ Tf7 43.Dc6 Dg7 44.De4+ Rh8 45.Tg6 Df8 46.Txa6 Dc5 47.Txh6+ Rg7 48.Th7+ 1-0 Grischuk,A (2606)-Tkachiev,V (2657)/New Delhi/Teheran 2000/CBM 080] 9...d6 04362 ChessMaestro (FM) : hitler comitted suicide 10.d4 042 10...Ab6 0424 MightyViking (IM) : True. Wonder when that will come back in vogue? MightyViking (IM) : Hei Rustaveli! ChessMaestro (FM) : at least germans will never again have credibility MightyViking (IM) : Mein Kampf and Mein System came out the same year. 11.h3 04170 MightyViking (IM) : Stalin played chess. MightyViking (IM) : Former Lithuanian president Vytautas Landsbergis was a strong chess player. +2200 or so. 11...Te8N 04154 MightyViking (IM) : He just played d4... [11...Ab7 12.Ac2 Te8 13.d5 Ce7 14.a4 Cg6 15.Ae3 Axe3 16.Txe3 c6 17.dxc6 Axc6 18.axb5 axb5 19.Txa8 Dxa8 20.Cbd2 Cf4 21.Ab3 Te7 22.Rh2 h6 23.Ch4 g6 24.g3 Ce6 25.Td3 Da7 26.Df3 Ce8 27.De2 Rg7 28.Ad5 Ad7 29.b4 Cg5 30.g4 Cf6 31.Cg2 h5 32.gxh5 Cxh5 33.De3 Dxe3 34.Txe3 Te8 35.h4 Ce6 36.Axe6 Axe6 37.Td3 Tc8 38.Cb1 Tc6 39.Ca3 Ta6 40.Cb1 Ac4 41.Td2 Ta1 42.Tb2 Ad3 43.Cd2 Tc1 44.f3 Txc3 45.Tb3 Txb3 46.Cxb3 f5 47.exf5 gxf5 48.Rg1 Cf6 49.Ca5 Rf7 50.Ce1 Ac4 51.Cxc4 bxc4 52.b5 Re6 53.Cc2 d5 54.f4 d4 55.fxe5 d3 56.Cd4+ Rxe5 57.Cf3+ Rd5 58.Rf2 c3 59.Re3 c2 60.Rd2 Ce4+ 61.Rc1 Cc3 0-1 Tseitlin,M (2435)-Yurtaev,L (2525)/Hartberg 1991/EXT 1997; 11...h6 12.Ae3 Ab7 13.Cbd2 Te8 14.dxe5 (14.Ac2 Cb8 15.dxe5 dxe5 16.Axb6 cxb6 17.a4 bxa4 18.Axa4 b5 19.Ab3 Cbd7 20.De2 Cc5 21.Ac2 Dc7 22.De3 a5 23.Ch4 Tad8 24.Cf5 Ac8 25.Cf3 Axf5 26.exf5 b4 27.cxb4 axb4 28.Tad1 e4 29.Cd4 Td7 30.Cb5 De5 31.f4 De7 32.Txd7 Dxd7 33.Dxc5 Tc8 34.Df2 Dxb5 35.Axe4 b3 36.Af3 Dxf5 37.Dd4 h5 38.Te5 Db1+ 39.Rh2 h4 40.Ae2 De1 41.Te3 Te8 42.Txe8+ Cxe8 43.Ac4 Dg3+ 44.Rg1 De1+ 45.Rh2 Dg3+ 46.Rg1 De1+ 1/2-1/2 Svidler,P (2765)-Leko,P (2740)/Monte Carlo 2006/CBM 111 ext) 14...dxe5 15.Axb6 cxb6 16.Ch2 De7 17.Cg4 Tad8 18.Cxf6+ Dxf6 19.De2 Ca5 20.Aa2 Ac8 21.Cf1 Dg6 22.Rh2 Ae6 23.Axe6 Txe6 24.a4 Cb3 25.Tad1 Txd1 26.Txd1 bxa4 27.Dxa6 Dxe4 28.Dc8+ Rh7 29.Td8 Df4+ 30.Cg3 Cd2 31.h4 Dxh4+ 32.Rg1 e4 33.Txd2 e3 34.Td3 Df4 35.Txe3 Txe3 36.fxe3 Dxg3 37.Df5+ Dg6 38.Dd5 De6 39.Dd4 g6 40.Dxa4 Dxe3+ 41.Rh2 h5 42.Dd1 Rg7 43.Dd6 f6 44.Dc7+ Rh6 45.b4 Rg5 46.Dc6 De5+ 47.Rg1 b5 0-1 Carlsen,M (2690)-Svidler,P (2728)/Wijk aan Zee NED 2007/The Week in Chess 637] 12.Ag5 04121 : the Move! me your before each move. 12...h6 0474 MightyViking (IM) : In Swedish too. MightyViking (IM) : Now, "agurk" is a funny Norwegian word. 13.Ah4 04134 MightyViking (IM) : Be6 would be amazing to see here. 13...exd4 04273 : 13...exd4: As-bjorn ( your ) MightyViking (IM) : But Black played Bf8-e7-c5 14.cxd4 04439 : 14.cxd4: SananabEnogNwap mightymax Piti AlterEgo Haakon jonina HelgeStrand ( your ) 14...g5 042 15.Ag3 0414 : 15.Bg3: HelgeStrand SananabEnogNwap ( your ) 15...g4 04119 : 15...g4: mightymax Haakon AlterEgo Piti ( your ) ChessMaestro (FM) : surely maggie has prepared for this StarkL (IM) : black looks ok... 16.hxg4 04166 StarkL (IM) : looks like magnus is in TROUBLE 16...Axg4 0426 : 16...Bxg4: AlterEgo ( your ) StarkL (IM) : black has no problems at all MightyViking (IM) : Magnus already -0.50 as White? Sigh. 17.Ah4 04166 jensk (IM) : Oh dear, this is so great - very principla lines played out at this level StarkL (IM) : this is now clearly better for black jensk (IM) : Yeah, Magnus is for sure NAIVE - like all great artist are in the prime jensk (IM) : And...Nxd4!? 17...Cxd4 04172 ChessMaestro (FM) : interesting LazyPawn (IM) : Qd2 Nxb3 then black has Re6 StarkL (IM) : slavic u are very naive... jensk (IM) : No, I dont agrre - Magnus plays like Magnus StarkL (IM) : go Nc3 jensk (IM) : Well, this consession is not easy for a dane - Magnus IS ingenious - almost in the same class as Ipsen jensk (IM) : And Grieg jensk (IM) : And Munch ChessMaestro (FM) : danes are so overrated jensk (IM) : But...Ipsen wrote in danish... StarkL (IM) : danish women are nice :) jensk (IM) : Dont know - I would like to get THAT naive StarkL (IM) : slavic u are too funny jensk (IM) : Stålesen jensk (IM) : I just counted them - he is one pawn up! ChessMaestro (FM) : maggie knows exactly what he is doing StarkL (IM) : they can rest for three days...lucky guys jensk (IM) : Well, Magnus is the best around playing with his pieces - what would happen when he alerns how to play with his pawns MightyViking (IM) : Magnus was +2 in Morelia last year. 18.Cc3 Diagram

04546 StarkL (IM) : told ya StarkL (IM) : white has some attacking chances...not more : 22.a5: sharkmeister BrotherJohn balasrid Goodtimes ( your ) MightyViking (IM) : is past his prime. Smallville (GM) : This looks bad for black Smallville (GM) : If it was 2 computers, maybe Ng5 (IM) : Qxd4 merits a darwin award Smallville (GM) : But its humans MightyViking (IM) : There's also Tal Shaked. StarkL (IM) : one has to listen...I said black is clearly better slavic...try to read properly StarkL (IM) : slavic is very weird.. StarkL (IM) : I believe in good moves and rybka StarkL (IM) : did u know that there exists a game called chicken invaders? jensk (IM) : Ha! I just reckoned that Magnus is in fact WHITE in this game - ha! - ok, W is fine! StarkL (IM) : c6 and black rules jensk (IM) : And...its Aronian who is a genious! jensk (IM) : ...and so is Magnus... jensk (IM) : Ok, frankly speaking, I have have been doing the dishwashing from the dinner with my friends... jensk (IM) : Kh7!? - he will play that Smallville (GM) : lol yak Smallville (GM) : They are better prepared, that is the only difference Smallville (GM) : It is all about being as solid as possible Smallville (GM) : Oh please, I could care less about chess girls Smallville (GM) : I like how someone who has no rating seems to think they know more about chess than me Smallville (GM) : The one thing I can guarantee is that I'd trounce both of these guys at tennis Smallville (GM) : Actually, I'm neither : 23.f5: grandvar kava ( your ) Smallville (GM) : I already censored yak, so I don't hear his idiotic comments Smallville (GM) : Who knows all the capitals? Smallville (GM) : I bet I can come very close, slavic Smallville (GM) : My world capitals are nearly perfect outside of Africa Smallville (GM) : I never bothered learning African capitals Smallville (GM) : tirane was obvious Smallville (GM) : Because I'm chilling and playing poker instead MightyViking (IM) : Capital of Wales? Smallville (GM) : too long, he looked it up MightyViking (IM) : Torshavn MightyViking (IM) : Capital of the Confederated States of America? Shakhmaty (IM) : who are Top 5 chess/poker players in the world today? JustgiveUP (FM) : there were multiple confederate capitals energie (IM) : it shakmaty Shakhmaty (IM) : Grischuk, Gustafsson, who else? energie (IM) : Harrington StarkL (IM) : bacrot? Shakhmaty (IM) : Bacrot plays poker? energie (IM) : are they really good at poker ? Smallville (GM) : Grischuk could be StarkL (IM) : yes.... Smallville (GM) : Bacrot I doubt it DjGajos (GM) : c6 Nd4!? Bd1 Rd1 Smallville (GM) : Mexico City Shakhmaty (IM) : a Phill Hellmuth - Kasparov match would've been nice MightyViking (IM) : Capital of Lithuania between WW1 and WW2? JustgiveUP (FM) : I think ...c7-c6 is the move Shakhmaty (IM) : Hellmuth: "Did you see that guy, honey? That Russian maniac bet all the money on a jack and a king!" MightyViking (IM) : Wrong. Smallville (GM) : lol MightyViking (IM) : Kaunas. Vilnius/Vilna was in Poland then. Eisenhein (GM) : bishkek? Smallville (GM) : I don't play video games Smallville (GM) : Only game I play is Madden08 Smallville (GM) : No other video games Smallville (GM) : usually pc Smallville (GM) : I am not materialistic Smallville (GM) : I don't need stupid material stuff 18...Axf3 042025 [18...c6!-/+ Rybka. 19.Aa2 Rg7 20.Te3 Dd7 21.Rh2 Ch7 22.Dd2 Axf3 23.Txf3 Cxf3+ 24.gxf3 Cf8-/+] 19.gxf3 042 19...Rh8 042 Smallville (GM) : Uh... Smallville (GM) : Nd5? MightyViking (IM) : Slovenian capital in German? StarkL (IM) : lol mighty.. StarkL (IM) : can u ask this capital nonsense somewhere else? MightyViking (IM) : Slovenian capital in German: Laibach. RLH2 (IM) : nd5 rg8+ kh1 ng4 [19...Cxb3!? 20.Dxb3 c6+/= Rybka. 21.e5 Dd7 22.Axf6 Dh3 23.Cd1 dxe5 24.Te4+/=] 20.Cd5+/= Rybka. 04273 : 20.Nd5: vargen MrTroon3 fredrix RLH2 pluzich torro ( your ) 20...Tg8+ 0437 : 20...Rg8+: Haakon ( your ) MightyViking (IM) : Kf1 Ng4 Bxd8 Nh2# is neat. tnedev (GM) : kf1 ,qd4! Pliskin (IM) : Rg8 Kf1 Ng4!? DrainYou (GM) : Kf1 Ng4!!! 21.Rf1 0445 : 21.Kf1: Halsau MightyViking tnedev HelgeStrand offroff DrainYou Jonmeista BrotherJohn ( your ) thutters (IM) : Qd7!? StarkL (IM) : qd7 loses... Pliskin (IM) : Ng4 looks only move 21...Cg4 0462 : 21...Ng4: pedersen BrotherJohn Pliskin widowmaker Stroustrup jonina ( your ) StarkL (IM) : qd7 just bf6 with bd4.. jensk (IM) : Aaaaarrrrhhhhh! StarkL (IM) : qd4!! Pliskin (IM) : Qd4 only Pliskin (IM) : at te end the knight on h2 is misplaced StarkL (IM) : lone..bd4 theen jensk (IM) : Pyyyyhhh - Rybka supports us tnedev (GM) : +- ChessMaestro (FM) : holy crap jensk (IM) : Hold your potatoes! StarkL (IM) : this is 1-0 soon good night aronian fans 22.Dxd4+ 0491 : 22.Qxd4+: BrotherJohn pedersen Pliskin SananabEnogNwap jonina Young-Sun Stroustrup ( your ) 22...Axd4 042 : 22...Bxd4: pedersen ( your ) 23.Axd8 042 StarkL (IM) : Nh2 Lapinews (IM) : near by lost for black according to comp jensk (IM) : Kh8?!!? 23...Ch2+ 0439 : 23...Nh2+: StarkL Caveman pedersen BrotherJohn ( your ) StarkL (IM) : Ke2 24.Re2 042 : 24.Ke2: StarkL pedersen ( your ) Pliskin (IM) : but he cant take some pawns for the knight 24...Taxd8 042 tnedev (GM) : rad1 StarkL (IM) : deadly! 1-0 StarkL (IM) : this nh2 is quite funny placed MightyViking (IM) : First win since last win. MightyViking (IM) : Didn't he claim to be 2100? jensk (IM) : Well, I belive Magnus will take this one too StarkL (IM) : mig has 1600 I heard Brassman (IM) : white is better Smallville (GM) : Who's better here according to Rybka? : 24.Qg3: joe1313 ( your ) A-Yasseen (IM) : ne3 jensk (IM) : Rh1 Rg2 Ne3 should do it : 24...Bf8: KAPPA2000 jensk Pliskin ( your ) lusar (IM) : winning position for white after Rad1 25.Tad1 04899 : 25...exf5: Pliskin ( your ) BLITZMASTER (FM) : hi honey AZ79 (IM) : clear edge? sounds unlikely StarkL (IM) : lol chesster Smallville (GM) : Does c5 run into Rxd4 and Rh1? Smallville (GM) : ah Smallville (GM) : Naka,Efimenko 25...Axb2 Diagram

04622 ChessMaestro (FM) : idea c6? [25...Ae5!?+/- Rybka. 26.Th1 Tg2 27.Ce3 Tg6 28.Axf7 Tg5 29.Cf5 Tf8 30.Ad5+/-] 26.Th1+/- Rybka. 0460 26...c6 042 A-Yasseen (IM) : nf4 27.Cf4 0462 Smallville (GM) : uh... Smallville (GM) : Bf4!? Smallville (GM) : sorry, Be5 I mean 27...Ae5 0437 : 27...Be5: tonno ( your ) 28.Cd3 042 Smallville (GM) : oh yeah, lol Smallville (GM) : Nxe5 wins a piece Smallville (GM) : Kg7 best now Smallville (GM) : gotta trade off a set of rooks Smallville (GM) : actually, c5 works too 28...Cxf3 0456 29.Rxf3 042 29...Ag7 042 Smallville (GM) : Now white is winning Smallville (GM) : He needed to get more pieces off Smallville (GM) : Now its just winning A-Yasseen (IM) : nf4 Smallville (GM) : About 2695 MightyViking (IM) : 2695 used to be top two or three in the world. Smallville (GM) : welcome to inflation MightyViking (IM) : However, it could be that players are stronger today as well. Smallville (GM) : This is true, but the modification in the rating system makes it easier to gain points ChessMaestro (FM) : it's true, inflation can only account for so much ChessMaestro (FM) : but chess knowledge has grown so much RLH2 (IM) : nf4. 30.Th5 04295 : 30.Rh5: vargen Allier Chesssster themater GeirArne ( your ) ChessMaestro (FM) : i mean suzie polgar herself said she beat fischer like a ragdoll LittlePeasant (GM) : Freja-Odin : bs -- average gm 30 years ago would kill average gm today - LOL ChessMaestro (FM) : she didn't say ragdoll LittlePeasant (GM) : i think midnightbreeze is right MightyViking (IM) : Actually there is one area where today's top GMs may be worse: endgames. ChessMaestro (FM) : morphy slaughtered people ChessMaestro (FM) : SGM would be so cool LittlePeasant (GM) : lies, I can jitterbug just fine MightyViking (IM) : Right about adjournments. LittlePeasant (GM) : yes, I work mainly in 3-d modeling and c# programming, so its a good school for me ChessMaestro (FM) : SGM sounds corny to regular people but i think it's good for chess MightyViking (IM) : Naka was invited to Corus. MightyViking (IM) : Won more money in Gibraltar. ChessMaestro (FM) : they didn't make it easier to become GM, there are just many more players MightyViking (IM) : I remember when there used to be about 10 +2600 players. MightyViking (IM) : Yes. Karpov and Tal followed later. MightyViking (IM) : Fischer had an actual Elo rating of 2785. 30...d5 04471 MightyViking (IM) : Elo was introduced in 1970. PhillyTutor (DM) : I recall before the match Fischer was 2760 and Spassky was 2690 MightyViking (IM) : Botvinnik had an Elo rating at the very end of his career. 31.exd5 0428 31...Td6 042 PhillyTutor (DM) : Elo invented the rating system in the 1950's and USCF adopted it in the 1950's but FIDE took another dozen years or so. FIDE ratings started about 1968-1970 MightyViking (IM) : Before the match Fischer was 2785 and Spassky 2660. MightyViking (IM) : Fischer lost Elo points in the WC match. 32.Tf5 0491 PhillyTutor (DM) : Fischer definitely had a FIDE rating since I remember his rating going into the match and tried to use it to estimate the final score :) 32...cxd5 0430 MightyViking (IM) : Depends on what is being said. Polydamas (IM) : Kramnik was above 2800 for 2 years. Polydamas (IM) : Yes, almost... :-) MightyViking (IM) : Since he won 6-0 there were fewer games than there otherwise would have been... 33.Tc1 04175 Pliskin (IM) : never forget karpov, at the top his score was impressive MightyViking (IM) : Winning 20 consecutive games against top GMs is too few to say that you're any good... Smallville (GM) : lol, sorry, kinda busy Smallville (GM) : Kasparovs endgames are a joke compared to Kramnik Smallville (GM) : lol, Paul, you are so wrong Pliskin (IM) : looks almost winning for white after Rc7, isnt? Smallville (GM) : Probably more like 6-4 depending on if I was prepared Smallville (GM) : I'm just studying, not playing right now Smallville (GM) : Besides, I don't lose matches Smallville (GM) : Only match I've ever lost was to Volokitin Smallville (GM) : I don't really care about him, I want to play Magnus Smallville (GM) : Nah, was Adams Smallville (GM) : I wasn't really counting those matches, but whateer Smallville (GM) : Apparently some of you guys don't pay attention to the fact that I am not playing Qh5 crap StarkL (IM) : good joke naka Smallville (GM) : Qh5 is = vs e5 Smallville (GM) : its better for black on every other line Smallville (GM) : haha, my openings are fine ever since Barcelona Smallville (GM) : I'm somewhere around 30 Smallville (GM) : I don't really care, I'm just playing chess and winning Smallville (GM) : That is all I care about MightyViking (IM) : That Boris Becker game was hilarious. Polydamas (IM) : Reshevsky, Fine and Kashdan - that were 3! Smallville (GM) : Haha, I'd rather be Tiger than OBama Smallville (GM) : At least Tiger has proven himself Smallville (GM) : Obama hasn't Smallville (GM) : I don't really care... Smallville (GM) : There will always be idiots MightyViking (IM) : voice recognition Smallville (GM) : Carlsen draws a lot Smallville (GM) : Just that someone put something in the water Smallville (GM) : and everyone is playing hyper aggressive this tournament Smallville (GM) : HAs Radjabov been wearing the same clothes all tournament? 33...Tf6 04695 34.Txf6 042 34...Axf6 042 35.Tc6 042 35...Rg7 0423 : 35...Kg7: pedersen ( your ) Smallville (GM) : I don't really care Smallville (GM) : I will win tournaments and get a rating like Mamedyarov Smallville (GM) : Mamedyarov lost to me in a match Smallville (GM) : And for the record, I've beaten Kasparov at blitz on playchess and Anand here on ICC 36.Cf4 0492 : 36.Nf4: sharkmeister BrotherJohn Halsau Madboy ( your ) 36...Ag5 042 Smallville (GM) : I am obviously not going to say, but it is a 3400+ player 37.Ch5+ 0411 37...Rh8 042 Celine (IM) : t Mataleo (FM) : kasparov and Anand play on ICC?? Celine (IM) : tate is hatw 38.Txa6 0432 : 38.Rxa6: BrotherJohn Lattas pedersen ( your ) Smallville (GM) : Sac, winning Corsica and Barcelona wasn't big, eh? Smallville (GM) : Of course I work with other people 38...d4 0441 Smallville (GM) : I don't really care Smallville (GM) : Half the time I don't care when I play blitz Mataleo (FM) : no it's not the realthing... 39.Re4 0432 : 39.Ke4: Chesssster pedersen SirJohn Foggy ( your ) Proof-qed (FM) : I don't care 100 of time Smallville (GM) : Yep, thats why Kasparov turned down a match back in 2004 Proof-qed (FM) : otherwise I would obviously be world champion Smallville (GM) : When Im not trading, yes MightyViking (IM) : Carlsen has an hour left ! 39...Tg6 0457 40.Ta7 042 Smallville (GM) : stocks and options of course Smallville (GM) : Eh, its a rough market right now Smallville (GM) : Newmont Mining is not a bad company Smallville (GM) : lol ljg MightyViking (IM) : Hooray for Sweden! Smallville (GM) : Sweden ?! Smallville (GM) : Don't you mean Norway? MightyViking (IM) : Norway = western Sweden MightyViking (IM) : In all fairness I only claim him to be Swedish when he wins! :) manest (IM) : who are you talking about? manest (IM) : oh right manest (IM) : I know I dropped it though manest (IM) : I'll get it back manest (IM) : it's not that important manest (IM) : fide rating matters manest (IM) : I don't know 1-0

Anand-Ivanchuk (7)

Vishy Anand se despide de la ronda moreliana en gran forma (!). Durante toda la partida, que por cierto emuló al famoso último cotejo del segundo match de 1985 entre Kárpov y Kaspárov, gozó de una mínima pero estable ventaja.

El jugador hindú al final no lo vió claro como para intentar forzarla y optó por dividir el punto y marchar para Linares con medio punto de ventaja sobre sus más inmediatos seguidores.

¡Enhorabuena para Vishy!. El año pasado también ganó aquí y luego repitió triunfo en España y parece que este año va camino de lo mismo.

Anand,V (2799) - Ivanchuk,V (2751) [B85]
Morelia/Linares Morelia (7), 23.02.2008

1.e4 c5 2.Cf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Cxd4 Cc6 5.Cc3 Dc7 6.Ae2 a6 7.0-0 Cf6 8.Ae3 0422 8...Ae7 043 9.f4 0411 9...d6 0421 10.a4 0432 10...0-0 043 11.Rh1 0427 11...Te8 043 12.Af3 0421 12...Tb8 04105 13.Dd2 0435 13...Ad7 0442 : the Move! me your before each move. 14.Cb3 04371 : 14.Nb3: BrotherJohn NJSKing ( your ) 14...b6 0423 : 14...b6: BrotherJohn ( your ) 15.g4 04230 : 15.g4: BagelHead Toniolo78 BrotherJohn Arnthov francesco75018 ( your ) 15...Ac8 0458 : 15...Bc8: BrotherJohn GrandPatzer francesco75018 wizardbar ( your ) 16.g5 0469 : 16.g5: BagelHead BrotherJohn NJSKing Goodtimes ( your ) 16...Cd7 043 17.Df2 Diagram

0436 17...Ab7 041016 [17...Af8 18.h4 (18.Ag2 Ab7 19.Tad1 g6 20.Ac1 Tbc8 21.Td3 Cb4 22.Th3 Ag7 23.Ae3 Te7 24.Rg1 Tce8 25.Td1 f5 26.gxf6 Cxf6 27.Tg3 Tf7 28.Axb6 Db8 29.Ae3 Ch5 30.Tg4 Cf6 31.Th4 g5 32.fxg5 Cg4 33.Dd2 Cxe3 34.Dxe3 Cxc2 35.Db6 Aa8 36.Txd6 Tb7 37.Dxa6 Txb3 38.Txe6 Txb2 39.Dc4 Rh8 40.e5 Da7+ 41.Rh1 Axg2+ 42.Rxg2 Cd4+ 0-1 Karpov,A (2720)-Kasparov,G (2700)/Moscow 1985/MainBase) 18...Ab7 19.h5 Ca5 20.Tad1 Cc4 21.Ac1 Tbc8 22.Ag2 Cc5 23.Cd4 d5 24.e5 Ce4 25.Cxe4 dxe4 26.b3 Ca5 27.Ae3 g6 28.Td2 Ted8 29.hxg6 hxg6 30.Dh4 Cc6 31.c3 Ce7 32.c4 Txd4 33.Axd4 Cf5 34.Dh3 Rg7 35.Dc3 a5 36.c5 Cxd4 37.Txd4 Axc5 38.Tc4 Th8+ 39.Ah3 e3+ 40.Rh2 Dc6 41.Dc2 Aa6 42.Rg3 Axc4 43.Dxc4 Dd7 44.Ag4 Dd2 45.Ae2 Td8 46.Tc1 Td4 47.Dc2 Db4 48.Dc3 Txf4 49.Dxb4 Txb4 50.Ac4 Ae7 51.Rf3 Axg5 52.Ta1 Rf8 53.Ta2 Re7 54.Tg2 e2 55.Txe2 b5 56.Axb5 Txb3+ 57.Rg4 Ae3 58.Tc2 Ad4 59.Rf4 Th3 60.Tc8 Th4+ 61.Rg3 Th8 0-1 Beliavsky,A (2640)-Kasparov,G (2775)/Barcelona 1989/CD PDR; 17...Ca5 18.Cd4 Af8 19.Ag2 Cc4 20.Ac1 Ab7 21.b3 Ca5 22.Ab2 Cc6 23.Cf3 g6 24.Tad1 Ag7 25.f5 Cde5 26.f6 Af8 27.Dh4 Aa8 28.Ce2 b5 29.Cf4 Ted8 30.axb5 Txb5 31.Tde1 Db6 32.Ac1 Dc5 33.Tf2 Cxf3 34.Axf3 Cd4 35.Ad1 Cf5 36.Cxe6 Cxh4 37.Cxc5 Txc5 38.Rg1 Te8 39.Rf1 Axe4 40.Tf4 Ag2+ 41.Rf2 Txe1 42.Rxe1 Cf5 43.Tb4 Tc8 44.Tb6 d5 45.Txa6 Ab4+ 46.Rf2 Ae4 47.c4 dxc4 48.bxc4 Txc4 49.Ab2 Ab7 50.Ta2 Tf4+ 51.Re2 Af3+ 52.Rd3 Axd1 53.Ta8+ Af8 54.Rd2 Tf2+ 0-1 Timoshenko,G (2576)-Lesiege,A (2553)/Koszalin 1999/CBM 073] 18.Ag2 04103 StarkL (IM) : white has the easier game [18.Dg3 Af8 19.Ag2 Cb4 20.Tf2 Tbd8 21.h4 d5 22.h5 Cc5 23.Cd4 Cxe4 24.Cxe4 dxe4 25.g6 Ac5 26.gxh7+ Rxh7 27.c3 Cd3 28.Te2 Th8 29.Ah3 Ad5 30.Tg1 f5 31.Teg2 Rg8 32.Dg6 Df7 33.Dxg7+ Dxg7 34.Txg7+ Rf8 35.T1g6 Ad6 36.h6 Axf4 37.Tf6+ Re8 38.Tff7 Ad6 39.Ag5 Tc8 40.h7 e5 41.Ta7 e3+ 42.Ag2 e2 43.Cxe2 e4 44.Tad7 Ab8 45.Tge7+ Rf8 46.Ah6# 1-0 Videkovic,M (2019)-Poljak,S (2045)/Pula 1999/EXT 2000] 18...Ca5 04276 19.Tad1 04110 19...Cxb3 0469 20.cxb3 043 20...Ac6 043 21.b4 04604 21...b5 0422 22.a5 0478 Pliskin (IM) : Bb7 intending Qc4, before or after Rc8 perhaps 22...Tbc8 04717 Pliskin (IM) : I dont think black position is lost, why it must be lost? kava (IM) : o 2 Pliskin (IM) : why Nd5? why are u giving away your knight? Pliskin (IM) : Bb7 and Qc4 is a plan Pliskin (IM) : Qh4, Rf3-h3 is a standard plan for white here kava (IM) : Anand will never have in mind Nd5 Pliskin (IM) : Rc1 Qb8 and Bb7 to follow, nothing useful for white on c1 Pliskin (IM) : standard plan here are: Qh4, Rf3-h3 or f5-f6 Pliskin (IM) : anyway black has good defensive resources here, as last game of Karpov-Kasparov match for the world title showed Pliskin (IM) : why, of course white can win here, I dont say no, but black is ok, who plays better he wins as always :-) Pliskin (IM) : it's a typical Scheveningen position Pliskin (IM) : only strange are the white pawns on the queenside kava (IM) : f5 seems the most logical kava (IM) : Qh4 too 23.f5 04433 Pliskin (IM) : probably Ne5 f6 Bf8 kava (IM) : Nd5 your move isn't good Pliskin (IM) : Ne5 is a standard reaction kava (IM) : Bf8 looks logical Pliskin (IM) : Ne5 f6 Bf8, and? Pliskin (IM) : this positions are extremely difficult to evaluate kava (IM) : what have wrong Bf8? Pliskin (IM) : white can mount a very dangerous attack sometimes, but sometimes cant get anything Pliskin (IM) : black prepare simply to grab pawns on the queenside and get into endgame :-) Pliskin (IM) : when comp evaluate a positions with +0.22 it means position is totally open to any result Pliskin (IM) : Ne5 g6 Bf6 looks good for black indeed Pliskin (IM) : why are u taking on f7 with your king? you can take both with your queen or knight Pliskin (IM) : I play often this position in bitz games, I know how to defend here Pliskin (IM) : after Nd5 black can take on d5 and it's better, an old game of Polugaevsky showed already, ne5 strongere than Bg2 jensk (IM) : Ladies and gentlemen, i can you for sure that Chuki knows how to handle this with black - but he will, quite likely, mess it up in some timetrouble... Pliskin (IM) : people never seen this position, dont know anything about Sicilian and says: this is won for white, bah! kava (IM) : surely will finish in a draw jensk (IM) : Ne5!? Pliskin (IM) : Karpov lost a world title match with this position as white kava (IM) : Ne5 g6 hg6 and then? Pliskin (IM) : even if it was not really the same, the white pawns on the queenside were different than here kava (IM) : yes Ng4 is interesting Pliskin (IM) : idea of b4 and a5 is to keep the queenside closed, no fear of plan as b5-b4 with pressure on b2 and e4 Pliskin (IM) : Bb6 looks totally useless in my opinion kava (IM) : but in that case black seems ok kava (IM) : no kava (IM) : h4 then d5 and i think the initiative is for black kava (IM) : Ne5, and Bf8 are the most reasonable moves for black jensk (IM) : Ne5 will be played - and he will lose on time Pliskin (IM) : Chuky doesnt want to move here Pliskin (IM) : Carlsen-Aronian is another interesting game kava (IM) : e5 is the most unbeliveble moves for black Pliskin (IM) : Ne5 only move kava (IM) : e5? f6! and? 23...Ce5 041439 Pliskin (IM) : as I said :-) Pliskin (IM) : f6 bf8 is a typical line in this variation Pliskin (IM) : maybe Qh4 here? Pliskin (IM) : or Qg3, who knows? Pliskin (IM) : why to push pawns on the kingside and put your pieces on the queenside? in my time chess was a logic game, but times are changing I know ;-) 24.Dg3 04211 Pliskin (IM) : as I said :-) Pliskin (IM) : not clarifying if to continue with f6 or g6 Pliskin (IM) : Qg3 is a normal move indeed Pliskin (IM) : u keep all your possibilities Pliskin (IM) : why not, sometimes even Rf4-h4 Pliskin (IM) : preparation is the most important aspect of the chess game, as analysis as well of course jensk (IM) : Bf8 - of coruse Pliskin (IM) : Bf8 almost a forced move in my opinion jensk (IM) : ...but he will lose on time... Pliskin (IM) : but not easy for white to attack h7 Pliskin (IM) : u neve r seen the game karpov-Kasparov I spoke before, probably 24...Af8 04300 jensk (IM) : Told you - didnt I? :) Pliskin (IM) : imagine a position with f6 pawn and Rh3 and Qh4, black plays simply h5, you take on h6 and Kh7, attack: where? Pliskin (IM) : white pawn on f6 and black on g6 of course Pliskin (IM) : it's not so easy for white mount a crushing attack on the kinside usually Pliskin (IM) : maybe he has enough time to advance his h pawn? 25.Ad4 04225 Pliskin (IM) : I'm thinking about the idea of put a rook on h4 and the queen on h3 without to move the pawn on f6 Pliskin (IM) : ef5 is a crazy move? jensk (IM) : Anand is doing thid in the right way - play him slowly - he will lose on time, or - at least - lose caused byt time Pliskin (IM) : ef5 ef5 Bg2 Qg2 Qc4 Nd5 looks good for white, isnt? 25...exf5 04197 Pliskin (IM) : as I said :-) Pliskin (IM) : line: ef5 Bg2 Qg2 Qc4 Nd5 Nd3!? Pliskin (IM) : Rf5? g6 and bg7 and black is ok I think 26.exf5 0459 Pliskin (IM) : as I said :-)ù Pliskin (IM) : I'm playing same with both colors! 26...Db7 0435 Pliskin (IM) : oh! I didnt say it! must be a mistake ;-) Pliskin (IM) : two normal moves rosham Pliskin (IM) : Qb7 is a very solid move, I appreciated very much now Pliskin (IM) : ef5 is a normal reaction in this positions, yoda Pliskin (IM) : opening e line for the rook and consolidating e5 Pliskin (IM) : probably Yoda never played a Sicilian in all his life :-) 27.Axc6 04269 27...Dxc6+ 043 Pliskin (IM) : Kg1 now? Pliskin (IM) : he dont want to trade queens I Pliskin (IM) : but if now he plays Qg2? ;-) Pliskin (IM) : lol! 28.Dg2 0490 Pliskin (IM) : ok, everybody go to see Aronian! Pliskin (IM) : white has problems too after Qg2 Kg2 Rc4 Pliskin (IM) : no, Nd5 now! Pliskin (IM) : thats' why he want to trade queen, occupy forever the d5 square! well played Pliskin (IM) : a passed pawn? which one? oh, my god, d6! do you call this a passed pawn! oh, my God... Pliskin (IM) : draw Jugulator (IM) : White is BETTER Pliskin (IM) : what happens after: Qg2 Kg2 Rc4 Nd5 Nc6 Bc3 Rg4? Pliskin (IM) : how comp eveluate the line: Qg2 Kg2 Rc4? 28...Dxg2+ 04531 29.Rxg2 043 29...Cc6 043 octavia (IM) : this is like some game someone-Polu which is always in quiz books. octavia (IM) : White lost two pawns but the Nd5 was so strong against the Bf8 he won anyway octavia (IM) : say Nd5 Nd4; Rd4 Rc2+; Rf2 Ree2; r2 Re2+; Kf3 and White is much better Pliskin (IM) : as I said before, this the black plan in this opening: go into the endgame and grab white pawns, et voila'! Coffeehouse (GM) : great plan Pliskin (IM) : thx Coffee :-) 30.Cd5 04173 Pliskin (IM) : alas it's not mine :( 30...Ce7 0452 Pliskin (IM) : what's wrong with Nd4 and Re2? Coffeehouse (GM) : nd4 is like resignation Coffeehouse (GM) : nd5vsbf8 Pliskin (IM) : but saome pawns up for black coffee Coffeehouse (GM) : and b2 pawn ll save black then? Pliskin (IM) : b2,b4 Coffeehouse (GM) : b4 is heavily protected Pliskin (IM) : so maybe it was better Rc4 instead of Nc6, as I said Pliskin (IM) : what Benjamin is saying? 31.Ac3 04212 Pliskin (IM) : me too guineo, the line with Rc4 could grab g5 pawn as well, I dont understand why he didnt play Pliskin (IM) : now it looks slightly better for white Pliskin (IM) : lol! Pliskin (IM) : as I said some moves before :-) Pliskin (IM) : slightly better for white, but difficult Pliskin (IM) : see u all! 1/2-1/2

Leko-Topalov (7)

¡Qué bonito es el ajedrez de Topalov!. Acaba esta fase mexicana con tres victorias, dos derrotas y dos tablas. ¡Gran espíritu de lucha!.

Los aficionados sabemos que Topalov es un jugador de segundas partes… . Así que cuidado que Linares puede ser que se le torne favorable a sus intereses (!?).

La partida de ayer fue un ejemplo de lo que el GM búlgaro pronosticó al término de la sexta ronda tras empatar con blancas contra Anand: "Aún me queda Leko, e intentaré dar todo lo mejor de mi para conseguir la victoria".

A priori, ganar con negras a Peter Leko parece una tarea poco más o menos que improbable. Pero Topalov después de su favorita Defensa Siciliana, Variante Najdorf con la línea de moda (Ataque Inglés), se puso manos a la obra.

Y lo logró. Veselin se aprovechó de los agobiantes apuros de tiempo del jugador húngaro. Rybka no puso apenas objeciones al resultado final, más que una línea en donde tras analizarla le sigue otorgando ventaja al GM búlgaro.

El cambio de dama por dos torres, no fue nada bueno para Peter Leko.

Enhorabuena también para Veselin!.

Leko,P (2753) - Topalov,V (2780) [B80]
Morelia/Linares Morelia (7), 23.02.2008
[ICC/Rybka 2.3.2a mp 32-bit]

1.e4 c5 2.Cf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Cxd4 Cf6 5.Cc3 a6 6.Ae3 e6 7.f3 b5 8.Dd2 b4 9.Ca4 [9.Cce2 e5 10.Cb3 a5 11.Cg3 a4 12.Cc1 d5 13.exd5 Ta5 14.Cd3 Txd5 15.Ce4 Cc6 16.Df2 Af5 17.Cxf6+ Dxf6 18.g4 Axd3 19.Axd3 a3 20.Ae4 axb2 21.Tb1 Td7 22.Txb2 Ae7 23.0-0 1/2-1/2 Anand,V (2803)-Gelfand,B (2727)/Turin ITA 2006/Ajedrez en Madrid] 9...Cbd7 10.c4 bxc3 11.Cxc3 Ab7 12.Ae2 Ae7 [12...d5 13.exd5 Cxd5 14.Cxd5 Axd5 15.Tc1 (15.0-0 Db8 16.Cf5 De5 17.Cg3 Ab4 18.Dxb4 Dxe3+ 19.Rh1 Tb8 20.Dd6 Tb6 21.Dc7 Tc6 22.Db7 Tc2 23.Dxa6 0-0 24.b3 Ce5 25.Tae1 Dd2 26.Td1 Df4 27.Ab5 h5 28.Ce2 De3 29.a4 Tb2 30.Dd6 Tc8 31.Tde1 Cxf3 32.gxf3 Axf3+ 33.Txf3 Dxf3+ 34.Rg1 De3+ 35.Rf1 Df3+ 36.Rg1 Dxb3 37.De5 Td8 38.Dc3 Dxc3 39.Cxc3 h4 40.Te4 Tb3 41.Ce2 g5 42.Te5 Td5 43.Txd5 exd5 44.Ac6 Ta3 45.Cd4 Rg7 46.Axd5 Td3 47.Cf5+ Rf6 48.Ae4 Td1+ 49.Rg2 Td2+ 50.Rf3 Txh2 51.Ce3 Ta2 52.Ac6 Ta3 53.Rf2 Ta1 54.Ad7 Re5 55.Rf3 Ta3 56.Rf2 Re4 57.Ac6+ Rf4 58.Cg2+ Re5 59.Ce3 Ta2+ 60.Rf3 f5 61.Ad7 h3 0-1 Anand,V (2803)-Topalov,V (2804)/Sofia BUL 2006/The Week in Chess 602) 15...Db8 16.a3 Ad6 17.Cf5 0-0 18.Cxd6 Dxd6 19.0-0 Tfd8 20.Tfd1 Db8 21.Dd4 Ce5 22.b4 Cc6 23.Db6 Dxb6 24.Axb6 Tdc8 25.Tc3 Rf8 26.Tdc1 Re8 27.b5 Tab8 28.Ad4 axb5 29.Axg7 b4 30.axb4 Txb4 31.Aa6 Ta8 32.Ad3 Cd4 33.Af6 h6 34.Tc7 Tb3 35.Td1 Cb5 36.Axb5+ Txb5 37.Tdc1 h5 38.Te7+ Rf8 39.Tcc7 e5 40.Txe5 Tb2 41.Tc1 1-0 Carlsen,M (2714)-Jones,R (2327)/Crete GRE 2007/The Week in Chess 678] 13.0-0 0-0 14.Tac1 04184 14...Db8 0433 Cancun (IM) : HGH Cancun (IM) : polonium [14...Ce5 15.Cb3 Tb8 16.Dd4 Cfd7 17.Tfd1 Rh8 18.Dd2 Tg8 19.Rh1 g5 20.Ad4 Tg6 21.Ca4 Rg8 22.Ca5 Aa8 23.Aa7 g4 24.f4 Cf6 25.Axb8 Cxe4 26.De3 Dxb8 27.Cb6 Cf3 28.gxf3 gxf3 29.Axf3 Cf2+ 30.Dxf2 Dxb6 31.Tc2 Ah4 32.De2 Axf3+ 33.Dxf3 Dxa5 34.Tc8+ Rg7 35.Dc3+ Dxc3 36.Txc3 Af2 37.Tf3 Ac5 38.Tg3 Rf6 39.Txg6+ hxg6 40.Rg2 Re7 41.a3 a5 42.Tb1 Rd7 43.b4 axb4 44.axb4 Ad4 45.Td1 e5 46.f5 Rc6 47.Rf3 d5 48.Txd4 exd4 49.Re2 Rb5 50.Rd3 Rxb4 51.Rxd4 gxf5 52.h4 f4 53.h5 f3 54.Re3 d4+ 55.Rxf3 d3 56.h6 Rb3 57.Re3 Rc2 1/2-1/2 Dominguez Perez,L (2678)-Sasikiran,K (2690)/Foros 2007/CBM 119] 15.Tfd1 04749 [15.b4 Td8 16.a3 d5 17.exd5 Cxd5 18.Cxd5 Axd5 19.Ac4 Ce5 20.Axd5 Txd5 21.De2 Af6 22.Tc5 Dd6 23.Txd5 Dxd5 1/2-1/2 Najer,E (2623)-Belov,V (2590)/Krasnoyarsk RUS 2007/The Week in Chess 670] 15...Td8 Diagram

04466 16.Rh1 04901 playlikestevie (IM) : now d5 = playlikestevie (IM) : Fritz hocet Bf4 Ng5 (IM) : whites position seems quit solid playlikestevie (IM) : Ne5 is also good [16.Af2 g6 17.Dc2 Tc8 18.Da4 d5 19.exd5 Cb6 20.Da5 Cbxd5 21.Cxd5 Cxd5 22.Txc8+ Dxc8 23.a3 e5 24.Cb3 Dc2 25.Txd5 Axd5 26.Dxd5 Td8 27.Dxe5 Af8 28.Ad4 Txd4 29.Cxd4 Dxb2 30.g3 h6 31.Rg2 Rh7 32.De8 Ag7 33.Cc6 h5 34.a4 Da2 35.De4 h4 36.Dxh4+ 1-0 Brkic,A (2558)-Rezan,S (2390)/Split CRO 2008/The Week in Chess 690] 16...d5 04828 17.exd5 0422 17...Cxd5 0410 18.Cxd5 0446 18...Axd5 0410 Dworkin (IM) : nc6 bc6 rc6 ne5.. Dworkin (IM) : nf5 ob4 maybe... playlikestevie (IM) : what exactly about the format? RLH2 (IM) : what about nc6 bxc6 rxc6 ne5 rb6 playlikestevie (IM) : RLH2(IM) : what about nc6 bxc6 rxc6 ne5 rb6 Thats nice variant! Qc8 Qe1 Rd1 Qd1 Nc4 RLH2 (IM) : nc4 is a good find 19.Ac4 041581 DrainYou (GM) : Bxc4 Nc6 playlikestevie (IM) : Leko goes for simlifications, tries hard for = 19...Cf6 04317 playlikestevie (IM) : Nb6 ar Nf6 all the same because Leko will play Bdx5 playlikestevie (IM) : Ne5 was good! playlikestevie (IM) : still someone use Crafty? :) 20.De2 04462 playlikestevie (IM) : Leko won't play Bd3 ! playlikestevie (IM) : Qe5 playlikestevie (IM) : Qe5 Qe5 Qe5 20...Db7 04418 21.b3 04594 21...h6 0490 22.Af2 04168 22...Td7 04241 23.Tc2 04167 23...Axc4 04226 24.Txc4 04567 24...Tad8 04811 25.Tf1 0425 Pliskin (IM) : a little bit passive to be white on 25 move Pliskin (IM) : he's very solid, anyway sometimes, very rarely, he play very strong Pliskin (IM) : but if Leko should play open tournament he will never get 2700, for sure Pliskin (IM) : of course he doesnt play open :-) 25...Td6 04304 26.Dc2 04225 26...Af8 04254 27.Cc6 0493 27...Te8 04312 28.b4 04154 28...e5 04184 Ng5 (IM) : if Leko can draw that mess yesterday he can draw anything Mataleo (FM) : I love how Leko's playing in this tourney 29.Ca5 04167 29...Db5 04277 Ng5 (IM) : having to play Leko 54 times sounds like hell 30.Ac5 04160 30...Td5 0410 31.Axf8 0444 31...Txf8 0424 32.Te1 04112 Ng5 (IM) : Magnus winning is just boring now Ng5 (IM) : we need a chimp GM 32...Tfd8 04527 JustgiveUP (FM) : Nc6 isn't a problem? Lalu (DM) : can black play rd1 after nc6? 33.Cb3 04176 33...Td1 Diagram

04179 34.Dxd1 0474 [34.Txd1!? Txd1+ 35.Dxd1 Dxc4 36.Dc1 Dxb4 37.Dc8+ Df8 38.Dxa6=/+ Rybka. 38...e4 39.fxe4 Cxe4 40.a4 De8 41.Da7 Cc3 42.a5 De2 con clara ventaja de las negras. ] 34...Txd1 0410 35.Tc8+ 0410 35...Rh7 0411 StarkL (IM) : white wins 36.Txd1 0410 Ng5 (IM) : i assume its = as it was = before Ng5 (IM) : my feeling is black is better, so why did Leko do this ? Ng5 (IM) : maybe Leko thinks he cant lose if he doubles rooks on 2nd rank 36...e4 04157 37.fxe4 0430 37...Cg4 047 38.Tc5 042 FERARI (GM) : qb8?? StarkL (IM) : I just heard alcohol is very cheap in mexico... StarkL (IM) : rc5 just a beginner error :) 38...Db8 0485 MightyViking (IM) : Leko, Leko... FERARI (GM) : leko should retire from chess :) 0-1

Shirov-Radjabov (7)

Buen papel en esta primera vuelta el del GM español Alexei Shirov. Se va a Linares como segundo clasificado (!?) con dos victorias, una derrota y cuatro empates.

La partida de ayer fue una Defensa India de Rey, apertura favorita del jugador azerí.

Sorprende que Rybka, nada más acabar la fase de apertura señale una jugada, que parece que se le pasó completamente por alto a Shirov que le da a las blancas la ventaja absoluta, con ganancia de un peón sin compensación alguna.

De cualquier forma la línea escogida por el maestro español (de origen letón) fue también buena y le hizo llegar al triunfo final en gran estilo.

Veremos a ver que ocurre con Shirov en Linares. Aquí en México su juego ha merecido toda la credibilidad, sobre todo teniendo en cuentra que en su única derrota en el torneo (contra Anand), Shirov jugó muy mal, prácticamente a nivel de un aficionado… .

Shirov,A (2755) - Radjabov,T (2735) [E99]
Morelia/Linares Morelia (7), 23.02.2008
[ICC/Rybka 2.3.2a mp 32-bit]

1.d4 Cf6 2.c4 g6 3.Cc3 Ag7 4.e4 d6 5.Ae2 0-0 6.Cf3 e5 7.0-0 Cc6 8.d5 Ce7 9.Ce1 Cd7 04239 10.Ae3 0428 10...f5 045 11.f3 045 11...f4 04217 12.Af2 0422 12...g5 045 13.Cd3 0421 Smallville (GM) : oooh a real game Smallville (GM) : Radjabov would lose this line 100/100 vs any computer Cancun (IM) : gotta admire Radja for playing KID at this level Smallville (GM) : c5, Rc1 almost forced Smallville (GM) : c5,Nb5 or Rc1 will be played Smallville (GM) : I don't think the order really matters Smallville (GM) : Just Rf7,Nf6,Bf8,h4 Smallville (GM) : h5* LazyPawn (IM) : GoBucks - 2 reasons: Nd7 delays c4-c5 by controlling that square and it doesn't matter too much anyway because the N returns to f6 to support g4 MightyViking (IM) : Why has Radjabov thought for 40 minutes? He must know this position. MightyViking (IM) : Trying to outleko Leko? 13...h5 041693 StarkL (IM) : h5 interesting StarkL (IM) : avoiding any prep by white maybe?? 14.c5 04109 [14.a4 Cf6 15.a5 g4 16.Rh1 Cg6 17.a6 b6 18.Cb4 g3 19.Cc6 Dd7 20.hxg3 fxg3 21.Axg3 h4 22.Ah2 Cf4 23.De1 Ah6 24.Dxh4 Dg7 25.Df2 Ad7 26.g3 Rf7 27.Tfd1 Th8 28.Af1 Ag5 29.Td2 Th6 30.Cb5 Tah8 31.Cbxa7 Cg2 32.Dxg2 Axd2 33.Cd8+ Re8 34.Ce6 Axe6 35.dxe6 Dh7 0-1 Borik,O (2416)-Uhlmann,W (2482)/Germany 2000/CBM 074 ext] 14...Cf6 045 Ng5 (IM) : thats deep stany Ng5 (IM) : I think thay have analysed a bit deeper though playlikestevie (IM) : there is about 10 -15 moves theory more Buffon (IM) : lol Radja is the one who makes theory 15.Tc1 041477 jensk (IM) : And what is this? Takes some guts from Shirov to play this classical kings indian agiant the Aze monster eczaci (IM) : ng6 eczaci (IM) : g4 cd cd nb5 ne8 qc2 eczaci (IM) : after ng6 cd cd nb5 is nothing ne8 qc2 rf7! eczaci (IM) : jensk (IM) : You know, Shirov is really putting up some challenge to the Aze kids - come and get me!? 15...g4 04940 tnedev (GM) : nb5! 16.Cb5 04185 Cancun (IM) : g3 only move S-Fazulyanov (FM) : White has advantage Top-Notch (IM) : White always has advantage in the KID, but it doesnt stop his king being mated Ng5 (IM) : strange Radja doesnt know what to do, Kasparov analysed this to move 87 in 1992 Top-Notch (IM) : , Kaspy tried to avoid h5 in this Be3 line S-Fazulyanov (FM) : +/- Top-Notch (IM) : , saved an important tempo jensk (IM) : Radja didnt konw the claasics - NOT 13.-,h5? but Rf6-g6 and Nd6 [16.Db3 Ah6 17.cxd6 cxd6 18.Cxe5 g3 19.Ae1 dxe5 20.d6+ Rh8 21.dxe7 Dxe7 22.Cb5 Ae6 23.Ab4 Df7 24.Dc3 gxh2+ 25.Rh1 Tg8 26.Dxe5 Dg6 27.Tf2 Axa2 28.Ac3 Ag5 29.Af1 Tae8 30.Dc5 Ae6 31.Cd6 Tef8 32.Td2 h4 33.De5 Rh7 34.Dxe6 Dh5 35.e5 Ce8 36.Cxe8 Txe8 37.Df5+ Tg6 38.Ad3 Teg8 39.Df7+ Rh6 40.Axg6 1-0 Taimanov,M-Aronin,L/Moscow 1952/CD PDR] 16...Ce8 041201 S-Fazulyanov (FM) : fg!! jensk (IM) : Shirov is just playing the Mar del Plata-line int he good old fashion - and Radja is complely confused S-Fazulyanov (FM) : Nf6 was a bad move jensk (IM) : Oops, a pawn hanging at g4... S-Fazulyanov (FM) : and h5...looks very slow S-Fazulyanov (FM) : maybe 16...b6 was a best move, because need defence on a7 S-Fazulyanov (FM) : was a 13...h5?! new move S-Fazulyanov (FM) : yes [16...a6 17.cxd6 cxd6 18.Cc7 g3 19.Cxa8 gxf2+ 20.Txf2 Ce8 21.Db3 b5 22.Dc3 Af6 23.Cc7 Ah4 24.Cxe8 Axf2+ 25.Cxf2 Dxe8 26.Dc7 Tf6 27.Db8 Rf7 28.Tc7 Tg6 29.Af1 h4 30.h3 Dg8 31.Ta7 De8 32.Dc7 Df8 33.a3 De8 34.b3 Df8 35.a4 bxa4 36.bxa4 1-0 Neverov,V (2566)-Bjornsson,S (2302)/Pardubice 2003/CBM 095 ext] 17.fxg4 04440 S-Fazulyanov (FM) : was better Rf6 or Nf6 17...a6 045 S-Fazulyanov (FM) : was better Rf6 or Nf6 S-Fazulyanov (FM) : cd tnedev (GM) : cd with nc7/bb6 S-Fazulyanov (FM) : cd 19.Nc7 Nc7 20 Bb8 ...standard idea AZ79 (IM) : Na7 Ng5 (IM) : this is just obviously bad for black, pawn down all pieces undeveloped 18.Cc3 04936 18...hxg4 045 19.Axg4 045 humanoid (FM) : Well so much for the kings indians 19...Cf6 0446 20.Axc8 04180 20...Txc8 Diagram

045 21.g3+/= Rybka. 04391 [21.Db3!+- Rybka. 21...Tb8 22.cxd6 cxd6 23.Aa7 Ta8 24.Dxb7+-] 21...De8 04249 S-Fazulyanov (FM) : nah g3?? Pliskin (IM) : it looks as radja couldnt remember how black has to play in this line Pliskin (IM) : yes, g3 strange move Pliskin (IM) : ok, but when black plays there is nothing for white 22.Rh1 04908 22...Dg6 045 Pliskin (IM) : I know Fezzik, I play King's Indiana, but most of the time white cant reach endgame! :-) Pliskin (IM) : look a famous game, Gelfand-Kanstler, a masterpiece! Pliskin (IM) : the line b4 is good for draw, bjorn Pliskin (IM) : when white wants absolutely draw there is nothing u can do! Pliskin (IM) : Rg1 Ne4 gf4 Fezzik? Pliskin (IM) : it looks so, Nf2 Nf2 doesnt look so bad for white, pawn up :-) Pliskin (IM) : intending Q3 Nd5 maybe? Pliskin (IM) : intending Qf3 Nd5 maybe? Pliskin (IM) : why fezzik? U dont like to have 2 knights? Pliskin (IM) : :-) 23.De2 04488 Pliskin (IM) : Nh5 now? Pliskin (IM) : Bh6 natural for a quick queen losing (Rg1) Pliskin (IM) : Bh6 gf4 intending Rg1 rosham :-) Pliskin (IM) : me oo here, pawn up, no black white square bishop Pliskin (IM) : f3 only move probably 23...f3 04261 24.Dxf3 045 24...Cfxd5 045 Pliskin (IM) : the only counterplay for black Pliskin (IM) : anyway I think white wins this game, no compensation Pliskin (IM) : Qe2 best move S-Fazulyanov (FM) : what if ed : the Move! me your before each move. 25.Cxd5 04453 : 25.Nxd5: marmotte MrMojo ProzacDefence Foggy zornslemma ( your ) 25...Cxd5 0431 : 25...Nxd5: MrMojo ( your ) 26.De2 Diagram

045 26...Cf6 0414 : 26...Nf6: MrMojo ( your ) 27.Tce1 0422 : 27.Rce1: Foggy ( your ) Pliskin (IM) : d5?! Ne5?! Qe4 Qe4 Ne4 Bd4 Pliskin (IM) : probably better ed5 after d5 Pliskin (IM) : I cant see a reason to play d5 now Pliskin (IM) : Ng4 and Qh5, primitive like style, but idea to trade off all rooks and come back to f6 and g6 to take back e4, dont know Pliskin (IM) : yes, maybe, Ng4 Bg1 Qh5 and Bh6 to follow, nothing to do as black but maybe white has problems to convert extra material Pliskin (IM) : black has a final attack? Oh, my God, didnt realize it! Pliskin (IM) : how mojo, no other piece can attack e4! Pliskin (IM) : anyway, white pieces are tied to defence, so not easy to covert the pawn up, for the moment Pliskin (IM) : thx Judo :-) Pliskin (IM) : maybe a plan: Rf7, Rcf8, Bh6, Ng4, Qh5 Pliskin (IM) : probably he will start playing Bh6 Ng5 (IM) : Black has an easy downhill slide PapMisa (IM) : . Pliskin (IM) : play not a bad move fezzik :-) Pliskin (IM) : we cant say black is lost here Ng5 (IM) : black is lost here Pliskin (IM) : u can say what u want Yoda, we are in the democracy (for the moment) Ng5 (IM) : i said it, what happens now ? Pliskin (IM) : Bh6 Bg1 Ng4, I insist on this idea, I cant see something else Pliskin (IM) : I dont like your idea Impi, but maybe u are right 27...Df7 04879 : 27...Qf7: backrankhrvat ( your ) Pliskin (IM) : surprising! Pliskin (IM) : and someone predicted! I would never even imagine a move like this! Pliskin (IM) : I think we are all able to suppose b3 as next move for white :-) S-Fazulyanov (FM) : why he thinking...just play b3 Pliskin (IM) : when radja plays a move, it's always better to spent some minutes on thinking :-) 28.g4 04329 Pliskin (IM) : I dont like Qf7, with max respect for Radja, but I cant believe in his last move Ng5 (IM) : rofl Pliskin (IM) : intending g5 after Qa2 Ng5 (IM) : these 2 really dont care about pawns 28...Dg6 04121 Pliskin (IM) : their last moves I would never played Pliskin (IM) : Qg6 I like, now weak kingside Pliskin (IM) : yes, but it's a little bit weaker than before 29.h3 04179 : 29.h3: zsazsa ( your ) Pliskin (IM) : or Rg1 intending Bh4 29...Tf7 0421 Pliskin (IM) : this white plan look dubious Pliskin (IM) : with 2 rooks, a knight, a bishop and a queen you can deliver a millions of different mate fezzik! :-) Pliskin (IM) : Bh4 dangerous, Qh7 30.Rg2 04150 Pliskin (IM) : but here black will have even Nh5 idea, I dont like white plays, he looks nervous Pliskin (IM) : Rcf8 30...Cd7 0443 Pliskin (IM) : ? Pliskin (IM) : yes extreme :-) Pliskin (IM) : cd6 cd6 Nb4 not good? Pliskin (IM) : cd6 cd6 Nb4 not good? 31.Ag1 04166 : 31.Bg1: Yoda2006 Foggy bob31 ( your ) Pliskin (IM) : but... Pliskin (IM) : intending Nd5 fezzik 31...De6 0425 32.b3 0443 32...Txf1 0421 33.Txf1 0445 : 33.Rxf1: Yoda2006 ( your ) 33...d5 045 : 33...d5: slavicfrench ( your ) Pliskin (IM) : now u understand why cd6 and Nb4 fezzik? ;-) S-Fazulyanov (FM) : yes Rf5 looks logical Pliskin (IM) : balack push his pawn to d4 probably Pliskin (IM) : Qf3 maybe, intending d4 Qf5 or after Rf8 ed5 34.g5 04252 JustgiveUP (FM) : Rf5? Pliskin (IM) : my second choice 34...a5 0423 35.h4 0421 : 35.h4: Yoda2006 ( your ) JustgiveUP (FM) : ...b6 Pliskin (IM) : d4 35...Dc6 0456 StarkL (IM) : d4 or qc6 StarkL (IM) : these were my moves... Pliskin (IM) : after we saw how carlsen won van Wely in chorus we cant blame Radja because is playing this 36.Te1 0423 : 36.Re1: Yoda2006 ( your ) 36...Tf8 045 Top-Notch (IM) : Problems can be traced back 13...h5? 37.exd5 0422 : 37.exd5: Yoda2006 ( your ) 37...Dxd5+ 045 : 37...Qxd5+: Guambomb ( your ) StarkL (IM) : qe4 38.De4 045 : 38.Qe4: Yoda2006 Guambomb StarkL ( your ) 38...c6 045 StarkL (IM) : h5 thutters (IM) : h5 Rf5! Ng5 (IM) : its all good 39.Ah2 0456 : 39.Bh2: Foggy Myrddin ( your ) StarkL (IM) : yes bh2 is best StarkL (IM) : nakamura? he never played such tourns StarkL (IM) : replace Leko with KASPAROV 39...De6 0453 StarkL (IM) : or how about replacing aronian with tate :)? 40.Ag3 0442 : 40.Bg3: Yoda2006 Jonmeista ( your ) Pliskin (IM) : poor position for black Ng5 (IM) : replace kibbers with random nonsense bots StarkL (IM) : black is busted.. Pliskin (IM) : nearly lost Ng5 (IM) : i wouldnt argue wit a res here Pliskin (IM) : it looks as radja messed up the line Pliskin (IM) : as all cutting lines foggy Pliskin (IM) : I was saying u are right foggy, in this opening when u go wrong u lose easily 40...Tf5 04233 : 40...Rf5: zsazsa ( your ) Pliskin (IM) : Re3-f3 Pliskin (IM) : he messed up the line, he pushed the pawns too soon Pliskin (IM) : if I'm not wrong, h5 must be a mistake Corrector (IM) : in short, black loses!!! Pliskin (IM) : yes slavdefence, after 100 years the KI is finally confuted! AZ79 (IM) : Leko is obviously a very strong player, some ridiculous kibs here Pliskin (IM) : but I will keep on playing :-) Pliskin (IM) : Nf4 Rf4 Bf4 Qg4 Bg3 and? Pliskin (IM) : Re4 1-0 Ng5 (IM) : Qc4 Re4 and Be1-a5 kills Pliskin (IM) : I dont like Nf4, a tricky stupid move, but Rf4 is losing Pliskin (IM) : why do u want this wonderful bishop on d4? Ng5 (IM) : Bf2 Qg6 Bd4 exd4 JustgiveUP (FM) : Qg4 Rf2+ Kh3 Pliskin (IM) : who is steve austin? JustgiveUP (FM) : stonecold Ng5 (IM) : just Re2 is good Pliskin (IM) : u have to trade rooks, Re3-f3 Pliskin (IM) : or Re2-f2 Ng5 (IM) : Re2, shrug, and let black waste his time 41.a3 04445 : 41.a3: quizy ( your ) Pliskin (IM) : game over easily Top-Notch (IM) : I would have gone Re2, looks safer Top-Notch (IM) : I mean why loosen anything if u dont have to Pliskin (IM) : Shirov came back this year after a long crisis due family problems with his wife for the most ChessMaestro (FM) : did shirov get a divorce? Pliskin (IM) : I saw Smashing Pumkins in concert 3 weeks ago, great band! Pliskin (IM) : I dont know if he's divorced, but I saw him in Olimpiad in 2004, many problems with his wife 41...Tf7 04200 Pliskin (IM) : no, Fezzik, only Corgan and Chamberlin 42.b4 0436 ChessMaestro (FM) : cmilyte or something like that Pliskin (IM) : yes, Cmylite ChessMaestro (FM) : radja is the man for playing the KID Pliskin (IM) : no chances anyway Corrector (IM) : fi live Pliskin (IM) : do u have problems with me lat1? I didnt u a single word! 42...Da2+ 04264 : 42...Qa2+: Fezzik ScotchMAN KAPPA2000 widowmaker Kismate sdrawkcab ( your ) Pliskin (IM) : ok, I never disagree humour, when I understand it :-) 43.Te2 0495 : 43.Re2: ScotchMAN shyguy sdrawkcab BrotherJohn Fezzik ( your ) 43...Dxa3 0421 : 43...Qxa3: shyguy louis ( your ) Pliskin (IM) : lol widow! 44.g6 04116 : 44.g6: ScotchMAN Fezzik louis Freja-Odin JudokaUsa ProzacDefence schwob Yoda2006 ( your ) Ng5 (IM) : gg Pliskin (IM) : at the end of the line, g6 Rf6 Qc4 Kh8 Ra2 there is not b5 for black? Kawas (IM) : then Qc2 Pliskin (IM) : ah ok, thx kaws Ng5 (IM) : Kasparov knew the kid was a loss 20 years ago MightyViking (IM) : So Shirov +1. MightyViking (IM) : Anand. 1-0

México se despide del torneo y sus organizadores salen por la puerta grande.

La octava ronda, será ya el próximo jueves 28 de Febrero (a las 14,30 h. – hora canaria) en la catedral del ajedrez, la ciudad de Linares!!.

Pero primero tendremos que superar el jet lag… .

"Quien mejor juega en un torneo

obtiene siempre el segundo puesto.

Gana siempre el que tiene más suerte".

Savielly Tartakower.

Recibid un cordial saludo!,

Angel Jiménez Arteaga

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