viernes, 29 de febrero de 2008

Torneo de Morelia/Linares 2008

8ª Ronda : Linares, 28-2-2008

Comenzó el torneo en el templo sagrado del ajedrez!!.

Victorias de Anand, Carlsen y Aronian. Sólo unas tablas, la partida entre Radjabov y Leko.

"Alguna vez los hombres tuvieron que ser semidioses;

si no, no hubieran inventado el ajedrez".

Alexander Alekhine ( léase Aliejin).

Seguidamente ofrecemos las partidas tal y como se vivieron, en esta ronda inicial linarense, en el ICC:

(1) Anand,V (2799) - Shirov,A (2755) [B33]
Morelia/Linares Linares (8), 28.02.2008

MightyViking (IM) : He has nothing to win and everything to lose. He is getting older and has not kept up his opening work. MightyViking (IM) : "Nielsen" was logged on less than an hour before the game. MightyViking (IM) : :) MightyViking (IM) : it is true MightyViking (IM) : He got more money than he would have in Wijk aan Zee. Jinn (IM) : 0-1 Jinn (IM) : all in Jinn (IM) : 5000000000$ Jinn (IM) : I wanna see this spaniard burning the WC Jinn (IM) : :-) Jinn (IM) : haha Jinn (IM) : fuego en el tablero Jinn (IM) : incredible book Jinn (IM) : not? Jinn (IM) : :-) Jinn (IM) : yes? nice to know that Jinn (IM) : haha yes Jinn (IM) : poor shirov Jinn (IM) : I expect a spanish garbage or something Mincho (IM) : sicilian 1.e4 040 1...c5 044 2.Cf3 042 2...Cc6 044 3.d4 043 Jinn (IM) : hey what is this 3...cxd4 043 Jinn (IM) : sveshnikov Mincho (IM) : taimanov Jinn (IM) : 4.c3 04373 4.Cxd4 04100 043 4...Cf6 044 045 Jinn (IM) : return me the money men 5.Cc3 043 VerdeNotte (GM) : Sveshi! 0422 5...e5 044 VerdeNotte (GM) : Nde2 lol Jinn (IM) : Nf5 then Jinn (IM) : the Nf5 opening Jinn (IM) : Ncb5 malbi (IM) : hole on d5... Jinn (IM) : Ncb5 Ne7 Nd6# is the idea, respect me I'm a IM VerdeNotte (GM) : Svesh=draw MightyViking (IM) : Rb8 instead of e5 was a SOS in the latest volume. VerdeNotte (GM) : Nde2 is in the Dangerous Weapons Sicilian I think VerdeNotte (GM) : Pelikan is different Jinn (IM) : B33 045 MightyViking (IM) : So what was the point of the takeback? MBelli (IM) : this is real? MightyViking (IM) : Take it back once more. Neveris (GM) : im gonna predict Neveris (GM) : every game a draw 2day Jinn (IM) : pufff this is a shame Jinn (IM) : talk talk malbi (IM) : kaspinha,you deserve to become an IM soon... MightyViking (IM) : We don't seem to be able to get past this position. Jinn (IM) : itss Jinn (IM) : bah Jinn (IM) : deja la botella ya relayer ChessMaestro (FM) : dizque los jugadores no están en el área de juego 6.Cdb5 04488 6...d6 045 7.Ag5 044 7...a6 048 8.Ca3 045 Jinn (IM) : buuuu 8...b5 046 Jinn (IM) : Buuuuu Jinn (IM) : Bxf6 Jinn (IM) : ni idea VerdeNotte (GM) : Bf6 Jinn (IM) : pero hoy han dicho que comenta Moskalenko Jinn (IM) : es verdad? 9.Cd5 0487 9...Ae7 047 10.Axf6 046 10...Axf6 0416 11.c3 043 11...Ag5 0439 Jinn (IM) : good variation for a good siesta 12.Cc2 049 12...0-0 044 13.a4 045 13...bxa4 044 14.Txa4 047 14...a5 045 15.Ac4 045 15...Tb8 045 16.b3 045 16...Rh8 045 17.Cce3

0422 17...g6 049 [RR 17...Axe3 18.Cxe3 Ce7 19.0-0 f5 20.exf5 Axf5 21.Ta2 Ae4 22.Td2 Tb6 23.Te1 Db8 24.Da1 Dc7 25.Ted1 h6 26.h3 Ab7 27.Da3 Td8 28.Ae6 Dxc3 29.Txd6 Tbxd6 30.Txd6 De1+ 31.Rh2 Te8 32.Td7 Leko,P (2753)-Radjabov,T (2735)/Morelia/Linares MEX/ESP 2008/The Week in Chess 693/1-0 (37)] 18.De2N 044 [RR 18.h4 Axh4 19.g3 Ag5 RR 20.De2 (20.f4 exf4 21.gxf4 Ah4+ 22.Rf1 (RR 22.Rd2 Ce7 23.Rc1 Cxd5 24.Cxd5 Ae6 25.Dd4+ Rg8 26.Ta2 Axd5 27.Dxd5 Df6 28.Dd2 Ag3 29.Tf1 h5 30.Txa5 Ta8 31.e5 Df5 32.Txa8 Txa8 33.Rb2 h4 34.Dxd6 Te8 35.Ab5 Tf8 36.Ad3 De6 Topalov,V (2757)-Leko,P (2749)/Linares ESP 2005/The Week in Chess 538/1/2-1/2 (57)) 22...f5 23.Ta2 fxe4 24.Tah2 g5 25.Cg2 Tb7 26.Cxh4 gxh4 27.Txh4 Tg7 28.Dh5 Af5 29.Ce3 Ag6 30.Dd5 Ce5 31.Re2 Cxc4 32.Dxc4 Df6 Hracek,Z (2595)-Mista,A (2489)/Czech Rep CZE 2006/The Week in Chess 594/0-1 (51)) 20...f5 21.f4 exf4 22.gxf4 Ah4+ 23.Rd1 Tb7 24.Dh2 g5 25.Aa6 Txb3 26.Rc2 Axa6 27.Rxb3 fxe4 28.fxg5 Db8+ 29.Tb4 axb4 30.Dxh4 bxc3+ 31.Rxc3 Da7 32.Dxe4 Ce5 33.g6 Ad3 34.Txh7+ Dxh7 Karjakin,S (2694)-Shirov,A (2739)/Khanty-Mansiysk RUS 2007/The Week in Chess 684/1/2-1/2 (103); RR 18.Dd3 Ah6 19.h4 f5 20.h5 fxe4 21.De2 Rg7 22.Cg4 Dg5 23.Cde3 Axg4 24.Dxg4 Dxg4 25.Cxg4 Tf4 26.Cxh6 Rxh6 27.hxg6+ Rxg6 28.Ad5 Ce7 29.Axe4+ Cf5 30.g3 Tg4 31.Th3 Rf6 32.f3 Tg7 Ungure,L (2110)-Stasiunaite,L (2145)/Elista 1998/CBM 066 ext/0-1 (44)] 18...f5 043 19.h4 044 19...Axe3 044 20.Dxe3 043 Jinn (IM) : I dont have this book 20...fxe4 04747 21.h5 0410 21...g5 042 Jinn (IM) : black is ok Jinn (IM) : black is ok with that big ..... Jinn (IM) : would be a great book Jinn (IM) : Hau 22.Dxe4 04336 Jinn (IM) : Bf5 Jinn (IM) : in one second Jinn (IM) : viva kiko narvaez Nyysti (IM) : pillepatzer Jinn (IM) : I watching a videoclip Jinn (IM) : with Michael Jackson black young and pretty Jinn (IM) : no Jinn (IM) : in the VH1 israpu (GM) : u can touch my hair... israpu (GM) : :-) israpu (GM) : is fantastic Jinn (IM) : haha israpu (GM) : :-) Jinn (IM) : Aqua israpu (GM) : come on barbi israpu (GM) : lets go party israpu (GM) : olala party israpu (GM) : olala is always around :-) israpu (GM) : especialy with the music israpu (GM) : please dont stop the music... israpu (GM) : nothing especial seems,but interesting :-) israpu (GM) : black seems alive israpu (GM) : so it was not a big bomb Jinn (IM) : I think Qe2 was played by another guy israpu (GM) : Ke1 is not olala israpu (GM) : h4 is olala for sure :-) israpu (GM) : anyway is fantastic... israpu (GM) : Bf5 looks good israpu (GM) : attacking the Q is never passive israpu (GM) : nice joke,passive,haha israpu (GM) : Bf5 with e5 and Ne5 seems not so passive israpu (GM) : e4 israpu (GM) : N on e5 feels lala israpu (GM) : time to buy new shoozzzz israpu (GM) : see u later guys :-) israpu (GM) : yayayaya israpu (GM) : bye barbi girls malbi (IM) : even kaspinha does so... LucianoMaia (FM) : the diagonal b1-h7 ... dont look very instersting ! =) malbi (IM) : shirov loose ground while living in spain... LucianoMaia (FM) : thats not luciano ... its a friend of him ! =)) LucianoMaia (FM) : i am using his acount .... LucianoMaia (FM) : lol 22...Ab7 041390 LucianoMaia (FM) : and radjabov is playing poker or chess in his game ??? malbi (IM) : shirov is a 2755 spanish one... malbi (IM) : kaspinha added.. malbi (IM) : shirov is planning to get back to the URSS... 23.De3 04280 malbi (IM) : not easy to evaluate this type of positions... malbi (IM) : i prefer anand here... malbi (IM) : i prefer nalbandian account... malbi (IM) : david of course... malbi (IM) : ok i prefer tiger woods one... malbi (IM) : would like to play chess as nalbandian plays tennis... malbi (IM) : real name of chuky is ivan chuky norris... malbi (IM) : ivan chuky norris is an expert in chess arts!... Sauerkraut (GM) : ne7 is ok some conterplay ninguno (IM) : is e4 any good/ 23...e4 04722 24.0-0 045 24...Ce5 0424 25.Tfa1 0412 25...De8 0480 26.Txa5 04217 26...Dxh5 0415 27.Dxe4 04128 kava (IM) : rf4 kava (IM) : ng4 qd4+ Bones (IM) : 27...Rf4? 28 Nf4 kava (IM) : ng4 qd4 rf6 malbi (IM) : qh4 dubious... 27...Tbe8 04677 28.Ae2 04136 VerdeNotte (GM) : nanad :) 28...Dh4 04243 29.Dxh4 04203 29...gxh4 041 30.Ce3 041 jensk (IM) : Well, this could be a game that puts the Svesnikov out of business - at least for some time... jensk (IM) : 18. Qe2!? jensk (IM) : will be back - its basically sound jensk (IM) : "lmfao"??? 30...h3 04128 Neveris (GM) : why did black swap queens? Neveris (GM) : gh jensk (IM) : "Expletive"? Hmmm...have to look that one up... malbi (IM) : crystal clear for anand... jensk (IM) : Altså: lmfao = griner min røv i lasser? jensk (IM) : Ha! DEN har de ikke censoreret endnu! 31.gxh3 04144 31...Cf3+ 045 32.Axf3 049 32...Txf3 042 jensk (IM) : That means: Expesive = gambit? malbi (IM) : monster knight !... funnybird (FM) : rh5 and ra7 kava (IM) : rg5? malbi (IM) : easygoing here... kava (IM) : ah sorry rxh3 jensk (IM) : (Explesive)...I think W is better 33.Th5 04187 kava (IM) : rg8 kf1 jensk (IM) : (explesive) - Rg8+ kava (IM) : rg8 ng4 rxc3 and then? 33...Tg8+ 0464 jensk (IM) : I really learn something new every day kava (IM) : kf1 rgf8 ra7 malbi (IM) : hmmm... kava (IM) : or nd1 kava (IM) : kf1! jensk (IM) : How to cook basmati rice amo 34.Rf1 0461 kava (IM) : rgf8 nd1 jensk (IM) : Or rather...I relearned it - and I had to outlearn something in that process jensk (IM) : ...or "unlearn" I think it is kava (IM) : rgg3 realy losing move sitparkcin (FM) : rgg3 rb5 malbi (IM) : de-fense de-fense!!... 34...Tgf8 0464 35.Cd1 043 malbi (IM) : this seems sugar ray leonard vs.mano de piedra duran... 35...Td3 0461 Celine (IM) : shirov is screwed on board and on time Neveris (GM) : wish anand would get a move on Neveris (GM) : hes so slow sitparkcin (FM) : go shirov sitparkcin (FM) : ke2 rxd1 OnlyMove (FM) : any comp eval sitparkcin (FM) : ke2 rxd1 salao (IM) : black looks fine here sitparkcin (FM) : he would have the right rok pawn though 36.Th4 04374 36...Af3 0412 37.Td4 0410 37...Txd4 040 38.cxd4 040 38...Tf4 0430 39.Ce3 0420 39...Txd4 041 40.Ta4 0421 40...Td3 0416 sitparkcin (FM) : whats the rybka eval here 41.Tf4 0494 OnlyMove (FM) : Anand wants to win stupid positions in this tournament as usual waiting some blunders OnlyMove (FM) : I hate this chess sitparkcin (FM) : 1 comp says bh5 1 says bc6 hmm 41...Ah5 04231 42.b4 04164 42...d5 04103 Celine (IM) : anand plays to fast. . 43.Rg2 04825 43...Ag6 04332 44.Cf5 045 44...Rg8 04831 45.Ce7+ 04436 45...Rg7 048 46.Cxg6 047 Morfius (IM) : isn't Rf3 winning jensk (IM) : But its not... jensk (IM) : Or maybe it is :) 46...Rxg6 04883 47.Tf3 046 47...Td1 0445 48.Tb3 048 48...d4 047 49.Rf3 0420 49...d3 048 50.Re3 045 50...Th1 047 51.b5 041 51...Txh3+ 046 52.f3 043 52...Th1 0449 53.b6 0410 53...Te1+ 044 54.Rxd3 046 54...Te8 044 55.b7 0412 55...Tb8 041 56.Re4 042 56...h5 040 57.Rf4 047 1-0

(2) Ivanchuk,V (2751) - Carlsen,M (2733) [C67]
Morelia/Linares Linares (8), 28.02.2008

MightyViking (IM) : Leko doing Gieko commercials now? MightyViking (IM) : Britney is expecting Michael Jackson's child. Ng5 (IM) : alekhine MightyViking (IM) : A strong second leg and Magnus might be 5th. JonLudvig (IM) : he did win the russian championship... :P JonLudvig (IM) : I was actually JonLudvig (IM) : I didn't regret it 6 am the next morning kanza (GM) : neither did i kanza (GM) : still had to regret my bad choice, travelling via Paris Cdg.... kanza (GM) : worse airport ever kanza (GM) : yeah and i almost missed my connecting flight cuz of Cdg MightyViking (IM) : or tate MightyViking (IM) : There is a Linares in Chile too. 1.e4 040 1...e5 042 2.Cf3 046 2...Cc6 0431 3.Ab5 045 3...Cf6 045 4.0-0 045 4...Cxe4 046 5.d4 045 5...a6 045 6.Axc6 045 6...dxc6 046 ChessMaestro (FM) : !! 7.De2 047 7...Af5

046 Jinn (IM) : rare 8.Te1N 045 Heine (GM) : hi Jonina, you stole him from us ! Heine (GM) : :-) Heine (GM) : afraid not, but I enjoyed staying at your place the previous time indeed. recommended Heine (GM) : us and Russia seems the only countries losing Gm´s these days MightyViking (IM) : Nice language though. MightyViking (IM) : they're MightyViking (IM) : Quick question: Highest rated Icelander ever? Jinn (IM) : Olafsson kanza (GM) : hjartarson prolly highest rated MightyViking (IM) : Fischer is correct. kanza (GM) : now name highest rated Japanese kanza (GM) : Fischer kanza (GM) : USA Fischer MightyViking (IM) : Hjartarson played a candidates match against Karpov. MightyViking (IM) : Fischer had 2780 when he died. MightyViking (IM) : If you searched on the FIDE site, his Elo was given as 2780. Jinn (IM) : Walter Browne Jinn (IM) : and the worst player from bulgaria Jinn (IM) : correct MightyViking (IM) : Marshall won the US championship an insane amount of times. Jinn (IM) : haha [RR 8.Td1 RR 8...De7 (8...Ae7 9.dxe5 Dc8 10.Cd4 Ag6 11.f3 (RR 11.Ae3 0-0 12.Cd2 Cxd2 13.Txd2 c5 14.Cb3 b6 15.Tad1 Df5 16.Dc4 De4 17.Dxe4 Axe4 18.f3 Af5 19.Cc1 Tfd8 20.c3 Ae6 21.Rf2 a5 22.Txd8+ Axd8 23.g3 Ae7 1/2-1/2 Geller,E (2610)-Kaplan,J (2460)/Amsterdam 1974/CD PDR) 11...Cc5 12.b3 0-0 13.Ab2 Ce6 14.Cxe6 Dxe6 15.Cc3 a5 16.a4 f6 17.exf6 Dxe2 18.Cxe2 Axf6 19.Axf6 Txf6 20.Tac1 Td6 21.Txd6 cxd6 22.Cf4 Af7 Kupper,J-Kaplan,J/Lugano 1968/CD PDR/0-1 (42)) 9.dxe5 Td8 10.Td4 Ag6 11.c3 Txd4 12.cxd4 Db4 13.De3 Ae7 14.b3 Da5 15.Cfd2 Dd5 16.Aa3 Ag5 17.De1 Dxd4 18.Cxe4 Dxa1 19.e6 fxe6 20.Cec3 Axb1 21.h4 Af6 22.Cxb1 Rf7 23.g3 Topalov,V (2801)-Vallejo Pons,F (2650)/Monte Carlo MNC 2006/The Week in Chess 594/0-1; RR 8.Cc3 Cxc3 9.Dxe5+ Ae6 10.bxc3 Dd6 11.De2 0-0-0 12.Cg5 Ad5 13.c4 h6 14.Dg4+ Rb8 15.Af4 Dg6 16.Dg3 Ad6 17.Axd6 Txd6 18.cxd5 hxg5 19.dxc6 Txc6 20.c3 Te8 21.h3 Te2 22.Tab1 Df5 Hess,R (2412)-Mikhalevski,V (2590)/King of Prussia USA 2007/The Week in Chess 667/0-1 (36); RR 8.g4 Ag6 9.h4 Dd7 10.Cxe5 Dxd4 11.Cf3 Dd7 12.Cg5 De7 13.Te1 0-0-0 14.Cxe4 Dxe4 15.Cc3 Dxe2 16.Txe2 h5 17.g5 Ad6 18.Ae3 The8 19.Tae1 Te7 20.Rg2 Tde8 21.Ad4 Axc2 22.Txe7 Txe7 Winawer,S-Zukertort,J/London 1883/HCL/0-1 (38)] 8...Ab4 04871 MightyViking (IM) : Charlie Parker? MightyViking (IM) : Bird - Charlie Parker MightyViking (IM) : But despite Marshall's help the Berlin Wall was built, and Kasparov couldn't break through it. Heine (GM) : typical Carlsen, offering a perpetual by c3 Bd6 Qc2 Ng3 Qd1 Ne4 etc MightyViking (IM) : 2754,3 unofficially. MightyViking (IM) : 0.4 from 6th place! MightyViking (IM) : Yup. MightyViking (IM) : It's pretty bad. MightyViking (IM) : :) MightyViking (IM) : Not after 1965. MightyViking (IM) : Drummer Shelly Manne had two albums called "The Gambit" and "Checkmate". MightyViking (IM) : Did you get it? MightyViking (IM) : You should have written it down. A Coltrane game preserved! MightyViking (IM) : Sorry, meant a Dizzy game. MightyViking (IM) : Clifford Brown was quite good at chess too. MightyViking (IM) : They were on Contemporary. MightyViking (IM) : Late 50s-early 60s. MightyViking (IM) : Saxophonist Yusef Lateef's original name was Bill Evans. 9.c3 04985 9...Ad6 045 MightyViking (IM) : About Lateef? No, it's true. MightyViking (IM) : Such things happen. MightyViking (IM) : When Muggsy Spanier had a big band one of the members was named Benny Goodman. MightyViking (IM) : The label would say "Muggsy Spanier and his Orchestra featuring Benny Goodman". MightyViking (IM) : The more well-known Goodman was not happy! :) MightyViking (IM) : Not happy/gay. MightyViking (IM) : Hey, Brubeck's jazz sure went to college. MightyViking (IM) : Lou Donaldson usually has a line about fusion and confusion. MightyViking (IM) : I play music as in records! Lou Donaldson is a famous altoist. Recorded many albums for Blue Note. MightyViking (IM) : Recorded with Clifford Brown too. MightyViking (IM) : Alligator Boogaloo too. MightyViking (IM) : The boogaloo era - 1967-72. MightyViking (IM) : Old Testament is Count Basie. MightyViking (IM) : Charlie Parker is #1. MightyViking (IM) : Kenny G! :) ChessMaestro (FM) : de be3 nd2 MightyViking (IM) : Charlie Parker played tenor on some recordings too. Sounded a lot like Sonny Rollins actually. Or that should be reversed. MightyViking (IM) : His later recordings were recorded on tape. No scratches. MightyViking (IM) : Yes. The 1952-53 quartet sessions have superb sound. smeets (GM) : that endgame is much better for white, lattas MightyViking (IM) : Early hi-fi recordings. Celine (IM) : so is chucky going for Qc2 ? MightyViking (IM) : But the Savoys are fine too. MightyViking (IM) : Very old... :( MightyViking (IM) : Miles recorded with Parker in 1945-48 and once in 1951. MightyViking (IM) : Savoys and Dials are mostly with Miles. MightyViking (IM) : I know more about jazz than about chess... MightyViking (IM) : Mingus? MightyViking (IM) : Monk MightyViking (IM) : Coltrane, but it's really based on "Pavanne". MightyViking (IM) : Monk was for "Round Midnight", Rune. MightyViking (IM) : Cousin Mary and Giant Steps are Coltrane tunes. MightyViking (IM) : I listen to Contemporary stuff! ;) MightyViking (IM) : Vikingland MightyViking (IM) : Close. Sweden. MightyViking (IM) : Depends on whether it's Bill Evans the pianist or Bill Evans the saxophonist. MightyViking (IM) : "Days of Wine and Roses", good question. Who is it? MightyViking (IM) : If it's the pianist, then I like them all! :) MightyViking (IM) : slavicfrench, That was one good team. MightyViking (IM) : slavicfrench, they are all brilliant trumpeters. MightyViking (IM) : But Sweden knocked them out! MightyViking (IM) : Drillo had the most entertaining football ever! MightyViking (IM) : Paul Gascoigne... MightyViking (IM) : No, he was best alive. MightyViking (IM) : Greatest chess-playing footballer? 10.Dc2 041354 MightyViking (IM) : Simen Agdestein, yes MightyViking (IM) : Magnus is a fruit? MightyViking (IM) : If Britney is a whale, Magnus will kill her! MightyViking (IM) : Norwegians kill whales. That's just how it is. MightyViking (IM) : Heine said Ng3. aries2 (IM) : oo just looks bad right aries2 (IM) : oo might be best but it looks dreadful, something has gone wrong Celine (IM) : magnus is bad in openings. Celine (IM) : compared to those guys. MightyViking (IM) : Indeed. 10...Dd7 04490 MightyViking (IM) : When he gets to their level he will be a monster. aries2 (IM) : it's bad jonina aries2 (IM) : it's not good for magnus MightyViking (IM) : oyster lighter (IM) : i dont think magnus simply presented a score, probably he has something prepared MightyViking (IM) : No, you suck! ;) lighter (IM) : fritz want to take matherial but there must be not so clear Heine (GM) : Actually Ivanchuk has screwed up some really won positions with Magnus before MightyViking (IM) : Because he has beaten him several times before? kava (IM) : what happens with Rxe4? MightyViking (IM) : players could hear the commentary?? lol MightyViking (IM) : What if a winning Rybka line went out from the speakers? MightyViking (IM) : The speakers were "accidentally" turned on when Topalov was to move. MightyViking (IM) : That's just one scary eyebrow. 11.dxe5 041503 11...Ac5 0419 12.Txe4 0411 12...0-0-0 0410 13.Cbd2 0411 13...Dd5 042 kava (IM) : g4 Sauerkraut (GM) : kf1 maybe kava (IM) : c4 bxe4 and then? MightyViking (IM) : +1.88 is not good. 14.Rf1 04731 14...The8 0481 MightyViking (IM) : Ivanchuk low on time at least. MightyViking (IM) : CroMagnon = modern man. MightyViking (IM) : Chucky doesn't look at the board. MightyViking (IM) : When Leko has time to think he gets scared of a lot of things. When he has no time to think he just PLAYS. 15.b3 04421 MightyViking (IM) : Don't bash mental asylum escapees. 15...g5 04402 Ng5 (IM) : Ng5 always wins Ng5 (IM) : Ng5 is a no brainer MightyViking (IM) : lol Ng5 MightyViking (IM) : It's actually Nxg5. Close but no cigar. 16.Ab2 04331 16...g4 0465 17.Cd4 0445 jensk (IM) : Magnus, Magnus, what have you done? 9.-,Bd6?? OnlyMove (FM) : Bd4 then c5 17...Axd4 04490 18.cxd4 0414 18...c5 0412 salao (IM) : f6!? rhungaski (IM) : Come on, White wins easy. Rae1 cxd4 Qc4 rhungaski (IM) : only a pawn for the piece 19.Tae1 04837 kava (IM) : Rae1 seems the mos simple 19...cxd4 046 20.Dc4 045 kava (IM) : Qc4 20...Axe4 045 21.Txe4 045 kava (IM) : Qa5 b4 kava (IM) : Ivanchuk is a sotrong technique player he will win this kava (IM) : I don't know he is very good blitz player kava (IM) : Rxe5 Rxd4 kava (IM) : of course white is not winning, but black is in trouble in the neding Rxe5 21...Txe5 04203 kava (IM) : Rxe5 and then Rxd4 Hatred (IM) : Rxe5 Rxd4 Rfe8! kava (IM) : Rxd4 Rde8 Qc1 maybe Hatred (IM) : Rxg4 (Re8 Nf3) is better kava (IM) : Qd4 is posible? kava (IM) : Rxg4 more complicated with time presure kava (IM) : Qb5 Qc4 kava (IM) : i don't know maybe is losing 22.Txg4 0451 22...Tde8 0499 23.Cf3 047 kava (IM) : or ne5 kava (IM) : c5 kava (IM) : yes qc4 bc4 re2 the only chance for counterplay kava (IM) : yes kava (IM) : no kava (IM) : qa5 ne5 is losing for black kava (IM) : then g3 kava (IM) : but qf5 qxd4 and? kava (IM) : ah yes 23...Dxc4+ 04278 24.bxc4 041 24...Te2 0419 25.Axd4 048 25...Txa2 042 kava (IM) : g3 kava (IM) : rf4!? 26.Tg7 0441 kava (IM) : clear adventage for white kava (IM) : g4! kava (IM) : better than g3 26...a5 0462 kava (IM) : g4 Hatred (IM) : white is better, as his bishop takes control on the q-side very well 27.Txf7 0433 27...Tc2 0432 Hatred (IM) : do they have an increment there in Linares? 28.g4 0418 kava (IM) : g4 Sauerkraut (GM) : black is winning a pawn is very strong kava (IM) : a4 jensk (IM) : I have a feeling that something has gone wrong for W now jensk (IM) : ...and it will not become any better... Hatred (IM) : a feeling might be wrong though kava (IM) : how blunder? 28...a4 04168 29.g5 041 MightyViking (IM) : And Aronian-Topalov colud be Qxg2 Kxg2. 29...a3 0420 30.Txh7 048 30...a2 0438 kava (IM) : a2 kg2 31.Th8 0423 LucianoMaia (FM) : 1-0 !!!! kava (IM) : strong move! Petrovich (GM) : 1-1 31...Txh8 0431 32.Axh8 041 kava (IM) : rc4 D-Fridman (GM) : rc4 g6 rg4 kava (IM) : h3 rhungaski (IM) : Rc4 h4 aries2 (IM) : white is better, chuck-a-buck 32...Txc4 0466 33.h3 046 kava (IM) : yes h4 was better MightyViking (IM) : c5 ! aries2 (IM) : c5 and rd4 yes aries2 (IM) : good one kava (IM) : c5 g6 aries2 (IM) : c5 g6 rd4 LucianoMaia (FM) : c5 , nd2 kava (IM) : bb2? LucianoMaia (FM) : c5 , nd2 33...c5 0497 34.Ce1 0411 aries2 (IM) : ne1 cool move chuklovich MaxVertigo (IM) : what is comp eval here ? aries2 (IM) : kd7 kava (IM) : kd7 g6 aries2 (IM) : kd7 g6 ke8 LucianoMaia (FM) : kd7 ! 34...Tc1 0463 35.g6 041 aries2 (IM) : rc1 what is that MaxVertigo (IM) : with c4 c3 idea 35...Rd7 0416 36.Ab2 049 MaxVertigo (IM) : mmm OnlyMove (FM) : ke7 LucianoMaia (FM) : 2-2 MightyViking (IM) : So king moves now. LucianoMaia (FM) : time trouble ... just 0-1 kava (IM) : draw sitparkcin (FM) : BREAKIN NEWS 0-1 MightyViking (IM) : But had bad time. 36...Re6 04339 Sauerkraut (GM) : for all you bad players who thought the endgame was won for white learn to play better chess 37.h4 0425 37...c4 048 38.h5 048 38...c3 0414 39.Axc1 041 jensk (IM) : WHAT a strange game! 39...a1D 0442 40.Cd3 047 jensk (IM) : Either these players are ingeniuous or...something else kava (IM) : kf6 MightyViking (IM) : Magnus strong West Swedish GM, yes. MightyViking (IM) : No, Magnus is from the west, I'm from the south. MightyViking (IM) : No, he's Lommegutten MightyViking (IM) : Hi, Swede 40...Rd5 0451 kava (IM) : h6 severomorskij (GM) : Kd5?? kava (IM) : kd5 surely was not played MightyViking (IM) : Kd5 winning move! :) Polydamas (IM) : Aha, that kind of ..Kd5. MightyViking (IM) : Another Swedish triumph! :) MightyViking (IM) : Norway, part of Sweden MightyViking (IM) : 5th place on Elo list now? MightyViking (IM) : Yes, please buy Sweden. As long as we can get part of the oil. Celine (IM) : kd5 must be a mistake Celine (IM) : exactly MightyViking (IM) : What a kid. How strong will he be when he grows up? Neveris (GM) : why not g7? Neveris (GM) : ok MightyViking (IM) : Carlsson is Swedish, that's well established. 0-1

(3) Radjabov,T (2735) - Leko,P (2753) [E15]
Morelia/Linares Linares (8), 28.02.2008

Ng5 (IM) : we can say any old nonsense here nataf (GM) : hi what is the link to the official site ? nataf (GM) : I mean to the live games ? 1.d4 040 1...Cf6 046 2.c4 0423 2...e6 046 3.Cf3 044 3...b6 044 4.g3 044 4...Aa6 045 5.Dc2 045 5...Ab7 047 6.Ag2 045 6...c5 044 7.d5 045 7...exd5 0410 8.cxd5 048 8...Cxd5 046 9.0-0 045 9...Ae7

0411 10.De4N 045 [RR 10.Td1 Dc8 RR 11.Df5 (11.Ag5 h6 (RR 11...f6 12.Ad2 Cc6 13.Da4 Cc7 14.Cc3 0-0 15.Af4 Ce6 16.Ad6 Te8 17.Axe7 Cxe7 18.Dxd7 Dxd7 19.Txd7 Ac6 20.Td6 Cd8 21.Ch4 Axg2 22.Rxg2 Cf7 23.Td7 Ce5 24.Tc7 C5c6 25.Td1 Ted8 26.Txd8+ Aronian,L (2739)-Leko,P (2753)/Wijk aan Zee NED 2008/The Week in Chess 688/1/2-1/2) 12.Axe7 Cxe7 13.e4 0-0 14.Cc3 Cbc6 15.Td2 Db8 16.Tad1 Td8 17.a3 Cg6 18.Cb5 d5 19.exd5 Cce5 20.Cxe5 Cxe5 21.Te2 a6 22.Cc3 b5 23.Df5 Cg6 24.Ce4 Dc7 Postny,E (2622)-Chuchelov,V (2539)/Dresden GER 2007/The Week in Chess 649/1-0 (47)) 11...Cf6 12.Cc3 0-0 13.Ag5 d6 14.Dxc8 Txc8 15.Cb5 Cbd7 16.Cxd6 Axd6 17.Txd6 h6 18.Ae3 Cf8 19.Ch4 Axg2 20.Rxg2 Ce6 21.Cf5 Td8 22.Tad1 Rf8 23.Txd8+ Txd8 24.Txd8+ Cxd8 25.Af4 Ce6 Khalifman,A (2638)-Olafsson,H (2531)/Moscow RUS 2008/The Week in Chess 693/1-0 (41)] 10...Ca6 044 11.Ch4 0450 11...g6 046 Jinn (IM) : Hot Jinn (IM) : esto si Jinn (IM) : puff Jinn (IM) : a mi es que 0-0 no me gusta Jinn (IM) : prefiero Db3 Jinn (IM) : esta linea no la entiendo 12.De5 04922 12...f6 045 13.De4 045 13...Dc8 045 Jinn (IM) : maybe Bg5 was a threat 14.Td1 04949 14...Cac7 04155 15.Cxg6 047 LucianoMaia (FM) : this is 1-0 ?? LucianoMaia (FM) : whats after take and kd8 ? LucianoMaia (FM) : not clear 15...hxg6 04114 16.Dxg6+ 048 16...Rd8 0423 Ng5 (IM) : I assume this is still theory ? Celine (IM) : leko is good in chess smeets (GM) : no way jonina, steinitz played such postitions for just one pawn:) Celine (IM) : and i would like to make love with him also Celine (IM) : :) Celine (IM) : qg7 and then h8. Ng5 (IM) : i cant see the idea Celine (IM) : 0-1 Ng5 (IM) : looks like another comp analysed bluff to me, like Nxf7 Ng5 (IM) : Nxf7 will never be played again at this level 17.a3 04283 elpresidente (GM) : b5 now Ng5 (IM) : Radja trying to check it down ? Ng5 (IM) : hoping for a6 Ra2 Ra7 Ra1 Ra8 draw 17...b5 04235 LucianoMaia (FM) : qg7 and h4-5-6-7-8 Ng5 (IM) : very odd. so much time, so little play. 18.e4 04337 Ng5 (IM) : looks like Radja has tilted off his horse. 18...Cb6 044 smeets (GM) : Nc3 Ng5 (IM) : Nc3 is obvious but black must be better Ng5 (IM) : a Radja RIP game ? 19.Cc3 04345 mishel (IM) : Ne6 and Kc7 perhaps? Ng5 (IM) : I suppose Radja thinks if he is worse Leko will use his advantage to force a draw Ng5 (IM) : and we do Ng5 (IM) : harder for white aries2 (IM) : les feuilles qui tombent dans l'automne blessent mon coeur d'une langeure monotone aries2 (IM) : this is a massacre aries2 (IM) : black can't get out of his felt box aries2 (IM) : black, he is stuck in the felt coffin aries2 (IM) : computers aren't playing aries2 (IM) : black will get massacred, too difficult for humans aries2 (IM) : we shall see aries2 (IM) : white has great piece coordination aries2 (IM) : correct drunkman aries2 (IM) : Tal used to like these confuzzling sacrifices vogonprotestnik (IM) : 17.a3!? Big tennis! aries2 (IM) : sampras drop shot aries2 (IM) : say "comment real time: " and then type something MaxVertigo (IM) : something vogonprotestnik (IM) : again good chances to avoid the draw for Leko today aries2 (IM) : just be3, rac1, robochess aries2 (IM) : white can do anything, this is a pretty cupcake for white 19...d6 041849 smeets (GM) : Rxd6? smeets (GM) : Rxd6 Bxd6 Qxf6 Kd7 smeets (GM) : ah, didn´t read anything for the past 10 min:) smeets (GM) : this is a cool line... smeets (GM) : Bf4 Qe6 Bxd6 Bxd6 Qg7 Re8 e5 smeets (GM) : hmmm, you must be drunk jensk (IM) : Another one to try is e5!? smeets (GM) : sure, easy to get in holland;) jensk (IM) : e5 fxe Rxd6+ Bxd6 Bg5+ Be7 Rd1+ aso. jensk (IM) : Cold be, e5 Bxg2 exd6 Qh3!? VerdeNotte (GM) : e5 possible? smeets (GM) : nah, Bxg2 VerdeNotte (GM) : then ed6 isn't mating? VerdeNotte (GM) : oh Rxh2 ? LittlePeasant (GM) : no smeets (GM) : yes, Qh3 smeets (GM) : :) VerdeNotte (GM) : forgot about Black having mating ideas :) VerdeNotte (GM) : okk yeh jensk (IM) : It could be e5 Bxg2 exd6 Qh3 dxe7+ Kc8! VerdeNotte (GM) : so if e5 doesn't work what does White play? jensk (IM) : But...there is also a slower version - Qg7!/ first? smeets (GM) : Bf4 was played VerdeNotte (GM) : Bf4 Nc4 yeh? smeets (GM) : probably Qe6 jensk (IM) : Bf4 Qe6 smeets (GM) : 12 beers on Qe6 sabino (IM) : Bf4 Qe6 Bd6 Bd6 e5 attack 20.Af4 0427 20...De6 04818 21.Axd6 0419 smeets (GM) : hey, remember that's 12 beers smeets (GM) : hmm, also predicted this one>( 21...Axd6 04319 smeets (GM) : Bxd6 has been played 22.Dg7 04345 nataf (GM) : it's good he didn't go for the attractive e5 instead nataf (GM) : because 22.e5 Kc8!! nataf (GM) : with the idea 22.e5 Kc8!! 23.exd6 Bxg2 24.Qc7 Kb7!! 25.Qxc7+-Ka6 and black would win nataf (GM) : read 24.Qg7 nataf (GM) : personnaly I prefer white here nataf (GM) : salut majo muisback (GM) : bonjour my friend Igor lol nataf (GM) : et ben faut croire que radji les a lu mes articles non drunkman ? lol nataf (GM) : salut rauf ! nataf (GM) : congratulations for your progress recently nataf (GM) : you break 2600 next rauf ? muisback (GM) : yes muisback (GM) : you? nataf (GM) : me first I must play ! nataf (GM) : haha nataf (GM) : 2599 nataf (GM) : drunkman haha muisback (GM) : ahhh nataf (GM) : and 12 points positional rating or even more, but ok muisback (GM) : oooo manutd muisback (GM) : bravo nataf (GM) : then I started to get my night rythme ,etc.. nataf (GM) : and back to 2550 :) muisback (GM) : glory,glory united nataf (GM) : but ok , I will go to reykjavik tomorrow nataf (GM) : what will be your next rating rauf ? muisback (GM) : good luck Igor muisback (GM) : i dont know muisback (GM) : i hope slavicfrench :-) nataf (GM) : yes actually azer has really a good chance to get gold very soon in olympaids nataf (GM) : 2 top players and 3 very strong , and maybe soon rauf at top ! nataf (GM) : if less blitz nataf (GM) : for rauf :) muisback (GM) : xaxa nataf (GM) : yes nataf (GM) : true muisback (GM) : ok good bye people...good luck nataf (GM) : on va voir majo muisback (GM) : and goo Teimur goooooooo nataf (GM) : faut d'abord gagner avant de chanter nataf (GM) : ok slavic :) nataf (GM) : but chinese players I have good records nataf (GM) : never lost nataf (GM) : 4/6 in match french vs china nataf (GM) : . and won I think vs wang yue mini match in 2004 nataf (GM) : 1.5/2 nataf (GM) : etc.. nataf (GM) : so it's ok slavic :) nataf (GM) : but of course nataf (GM) : they are very strong nataf (GM) : also I won vs bu when I Was a kid nataf (GM) : ni hua, and nataf (GM) : wang hao I didn't play yet LucianoMaia (FM) : whats ribyca says here ? nataf (GM) : haha mako nataf (GM) : majo nataf (GM) : yes looking all his games nataf (GM) : is not so bad for my chess !lol nataf (GM) : guys stop it, I will become red with so many compliments ! lol nataf (GM) : I am still upset hte way tima lost vs shirov last game nataf (GM) : I mean just lost without playing it's incredible nataf (GM) : yes slavic nataf (GM) : it's increible nataf (GM) : even me at 10 years old I would put more troubles to shirov in this line nataf (GM) : I spoke with tima afterwards nataf (GM) : he just mixed plans he told me nataf (GM) : he was dead upset nataf (GM) : just a game lost for nothing nataf (GM) : nothing learned there ,etc.. nataf (GM) : I mean just really like if you give a piece in one move , so it's just kind of games where you learn nothing and you can be super upset of nataf (GM) : just h5 nataf (GM) : is a blunder nataf (GM) : I mean nataf (GM) : you can't have the knifht on f6 both attacking and protecting nataf (GM) : but i think he mixed it with his game vs kozul nataf (GM) : where h5 was a goood move nataf (GM) : no but really nataf (GM) : matter of choice nataf (GM) : but I mean this game shirov-radjabov from round 7 is just totally useless, both for theorie and quality of the game nataf (GM) : yes it's strange knocker nataf (GM) : normally he never forgets nataf (GM) : and even if he does nataf (GM) : better he would forget actually nataf (GM) : because nataf (GM) : then he would find everything on the board nataf (GM) : he mixed I think nataf (GM) : which is worse than forget nataf (GM) : at his level nataf (GM) : because then you just play a bad move when you think it's ok nataf (GM) : pff slavic, shirov just played a bad line nataf (GM) : and radji mixed nataf (GM) : next time I garantie if they play again exactly this , it's 0-1 GMAlex (GM) : and this time,nataf? nataf (GM) : emil nataf (GM) : pff , what a game vs volokitin nataf (GM) : kak you forgot time nataf (GM) : I mean unbelievable nataf (GM) : it was winning 22...Te8 04948 nataf (GM) : or draw nataf (GM) : in final pos ? 23.e5 049 23...Dxe5 046 nataf (GM) : because you could get 2 passed pawns but ok 24.Axb7 046 Ng5 (IM) : mess sitparkcin (FM) : lol Ng5 (IM) : clearly unclear sitparkcin (FM) : ya think white is on top here nataf (GM) : ok now nataf (GM) : Ne6-d4 nataf (GM) : he wants nataf (GM) : leko nataf (GM) : to give exchange but to get compensations on light squares nataf (GM) : it's not so clear probably nataf (GM) : can't say slavic :) nataf (GM) : here Ne6-d4 nataf (GM) : only way for black elpresidente (GM) : looks white is better nataf (GM) : I think Ne6 Qg6-Nd4 Rd3!? to have Re3 next 24...Ce6 04404 25.Dg4 0431 nataf (GM) : doesn't work forest fire 25...Cd4 048 nataf (GM) : I think Qg6 was better nataf (GM) : with Rd3 nataf (GM) : now it's a real mess IronKing (IM) : Nb5 Nb5 Bc6 nataf (GM) : now he must take the rook nataf (GM) : I think b4 is worse nataf (GM) : ok here Bxa8-Nxa8 and a4 nataf (GM) : is normal way to activate both white rooks nataf (GM) : yes nataf (GM) : then it's complex some Qg6 back Re6 Qh5 nataf (GM) : it's super complex , I would prefer Qg4 of course rather than Qg6 nataf (GM) : I mean the reverse nataf (GM) : Qg6 at move 25 nataf (GM) : ok I hope he doesn't go for b4 nataf (GM) : due to f5! 26.Axa8 04383 nataf (GM) : ok good 26...Cxa8 0410 nataf (GM) : ok now maybe Re1 nataf (GM) : best move practically nataf (GM) : or a4 nataf (GM) : yes but slavic nataf (GM) : problems with white squares for white nataf (GM) : a4 is double edged nataf (GM) : Re1 is more normal nataf (GM) : then h pawn march nataf (GM) : probably white is better there aries2 (IM) : bum's rush is a great expression aries2 (IM) : what occurs on b4 aries2 (IM) : what does black do after b4 aries2 (IM) : danger will robinson MaxVertigo (IM) : I dont have any engine, but indeed b4 was my first move 27.Te1 04330 aries2 (IM) : i liked b4 kc7 rxd4 aries2 (IM) : what does fritz say about b4 aries2 (IM) : i don't know about that, b4 f5 is not so scary Garpun (IM) : b4 Kc7 Rd4 cd... aries2 (IM) : right garpun qe5 defends b5 27...Dxe1+ 04141 aries2 (IM) : it's not dead yet 28.Txe1 0410 aries2 (IM) : Ms. Queen can make trouble 28...Txe1+ 048 MaxVertigo (IM) : I think the comp is frankly not good to evaluate this position 29.Rg2 0410 Garpun (IM) : interesting, will Leko save this game? I think not MaxVertigo (IM) : I prefer whites by the way aries2 (IM) : white will try to bum's rush the h-pawn LucianoMaia (FM) : who stops h pawn ? aries2 (IM) : what's the line that wins for black slavic Garpun (IM) : white's king is too safe aries2 (IM) : game toddles on aries2 (IM) : black's not winning that is ludicrous aries2 (IM) : game is complicated and continues aries2 (IM) : could even be a draw if white tries to infiltrate with queen and black perpetually guards on e-file with rook MaxVertigo (IM) : funny that comps prefer black, I prefer white :) aries2 (IM) : maybe truth is in between and it will end peacefully Garpun (IM) : comp prefers black???????? Garpun (IM) : Rybka 0,000000000000000001 ? aries2 (IM) : queensky corsakoff 29...Cc7 04245 aries2 (IM) : h4, bum's rush him MaxVertigo (IM) : H' to begin MaxVertigo (IM) : we think after MaxVertigo (IM) : h4 Manuan (IM) : comps prefer black here? aries2 (IM) : h4 f5 aries2 (IM) : might be balanced aries2 (IM) : nc7 looks ok, covering d5 aries2 (IM) : f5 is not scary MaxVertigo (IM) : yes Ne4 is the other move by the way aries2 (IM) : he can do that anytime aries2 (IM) : is ne4 a big deal, is white better after that? Manuan (IM) : I would prefer white here 30.Ce4 04293 30...Ce8 04381 31.Dg6 0421 31...Ae7 04139 32.Cc3 0412 32...Te5 04217 33.h4 0414 33...a5 0471 34.Dd3 0483 34...Cd6 0413 35.Dh7 0415 Polydamas (IM) : Qd3 was very odd. Visam (GM) : ob 4 35...Ce8 04455 36.f4 047 36...Te6 044 37.h5 044 37...f5 044 38.h6 044 38...Td6 045 39.a4 044 MightyViking (IM) : Typical drawish position. Boring! MightyViking (IM) : What do comps say? MightyViking (IM) : OK, thanks. MightyViking (IM) : Yes. GMAlex (GM) : well, I'd definetely prefer white here nataf (GM) : majo they drew ?? nataf (GM) : really ? nataf (GM) : strange GMAlex (GM) : b4 Nb5 Nb5 ab c4 is probably the line GMAlex (GM) : well, ba is also possible...whatever it is, it's not a draw:) jensk (IM) : Draw!?!???? 1/2-1/2

(4) Aronian,L (2739) - Topalov,V (2780) [A29]
Morelia/Linares (8), 28.02.2008

Ng5 (IM) : i care Keb, dont get bitter Ng5 (IM) : Jesus loves you, Keb Ng5 (IM) : and Barak does too Ng5 (IM) : relayer at final table with big stack 1.c4 040 1...Cf6 045 2.Cc3 045 2...e5 044 3.Cf3 044 3...Cc6 046 4.g3 045 4...d5 045 5.cxd5 045 5...Cxd5 046 6.Ag2 045 6...Cb6 048 7.0-0 044 7...Ae7 046 8.a3 045 8...0-0 045 9.b4 045 9...Ae6 045 10.Tb1 046 10...f6 044 11.d3 046 11...Cd4 044 12.Cd2 047 12...c6

045 13.Cde4 0485 [RR 13.Ab2 Tf7 14.e3 Cf5 15.Dc2 Af8 16.Tfd1 Cd5 17.Cc4 b5 18.Ca5 Cdxe3 19.fxe3 Cxe3 20.Df2 Cxg2 21.Dxg2 Tc8 22.d4 Db6 23.Ce2 Td7 24.Tbc1 c5 25.dxc5 Axc5+ 26.bxc5 Txc5 27.Cd4 exd4 Bareev,E (2726)-Topalov,V (2745)/Dortmund 2002/CBM 090/1/2-1/2 (55); RR 13.e3 Cf5 14.Cb3 Af7 15.Dc2 Cd5 16.Ce4 Cd6 17.Td1 Dc8 18.Cxd6 Axd6 19.d4 Td8 20.Ab2 exd4 21.Axd4 Ag6 22.e4 Cc7 23.Ab2 Af7 24.Td2 Ce6 25.Tbd1 Dc7 26.Ca5 Ae5 27.Axe5 fxe5 Sargissian,G (2676)-L'Ami,E (2581)/Wijk aan Zee NED 2008/The Week in Chess 689/1/2-1/2 (48)] 13...Cd5 0418 14.e3N 047 [RR 14.Ab2 Af7 15.Cxd5 Axd5 16.Axd4 exd4 17.Dc2 Te8 18.Cd2 Af8 19.Tfe1 Rh8 20.Axd5 Dxd5 21.Dc4 Dd7 22.Cf3 Tad8 23.Rg2 g6 24.Tbc1 f5 25.Db3 Ag7 26.Tc5 Af6 27.b5 De7 28.Tec1 cxb5 29.Dxb5 Td7 30.a4 Rg7 31.T1c2 b6 32.Tc6 Ted8 33.Dc4 Td6 34.Tc7 T8d7 35.Tc8 Td5 36.Dc6 g5 37.Da8 g4 38.Cd2 Te5 39.Tg8+ Rh6 40.Tcc8 Te6 41.Cc4 Ag7 42.Tge8 1-0 Tomashevsky,E (2594)-Khismatullin,D (2568)/Tomsk RUS 2006/CT-2133 (42)] 14...Cxc3 044 15.Cxc3 045 15...Cf5 045 16.Dc2 045 16...Tc8 044 15N #S(3CO4/8/8/8/8/8/8/8) 17.Td1 04734 17...Dd7 041 18.d4 0416 18...exd4 04103 19.exd4 0435 19...Ad6 04647 Celine (IM) : I am gonna have some coffee, does anyone want a cup? Celine (IM) : :) Celine (IM) : this looks solid for Toiletov 20.Ce4 049 playlikestevie (IM) : hi to all 20...Tcd8 04440 LucianoMaia (FM) : nc5 LucianoMaia (FM) : maybe not possible ... 21.Ab2 043603 21...Df7 042 22.Td2 0412 22...Ad5 046 23.Te1 048 23...Ab8 0410 24.Tde2 0492 24...b6 0421 25.Cd2 04327 25...Axg2 04324 26.Rxg2 043 26...Dd5+ 042 27.Rg1 0420 27...b5 04677 28.Cb3 04457 jensk (IM) : THIS has gone very bad for Aronian 28...Ad6 0478 29.Ca5 04127 29...Tc8 0461 Petrovich (GM) : moschipalov is losing MaxVertigo (IM) : what was exactly the point of b5 ? MaxVertigo (IM) : well I try to understand this move :) 30.Tc1 04415 30...Tc7 041 MaxVertigo (IM) : I think most GMs are trying to undertand the move too MaxVertigo (IM) : may be that was not a great move ... MaxVertigo (IM) : yes :) 31.Dd3 04337 jensk (IM) : "Bush speaks?" - the last bush I heard was speaking was to Moses jensk (IM) : Yes, me too...but "speaking"? jensk (IM) : ? We are discussinbg the old testamony 31...Tfc8 04348 32.Tec2 0455 32...g6 0483 33.Df1 048 33...Rf7 04134 34.Dg2 04141 34...Ce7 04173 35.Te1 04110 35...h5 04130 36.h4 04315 36...f5 0492 37.Ac1 04549 37...f4 04142 38.Txe7+ 0422 MaxVertigo (IM) : mmmmm ? MaxVertigo (IM) : Be7 and ? 38...Axe7 04179 39.Axf4 044 MaxVertigo (IM) : Bd6 MaxVertigo (IM) : why ? MaxVertigo (IM) : Bd6 MaxVertigo (IM) : yep, Go topa 39...Dxg2+ 04209 40.Rxg2 046 40...Td7 049 Polydamas (IM) : Did Topalov really miss ..Bd6?! 41.Cxc6 04618 41...Rg7 042 42.d5 0424 42...a6 04742 MightyViking (IM) : Didn't Black have a nice position earlier? MightyViking (IM) : Topa not the greatest positional player. MightyViking (IM) : Topa is Short? MightyViking (IM) : lol 43.Rf3 041121 43...Af6 042 44.Re4 04344 44...Te7+ 04118 45.Rd3 048 45...Td7 04381 ZavenGrozny (GM) : hayer ZavenGrozny (GM) : 1-0 46.d6 04268 46...Te8 0411 47.Cd4 0418 VerdeNotte (GM) : this looks +- MightyViking (IM) : Topalov is not a good defender. VerdeNotte (GM) : Topa missed Rxe7 I guess MightyViking (IM) : Magnus comes from Sweden. VerdeNotte (GM) : yes chickens are near cheese MightyViking (IM) : But bigger than San Marino. MightyViking (IM) : 2760, wow. VerdeNotte (GM) : enough ............. already 47...Rf7 04398 48.Cf3 0410 Hatred (IM) : Be5 Bxe5 Re5 Rc7 Rxc7 dxc7 Re8 Ne6 check and Nd8 VerdeNotte (GM) : Be5 lost to Bxe5 Rxe5 Rc7 Rxc7 dxc7 Re8 Ne6+ Kg8 Nd8 VerdeNotte (GM) : heh faster than me hatred Hatred (IM) : :-) funnybird (FM) : Aronian won an ending against Topalov in Corus where he not even better, so this he should be able to win. sitparkcin (FM) : 1-0 soon sitparkcin (FM) : anyone have a comp eval Ng5 (IM) : I have told you before, Ng5 always wins Corrector (IM) : maybe Rdd8 with idea Rc8 is Topalov's last chance? Neveris (GM) : topapatzer Neveris (GM) : forgot to turn the comp on again Ng5 (IM) : white is better chessatomic (WIM) : ya se jugo a5 smeets (GM) : ya se jugo a5 Rc5 Ng5 (IM) : striker is on strike 48...a5 04881 49.Tc5 044 smeets (GM) : the white are probably winning, yes 49...axb4 0478 50.axb4 049 funnybird (FM) : ra7 50...Tb7 0414 funnybird (FM) : I like Nd2-e4 51.Cd2 0489 Ng5 (IM) : easy win 51...Ta8 04111 52.Ce4 0419 Grettir (IM) : is anand and magnus the best ? Grettir (IM) : yes , but you know what is said of luck. Grettir (IM) : well i don't remember what they say about luck actually. 52...Ad8 04174 VerdeNotte (GM) : yup we all do patzer VerdeNotte (GM) : Rc7+!? VerdeNotte (GM) : part troll Ng5 (IM) : Rc7 ? Bx dx Ke7 VerdeNotte (GM) : VerdeNotte (GM) : indeed liam Ng5 (IM) : Kd4 Bb6 Kd5 looks fun VerdeNotte (GM) : I only have 1 mother VerdeNotte (GM) : oops shouted that lol 53.Td5 04272 53...Ta3+ 0422 Morfius (IM) : of course he looked at it 54.Rd4 04152 54...Tb3 0424 funnybird (FM) : must be winning somehow 55.Rc5 04248 55...Re6 0456 56.Td2 0443 56...Tb1 04112 57.Te2 0438 57...Rd7 0419 kava (IM) : kd5 58.Rd5 0447 58...Td1+ 047 59.Td2 Txd2+ 60.Axd2 Heine (GM) : he normally is 60...Re8 0489 kava (IM) : ke6 funnybird (FM) : Be3 61.Re6 0498 kava (IM) : beutefol funnybird (FM) : Rb6 MightyViking (IM) : Has Topalov resigned yet? kava (IM) : this is hara kiri 61...Tb6 04287 Ng5 (IM) : Toppa can call it a bad day kava (IM) : hara kiri=sadical method of suicide Ng5 (IM) : resignable Ng5 (IM) : Bg5 Bxg5 Nxg5 wins kava (IM) : be3-c5 62.Ag5 04153 kava (IM) : aronian like play this Ng5 (IM) : Ng5-e5 wins ReaperMan (GM) : f5kinley: Do some research moron kava (IM) : bg5 hg5 and then nf6-d5-f4-g6 Corrector (IM) : resign chessatomic (WIM) : 1-0 kava (IM) : bg5 ng5 too Ng5 (IM) : Ng5 is better vogonprotestnik (IM) : pain is for sure here Ng5 (IM) : ng5 kava (IM) : bg5 ng5 rb7 f4 continuing nf3 ne5 Ng5 (IM) : Be7 !! is the quickest kava (IM) : but resaign is the better try kava (IM) : Ra6 nf6 too 62...Tc6 04546 63.Axd8 0420 VerdeNotte (GM) : Bd8,Ng5.. 63...Rxd8 046 64.Cg5 046 64...Re8 0410 kava (IM) : nf7 VerdeNotte (GM) : Nf7 65.Cf7 0416 kava (IM) : f3-g4 BeyondMadness (FM) : Aronian at his best Celine (IM) : the horse was better than the rook in this position. MightyViking (IM) : Steven Seagull Celine (IM) : topa is not as good as kramnik and andand Celine (IM) : very exciting how he bent over in this game you mean ? Celine (IM) : ivanchuk is disappointing here... 1-0

Recibid un cordial saludo!,

Angel Jiménez Arteaga

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